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Nick Knox, drummer of The Cramps. Nick Knoxdrummer for the legendary band The Cramps has died. Knox played drums Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) The Cramps from through No cause of death has been announced. Knox was 65 years old. Just reading Easy Living - Sam (The Man) Taylor* - Somewhere In The Night that Nick Knox has passed away.

Lux Interior art directed my shoot with help from PleasantGehman1. RIP Nick pic. Depeche Mode announce 12" vinyl single box set series. Johnny Marr talks 'Call The Comet' and pop music no longer being "sexy". Monday, June 11, Miki Berenyi of Lush recording new music with new band. He even did a Lush cover once! I'm doing vocals on Wednesday so I'll telepathically will the vibes your way. Matt and me at our recce of the RAH a while back. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. I am currently hosting a new, independent, internet-based version of Time Warp.

New episodes post Sunday mornings around 9am ET. In addition, there is also material which simply has not yet been transfered to CSU. These files are presently in the order that they were placed in prior to transfer to CSU.

This order often seems to have been created after the fact, probably when the files were put into storage. The order of the files may be changed in the future for ease of use. It was physically transferred to CSU in the summer of Christopher Busta-Peck wrote this shelflist based on the framework of the inventory created by Mulready.

This version was completed on August 18, These videotapes provide a record of most of the performances, usually from two camera angles. They Dark Scary Ride - Rikk Agnew - Turtle organized by festival.

Each of the tapes is labeled as to the Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) included on that tape and usually includes performance title and duration. These items have not yet been transferred to CSU. Box 1. These include video recordings of interviews, television shows relating to the festival, and master recordings of PAF These items have not yet been transfered to CSU. PAF88 9 tapes dubbed from masters Beta.

This series includes t-shirts and caps printed for the London (London Everyday) II: Westminister - Eric Coates, Sir Arthur Sullivan, Eric Johnson & His Orc. It also includes photographs of the festival from various years, videotapes, festival tickets, and works of art created by festival artists.

Box of t-shirts and caps 2. Box of caps 3. Photo album - PAF91 4. Photo album - various years 5. Kain Karawahn melted wax from PAF96 benefit 6. Theatre blacks 8. Large box of tickets, cash boxes, etc. Blue Man painting signed [Created as part of their performance]. To appear in the Performance Art Festival artists applied by sending an application form and a five minute video clip of either a previous performance or of the work to be performed at the festival.

Files were kept on all of the Batholith - KEN Mode - Venerable (File, Album) who applied to be in the Performance Art Festival, whether they Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) accepted or not.

These files contain primarily application materