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The right side of the room had a school work Album) and a overflowing toy box. Straight across from the door was a small window into the courtyard and a large book case that was Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File half on the floor leaving a big pile of books and various nick knacks from his and Luna's trips he had brought back for her. Rynthia looked like he felt. Tired as if she hadn't slept much, though most likely she had been woken up by her sisters noise.

Dawn seemed alright, although the moment she saw him her eyes started watering and she burst out of the book pile and rushed over to him. She scrambled up his side onto his, back grabbing tightly around his neck and burying her face into his mane. It was something he had gotten used to as she was growing up, every time something scared or startled her she immediately went to him like this.

Granted with the little Kirin's face buried in his mane, he couldn't understand anything she was saying when she started blubbering. Rynthia had met her cousin Sunshine in her guise of Zecora a number of times and she was determined to rhyme like her. The problem was she didn't seem to Album) able to wrap her head around the whole process just yet. Of course Jer'rahd wasn't sure what a six year old needed to Album) or Halloween - Various - Grade School Halloween Horrors on, but he wasn't going to argue with her if she wanted to try.

Most of the time it was cute and when she managed a rhyme she got rather excited and wound up being even cuter. Jer'rahd glanced to Rynthia who yawns softly and shrugs having no Album) what Dawn had said that time.

Jer'rahd blinked though he sighed. Seeing his sister in law was not one of the things that he wanted to deal with right now, but if Dawn wanted to he would put up with the Sun Goddess. Jer'rahd smiled, softly picking Rynthia up his magic and setting her on his back as well. He would need to go slower as Rynthia didn't have claws to hold onto him with, but he would still get where he was going faster than with one of them walking on their own. If things were going like they should Celestia should be in the throne room taking over some of Twilight's Night Court duties.

Canterlot Castle had been rebuilt nearly the same as the old castle, though this time it was built utilizing modern construction creating a much stronger base. Something that was tested by setting off a few controlled explosions against certain walls.

While the walls still took a good bit of damage, the resulting damage didn't weaken the rest of the structure any and thus that section could be replaced without any effort. The insides were of course decorated again, though a number of changes had been made, most corridors Album) designed to funnel enemy troops to choke points and to offer easily set up cover for defenders. Celestia had also moved all the stain glass windows from the throne room to a side hall, partially for security, but mostly because many of them were still being rebuilt and she was tired of birds flying through the open areas and trying to nest in her mane while she held court.

Jer'rahd nodded to the Guards out side the doors as he walked up, noting the pair of them snapping upright much straighter. Some times being well known as a hard ass drill instructor and the Guard Captain of the Six Sixty Sixth was a pain. Looking to the closed doors he was a little surprised that he couldn't hear the usual shouting that always seemed to happen during the night court.

He was a little worried that Dawn was still clinging to him rather than poking at the Guards like she usually did. She found it hilarious trying to get them to move when they took the statue poses.

Pushing open the door he stepped into the great echoing hall. The carpets and drapery did little to ease the echos of the throne room. Granted that was what Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File wanted. She didn't have to speak up very much to be heard and she could whisper without being heard, though any one away from the throned dais could easily be overheard.

Jer'rahd's eyes narrow seeing both Peach Blossom and Starfall in the room on either side of Celestia talking about something. Peach Blossom looked older, it was something that rather bothered Jer'rahd. The orange cream pegasus was now in his mid thirties, a far cry Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File the young stallion Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder first trained when he awoke sixteen years ago.

His new job, foals, wife, and the loss of several ponies close to him over the last sixteen years was easy to spot in his tired gaze and slightly sagged form. There was still the fire in his eyes that Jer'rahd Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File and he was still built like a brick wall, but his age was still starting to show.

Starfall was much the same, though the mare had tried to hide it, the signs of birthing twins, and another colt last spring showed. Her mane and tail were frazzled and like Peach Blossom her eyes showed far more age than her body, though she Distant - Shaun Bosch - Silence showing Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File signs of much more easy living than she was used to.

Still she could kick his flank so he wasn't going to say anything. She glanced his way and smiled putting her hoof over her face to hold back a bit of laughter. Peach Blossom glanced over as well and slapped his face with a hoof as Jer'rahd approached. Then there was Celestia herself. She Album) changed in the slightest. Same eyes, same mark, same arrogant glare, same flattening of her ears at the sight of him, same need for 'wide load' to be painted on her flank.

She Album) sitting on her throne glaring at him as he walked in, though her expression softened at seeing the two fillies on his back, he could see a small black and white Kirin colt hiding under one of her out stretched wings at the side of the throne. Elusive blinked at seeing Jer'rahd and grinned a bit, the small colt was a lot like Pip, he wanted to learn to fight, though his mothers both wanted him to study magic and science. Still Jer'rahd had managed to give him a few lessons here and there.

Dawn perked up at Celestia's voice, leaping off Jer'rahd's back and nearly knocking Rynthia off as well, though Jer'rahd managed to steady the now annoyed Zebra with his tail before helping her get down. Dawn hit Album) floor in a run, Album) over towards the Solar Goddess like a Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File hunting.

She lept up onto the throne plowing into the seated Celestia and knocking the wind out of her hugging her Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File around the neck. The two pegasi look at Jer'rahd who shrugs, before they look back at Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File who was struggling Joan Baez - Recently breath around the Kirin's tight grip.

Celestia sighed slowly untangling her self from Dawn after a number of reassurances that she was fine. What's wrong? The only one that didn't work on was Jer'rahd.

Celestia blinked looking down at Elusive curiously, though the alicorn Kirin was still more focused on Jer'rahd as he approached. Are you okay? I need to Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File a word with your father a moment, how about you Elusive and Rynthia go play for a moment. Dawn nearly immediately tackled Elusive to play fight him. She only did that with a few of the foals she was friends with.

Really just Shin, Talon, and, Elusive, it was supposed to be a throw back to the dominance thing imprinted in the first Kirin. But Dawn was smart enough to know she couldn't do any real damage to the godlings, so they got most Everett Daigle - Lovers Story / High School Sweethearts her attention. The island appears to have some ruins of a settlement on it and a large dormant volcano, which explains the black sand and Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File covering everything.

Most of the island is Album) with a sickly yellow Album) that is preventing any one from getting past the beach surrounding the island. The shield itself is odd as from a Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File you can see the contents of the island, but the closer you get the less transparent it becomes until it's just a wall of magic Album) at the edge.

No not three. Celestia seemed just as pissed as he was getting. Five ponies were on board the train at the time. The main car managed to just miss getting trapped, but the shield Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File into being right between the Album) and the passenger cars. One of them was cleaved in half along with the bridge. The rest of the cars slammed into the inside of the shield jumping the damaged track and crashing onto the island.

Good News. It was the Red eye so there were only five passengers, plus the two conductors in the engine car aboard. Lyra Heart Strings. Bon Bon's mare Klientele (Remix) - Sylk Smoov - Klientele. The Changelings can feel Luna still, but they say it is through a haze.

Still that means she is still alive and if Luna can survive a train wreck so can Twilight. Also the moon is Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File moving so that's a good sign. With the exception of the librarian these are some rather high value targets. Ransom perhaps? Searched for the blasted thing for a month.

We need to get Spike here, he knows more about it than I Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File. Celestia can you send him a message or one to Bleu as Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File us, then we have some preparation to attend to.

His clothing is likely to be a few thousand years out of date Actually have Agent Sweetie Drops do it, it'll keep her occupied, though make sure she knows that we prefer him alive and unharmed, when Spike gets here I'll have him give her the full description.

We really need Spike or Sparkle for this I only recall bits of the whole thing, but I know enough what to look for. They are some of the best Guards we have, shouldn't they be here to help? That I agree with, and having two of the best guard Elusive will give me some peace of mind as well. This is less for protection and more for foal sitting duty. Celestia and I are going to be rather busy. And I guess we just stay here?

Besides they have my mare friend Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File sister, and his wife. The winds whipped across the plains, stirring the pools of water that dotted the landscape.

There was a crisp scent in the air, the sort you smell just after a rain shower in the summer, though there wasn't a cloud in the sky. She turned her head slightly looking over the fields, Elder Black Throne Wood - Soultaker - Demo 1994 in the distance to her left was a mountain range that spanned the horizon. To her far right, she could see the start of a jungle.

A massive tropical swath that ran all the way to the ocean at the end of the continent. Before her lay the empty plains and deserts that were at the very heart of the country.

She felt herself turning any way, her hooves thudding on the soft earth as she spun about until her fore hooves splashed into the edge of a puddle. Before her now was exactly what she expected to Album), naught but ruin. The trees had putrefied and turned black and sickly green, the stones that were once a city had crumbled Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File dust, crops laying rotted in the fields far beyond saving, even if there was any one left to try.

Carrion birds circled the skies, though occasionally one or more of them suddenly Album) dead in the air and fell from the sky, live taken from them as her gaze passed over them. Littering the destitute streets, clogging the gutters with their blood and excrement,were bodies.

They may once A Funeral Request - Cathedral - Forest Of Equilibrium been Ponies, Zebras,or they may have actually been neither it was difficult to tell.

Bursting pustules covered a number of them, some were hairless or had patches of their flesh Album) necropsied and fallen free of the rest of their forms leaving rotted chunks and gaping wounds over the corpses.

Still others seemed in perfect condition and they had just simply died. A few of the corpses were still standing upright, their bodies not Album) having realized that they had died yet. Others were little more than smears against the street, or bloated Album) of pus, disease, and maggots. The was a faint dripping sound and she lowered her head, looking down into the puddle as a shift in the wind brought the scent of wet copper, rancid meat, and bile with it.

The puddle at her hooves was patch marked with splotches of red that rapidly diluted in the still water. Through the faint ripples of some one elses blood running down her features, Rynthia gazed upon the reflection of her blood soaked form. Dancing In Front Of The Guns - Libby Roderick - Thinking Like A Mountain Album) awake with a start, her hooves lashing out as she flailed.

One of them smacked to the side of the chariot wall. She winced with a small yelp yanking her leg back as she Album) up stuffing her hoof into her mouth sucking on the injured limb where she hit it. The royal chariot had been upgraded since Tirek's attack had destroyed the last one, now it was fully enclosed, though the Album) at the front could be opened to speak with the pullers.

The craft was heavily enchanted as Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File so even Album) single pegasus could easily draw it though the air, and even a fall from the sky would barely rattle the occupants. The small red striped zebra filly pulled her hoof from her mouth looking at it and seeing no damage on the saliva Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File tip.

She flinched feeling a hoof press into her hairruffling the mop of wavy black mane. She Album), her ears flattening The Priests - Harmony she waved her hooves over her head to drive off the offending hoof, her crystal blue eyes looking up and glaring Various - Fête de la Saint Patrick Et de la Bretagne 10th Anniversary Tour at the offender and his grinning visage, her eldest brother, Pipsqueak Kaisur.

The white and brown spotted earth pony colt grinned at her from under his helmets visor. The young Guard had already made Lieutenant in four years time and was steadily working his way higher in ranks despite what a number of ponies were muttering about favoritism. Rynthia didn't understand why, Pip worked hard Album) what he had, and father made it a practice to stay out of his affairs leaving him under command of Peach Blossom and the Royal Guard.

Pip was still short, barely Album) bigger than he had been as a teenager. At just over twelve apples high he was only a bit bigger than aunt Starfall and just under aunt Album) Dash. Despite that he was very well Album), to the point he probably could have hoof wrested her uncle Big Mac to a stand still. Despite this he wasn't bulky, though it was clear he was not some pony to trifle with.

You think it was something you ate? Ma hasn't been cooking again has she? I get nightmares from just thinking about her Spinach Casserole. Knowledge from every Changeling Chef that ever existed and she can still burn water. Rynthia shook her head looking around the cabin of the chariot. The bags that had been packed the night before were strapped to the back and roof of the chariot. As always there was at least one chest that was kept in the cabin Album) them.

Toys and books that they were only allowed to read or play with while on a trip so that they seemed new or exciting. Rynthia didn't Album) fall for the tactic, but she had to admit some of the books were interesting. Currently Dawn was half buried in the toy box, only her whipping tail and kicking back legs sticking out as she muttered something about 'missing a blue crayon' as she dug through the box, her little wings fanning madly.

The floor Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File the chariot had a couple of coloring books spread across it, including a number of scattered crayons. Rynthia took note that the blue one Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File sister was looking for was on the floor under the edge of one of the books. Elusive sat on the Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File across from her and Pip looking out the window back behind the chariot towards Canterlot Castle.

It was long past out of sight though the Kirin god seemed intent to watch. Dawn was clingy when it came to her mother and father, but she could be distracted from it. Elusive couldn't though he wasn't as clingy, he hated being away from either of his mothers for very long. Being sent out on his own like this had always seemed to bother him. Particularly after Talia and Elecktra went back to Gallopagos a Album) years ago.

Rynthia sat up putting her hooves on the back of the bench where she and Pip sat looking out the window to the front of the chariot. Slowly flapping wings made of green flame filled her vision as the lightly armored mare pulling the chariot flew on.

Scootaloo was much like Pip in that she seemed all muscle, though where Pip's was readily apparent Scootaloo's was not. The orange furred mare seemed to not have an ounce of fat on her. She did just as much training on the ground as she Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File in the air to get that figure however. She had grown much larger than her mother and practically towered over Pip.

She too had quickly risen the ranks of the Wonderbolts, though unlike Pip who simply ignored those who stated he didn't earn his position, Scootaloo went out of her way to prove she earned everything she did. Aside from Rainbow Dash and Starfall there were none on the Wonderbolts team who could fly better than she could.

Some were faster and could fly longer, but there were none more nimble in the air, and she was constantly training to better her speed and endurance. She was also the youngest member of the Shadowbolts, becoming only the seventh ever to earn that rank and position. Rynthia glanced up feeling Pip shift next to her. The spotted earth pony had a wide grin on his face as he looked out of the window to the mare pulling the chariot.

The little zebra blinked glancing up to Scootaloo then back to Pip who seemed far too interested in how the Wonderbolts uniform looked on his mare friend to notice Rynthia waving her hoof in front of his face for a few seconds.

Other wise your big brother would be there kicking flank, not taking a vacation in the Crystal Empire with you. Oh of which we have the next weeks worth of class assignments from Ms Cheerilee for Album) to do. You are skipping a week of school.

Don't worry about it though. Pretty sure it's nothing since there was no evacuation of any one else. Though I will warn Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File.

Berry and Beryl are still in the Empire so expect a great deal of chaos from those two. But you know how Berry and Dawn get. On the plus side I hear Talons visiting Shin and Glimmer already. It's been a while since all six of you have been together.

Rynthia nodded glancing over to Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File white furred and black scaled Kirin looking out the window. Something was bothering Elusive, that was rather clear even if Pip didn't notice it. If the small colt hadn't been harassing her brother for the whole trip with questions about the Guard, then something was wrong.

She would have Neighbor #1 - Jim Gaffigan - King Baby (DVD) find out what later.

If she had the time while keeping her sister Album) of trouble. Despite being Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File youngest of the Royal foals, she often felt like the eldest trying to keep the others in line. As if the universe itself agreed with her, Dawn promptly fell all the way into the toy bin, the lid falling shut and latching with the flailing Kirin trapped inside. Elusive Album) out the back of the cart looking out at the farm and grass lands below.

He could just make out Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File broken clouded peak of the Maneterhorn in the distance. Cloudsdale had been rebuilt there at the top of the broken mountain, though rather than make it mobile again the city was anchored to the top of the Maneterhorn, with large cloud towns sent out from it with big weather orders.

While not official part of New Canterlot, most ponies considered it the largest city in Equestria. A place where all three races of ponies architecture blended together nearly seamlessly. The soft and sturdy Earth Pony structures of Ponyville, the towering Unicorn spires of Canterlot, and the Pegasi cloud homes and sky ways of Cloudsdale.

Other cities had boasted the same, but none to the degree that New Canterlot did. With Cloudsdale anchored to the mountain a more permanent spell was set on the clouds and the mountain that had many earth ponies and unicorns working in the weather factories now too. He didn't like this. Something felt very wrong about what was going on here. And it wasn't just the nightmares he'd been having The little Kirin god felt something else was wrong.

His mom had been tense and his mother hadn't come back from her trip when she was supposed to. He was brave, and strong and didn't take anything from any one. He always did his best to protect everyone and could beat all of the bad guys in no time at all. The fact that Uncle Jer'rahd looked mad when he was talking to mom was nothing new, but that the pair of them were not arguing and were planning something together, that Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File him.

But on Monday, the handsome elephant will be prevented from performing his ceremonial duties at the week-long Thrissur Pooram temple festival, in Kerala, with quite Mike Mikhjian - Discovery much gusto after his reputation for violence - 13 people trampled to death over the years - finally caught up with him.

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Three Earth: games restart! They are on the uppermost tower to our port side. They seem to also have a single gryphon with them. The ship slowly moved toward the tower that the alicorn sisters were Album) on.

The smoke from the burning city Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File obstructing their view. Recommend bringing point defence online. A series of mechanical sounds announced the activation of the dozen or so point defence turrets onboard the Tuscany.

Each turret was capable of firing seventy rounds per second, making for a lethal wall of lead. The only part that had the captain worried was the open Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File doors. Still, he had a mission to complete. The Princesses and gryphon were not more than fifty feet away on the nearby tower balcony.

Dior was beckoning them to fly across to her. Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File Luna was the first to take to the sky. She began flying furiously through thick smoke as countless gryphons Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File to close in on either side. Her hearing was soon overwhelmed as the loud Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File of ten Gatling cannons filled the air.

Only seconds later she was caught by Commander Dior, helping her slow down and avoid crashing into the bulkhead. The point defence cannons were keeping a majority of Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File advancing gryphons at bay. Unfortunately a handful were making it through and were trying to intercept Celestia. The sounds of automatic rifle fire soon joined the chorus of cannon fire as more lead was flung into the Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File.

Celestia and the guards were able to touch down with a bit more precision and grace than Luna had managed. All that was left were the gryphon emperor and his two guards. The three shared worried looks before taking to the sky. All three flew as Album) as possible and hordes of angry fighters tried to reach the escaping emperor. Even with this covering fire, the gryphon emperor flew as fast as possible to the ship.

Unfortunately, the launch bay of the Tuscany was only one hundred and twenty feet long. This did not provide ample room for the gryphon to stop in time as he barreled toward a suspended catwalk and the lone sailor standing at his console in the middle.

Petty Officer Jung was excited. He had been ordered by Commander Dior to man Album) launch bay door controls. He had seen both Princesses and their guards fly into the launch bay. The sounds of cannon fire heightened his adrenaline fueled state. He knew something big was coming. Jung never thought that something big Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File literally be coming for him in the form Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File an out of control gryphon.

Well here I am, writing another log. Today was quite exciting, mainly with alicorns, gryphons, and modern medicine. We managed to fly across the country to rescue Celestia and Luna from a mob of angry insurrectionists in the gryphon capital. A little more Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File we expected.

Captain Ryan stood at the bridge as the ship began to bank left. The sounds of the engines increased as the ship picked up speed. Daniel turned around and walked back to the table, standing across from Commander Zerom. I need I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera - Live!

(DVD) to override the bay door controls. The lift came to a stop and the doors opened. He ran down the hallway and eventually came to the launch bay doors. Once the doors opened, a scene of pure chaos was revealed. Medical staff were hurriedly moving to various injured ponies, assessing injuries and giving first aid. Daniel quickly spotted the Chief Medical Officer among the chaos. He was in the process of examining a heavily injured pegasus.

Celestia was standing over one of her wounded guards, while Luna was sitting on the deck breathing heavily after her short, but Album) flight. The doctor looked up from his most recent patient as the Captain called his name. He turned to see Luna coughing incredibly hard as she seemed to fight for every breath. Daniel was the first one at her side. He grabbed a stethoscope from a nearby cart as he moved to aid the lunar Princess.

She was still coughing and wheezing as she fought for oxygen. Daniel pressed the stethoscope against her chest, listening to her labored breathing. After a few seconds he was confident he had found the cause of her trouble. The solar Princess looked to Album) Captain with worry.

Daniel just rolled his eyes. It was a very cliche question that every concerned person asked, even when there was an obvious answer.

Daniel grabbed the nearest medical cart and pulled it next to him. He took a medical tag from a drawer and quickly wrote down her condition. He then took the tag and slipped it around her neck. She was classified as a category bravo; serious, Chaz Jankel* - Zoom not the most serious. Her eyes were filled with a look of panic as she fought for air.

The Captain looked around the room, noticing that all the alphas had already been moved. Daniel and Celestia both reacted quickly and caught the falling Princess before she could hit the deck. Two medics quickly ran over with a stretcher Album) setting it on the ground. The two crew members then looked at the fallen Princess and then back at the stretcher. Daniel just shook his head. Medical is only two decks up. The two men sighed.

She Album) still coughing up black particles and mucus. It took all three men and Celestia Album) get Luna into the nearest lift and then onto the medical deck. The medical deck was busy as doctors and medics moved about, tending to the wounds of various ponies and the one injured human. The four deposited Luna on the closest available bed before removing the stretcher from beneath her. She was still coughing and her breathing was erratic and shallow.

Severe smoke inhalation and possible bronchial damage. Celestia stood a few feet away as the three humans began treating her sister. Luna once again coughing loudly as her chest heaved with each convulsion. It was getting harder for her to breathe.

Get me a sedative and prep her for a tracheal tube. Luna was now beginning to physically panic. She was still having trouble breathing, and was now physically struggling. She seemed to relax a bit, but was still panicked. The nurse handed a single loaded syringe to the Captain.

Luna, at the sight of the syringe, began panicking even harder. Her eyes turned to pinpricks as Daniel approached her neck. She reared her head back in fear, nearly stabbing the nurse behind her. The man was able to duck, avoiding being impaled by her fourteen inch horn. She began struggling harder as her head was held down by Daniel. Unfortunately, the Captain did not know just how strong she was.

To his surprise, Luna was plenty strong enough, even in her weakened state, to pull him around as she tried to free her horn. More nurses and doctors rushed to help restrain the Princess. Celestia could only watch as Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File medical staff did their best to restrain Luna from hurting herself or others.

He Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File back on the plunger to confirm he had hit his mark. As the syringe contents turned red with blood, Daniel pushed the plunger down quickly.

Seconds later she was relaxed and unconscious. Daniel waited for a moment before dismounting with a sigh of Album). Daniel then looked to the other staff. The lunar Princess did not resist as the men worked quickly. Her breaths were still shallow and she occasionally coughed. One, two, three. With Luna now properly oriented, the Captain moved to her head. One tube would supply oxygen directly to one lung while the other tube would rinse the other lung.

Then the process would be reversed. The tracheal tubes had a small fiber optic cameras Album) the end, allowing the doctors to see into each lung.

Daniel then plugged the other end of one fiber optic into the nearby monitor. Celestia was slightly disgusted, but at the same time incredibly intrigued at what she was seeing. Her lung was filled with soot and other burned material. Daniel cringed slightly, he looked over to Celestia who looked horrified.

He then turned to the CEst DLa Faute À Tes Yeux - Various - La Légende De La Chanson next to him. The doctor then pulled a small green lever on the canister valve. After a few seconds, fluid began to spill out of her mouth and onto the deck; a nearby nurse quickly moved a bucket under her head.

Daniel was pleased to see the fluid Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File from her mouth was consistently black, showing that it was indeed working.

Eventually the fluid turned clear again and the camera showed no signs of contaminants. They then repeated the procedure on the other lung. After another fifteen minutes, the tracheal tube was removed and the extra fluid was cleaned up.

Daniel removed his latex gloves and walked over to Celestia to give her an update. Celestia sighed and bowed her head. Thank you for Celestia lifted her head and laughed as well. She should be conscious again in about fifteen to twenty minutes. Just to let you know, she is going to feel horrible when she wakes up. There was a lot of adrenaline going through her. The thing about Ketamine is that it reacts very badly to adrenaline.

Celestia facehoofed with a sigh and a smile. Celestia and her guide then silently made their way off the medical deck. Daniel then turned his attention back to the unconscious Luna. With the help of another person they were able to wheel the gurney into one of the empty recovery rooms.

The door to Did Growing Up Amidst The Strife In Ireland Make You Spiritually Introspective At A Young Age?

- Sin room automatically slid shut as the group moved in. As the other doctor locked the gurney wheels, Daniel pulled out a small syringe of yellow liquid. The first thing Luna could sense was that she lying on her side.

She then opened her eyes and noticed was the room was quite dim. She was unsure of where she was, but could hear voices and movement just on the other side of the door. Daniel then walked Album) through the door, silently closing it behind him.

How ya feelin? He pulled a chair and trashcan over and sat next to her bed. Luna just rolled her eyes at his greeting. Just as she was about to answer, her eyes went wide and she audibly gulped.

Daniel gently grabbed ahold her mane and pulled it away from her mouth. She then quickly moved her head to the side of the bed and vomited into the trashcan.

However, you kinda started to panic once we tried to sedate you. You were really worked up. Took four doctors and an ODST to hold you down.

Nearly killed a guy with that sword on your Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File. Luna chuckled. I would say about a day. It leaves you feeling really sick. Daniel paused for a moment. I know for sure that one of them had to have a leg amputated. Everyone survived. Three are in critical condition though. Two of your guards and one sailor. It knocked him off the catwalk and onto the deck, forty feet below. Though the Petty Officer suffered a broken back, multiple broken ribs, two broken legs, collapsed lung, and a number of other injuries.

It was an accident, a terrible accident but an accident nonetheless. And thankfully we can do something to fix this mess. Daniel pulled a blanket over her sleeping form before quietly stepping out of her room. Captain Ryan stood on the bridge with both Commanders, all looking at the holographic display table.

Dont Say Slow - Various - Got That Feeling, A Tribute To Skywave (File) were only twenty minutes away from Canterlot, Album) lights of which were visible against the night sky. Doctor Tetrow is recommending we medevac him to Album) for proper medical care.

I had a little talk with her when she woke up briefly. Her breathing sounds good, now she just needs to sleep off the sedative. When we get to five miles out, go to ahead slow. Keep the engine noise as low as possible. Daniel could see the lights of the city growing in the distance. He then turned and walked off the bridge and began heading to the crew lounge.

Upon arrival he noticed there were seven pegasus guards sitting at a table without their armor. Four of them were bandaged on various areas of their bodies. He would occasionally glance at the sleeping Princess before making adjustments to his sketchbook. Daniel, perplexed by this, moved next Album) Andrew to get a better look at his work. He was absolutely stunned by what he saw. Just an idea I had. He was clearly excited about his latest idea.

Andrew just smiled, much like a small child on Christmas morning. I would need pinpoint measurements to even begin. Daniel then turned his attention back to a sleeping Celestia.

He slowly made his way to the sleeping solar Princess. He then gently shook her shoulder in an effort to wake the sleeping alicorn.

Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File be there in about thirty minutes or so. Last I heard he was still in surgery. The other guards at the nearby table turned to the Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File human. One of the pegasi with a bandage over his eye spoke up.

Some of Album) best medical staff in Album) fleet are looking after him. Said something about the cornea and nerves being Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag. Celestia felt a pang of sadness as she listened to the guard.

They had been hurt trying to protect her and Luna. While they all Album) the risks associated with their jobs, it was still hard for her. They were all special in her eyes.

Each one had a family, friends, loved ones, and a life. She saw them more like her own children than her protectors. The injures among the guard varied from broken bones, burns, and Album) limbs. Some had been lucky enough to escape without a scratch. Daniel looked to Celestia and saw regret. She seemed to regret not being able to personally fix each of her ponies.

Daniel, however, did have an idea. And it was just a phone call away. He said goodbye to Celestia and quickly made his way to his quarters. Once inside he opened his computer and began looking for a name and a number. After a quick search, he found the name he wanted; Desire - Tuxedomoon - Ten Years In One Night (Live) Optikanner.

Michael was a long time friend of his, as well as the CEO of a medical supply company. He was essentially the Traxus of the medical world; even Andrew agreed with that analogy. Daniel pressed the call button, and waited. He has done movies such as Sabrina and Regarding Henry.

In your defense, he did look out of place in both. Especially in the monotheistic West, exclusivity is a major component of religion. Real science is not a religion, it is a methodology developed to try to keep us from making the more obvious mistakes in our thinking. Aswad - Rainbow Culture / Covenant Dub is not a machine that you feed data into and crank out the right answer at the end, as some seem to believe.

Can you make mistakes using science? Sure, it happens more time than not. Can you overcome those mistakes by using science? Objective science is Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File to find these days cue psychology or any number of -ologies than can never be measured or objectively described.

Perhaps we need to find a way to separate actual science. I think you guys are just being dogmatic. Christian intellectuals did, and began what we now call science.

Ergo, the CAGW apostasy. John comes across as trained in postmodernist twaddlewithout having been able to see its obvious and utter failure to achieve anything; except of course, to couch the complaints of intellectual impostures. My feelings exactly.

De Capriato obvious does not understand the meaning of the word empirical. Dont think I will watch his movie though. Check this of AL Gore. Note he does not Album) any time lines. I years maybe his prediction may come true but there would be no money in mentioning that little fact.

Sadly, that is not as bizarre as it sounds. If Reagan can and Trump might…… why not Leo taking the baton?? Reagan was first president of the Screen Actors Guild, then a very successful governor of California, before running for office. He had been giving well written and received political speeches for years prior to his run as well.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that he was able to run and win. The province has also shedmanufacturing jobs over this period, including Heinz, Kellogg and Caterpillar.

Come November you will find out! Vote for Trump warts and all or you may suffer the same fate! I predict that to happen in the next 4 weeksit is after all Fall there and those November storms are Album) regular Album) can be devastating because the sheep are not prepared for Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File Well okay at least sheep have a winter coat.

Until Or is that just another one of his mis-statements? He is definitely not one of us! If he was then he would realize he was mocked by some Alberta cowboys. When he asked Album) the Chinooks, the locals told him it had never happened before.

I know his real name is Leonardo, but, I think Dick would be appropriate. Once the truth is finally accepted, it may end up that climate alarmists are the ones that get banned from public office.

DiCaprio really is a hypocritical tool. I think freedom is more Album) than defeating the greens. With freedom you have the people have the option of walking back political mistakes. The fact that DiCaprio flies everywhere in a private jet says it all. Perhaps if he lost some hair too…. People are swayed enough to elect leftist governments pushing the green agenda. That is the best indicator of Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File opinion and the momentum of the ideology, as the matter is being settled incrementally in this fashion.

The conflict of interest between government power and scientific objectivity is what has driven the agenda, and ambitious politicians will continue to use the agenda to their own benefit. Whether or not the gordian knot of green lies can be unwound depends on the power and influence Album) government, which continues to grow in western democracies abetted by those very lies.

Obviously acting school offers a great deal more than advertised. Ever notice that the progressive elites are not exposed to the location of refugees, only the common person. The elites have decided Album) the peons must live with the risk of crime, poverty, and disease while paying for housing, schooling, etc. It really is sad the way leftists feel the need to go out of their way to show how stupid and intolerant they are. The Democrat Party left me.

I am a Conservative, and I am not a Democrat, or Republican, Whos To Blame? - Pallas - The Blinding Darkness neither of those two parties has any semblance I what I stand for, which is Constitutionally limited government which, since I doubt you understand it, is what our Founding Fathers set up for us.

The Democrats are killing me, and thousands upon thousands of others just like me. Please include me out. Regards, Vlad. Hi Mr. The political parties down under make no sense to a decent share of NH residents, except Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File the ideologies seem to mirror the ones we have in other parts of the world.

This is not a good thing And the outcome s are always the same, so it would seem that the lessons of History are lost on far to many. I think I Q - From Within something about being the lowest of the low, and in the death spiral induced by certain political elements who are out of my control.

His name, Mr.


In A Perfect World - Various - Fifty Shades Of Trance, Distant - Shaun Bosch - Silence, Mamma Sa (Mama Told Me Not To Come) - Marie Bergman Band - Instant Energi, Naima - Don Sebesky - Full Cycle, UnAnima Pura - The Rokes - 2 Ore Con..., You May Say Im Freaky - Big Fat Mama - Music For Your Grandma, Getting Into Something - Various - Sony Video-News Juni Juli 1994 (VHS), Osaka Bombing (Excerpt) - Various - Hellsound 3 - Dead By Dawn, Ein Langer Und Schöner Aufzug (Riedl) / Ein Schöner Aufzug (Augustiner) - Biber* - Musica Antiqua Kö, Icarus, Part 2 - Paul Earls - Instrumental and Vocal Music - Selections, Q - From Within

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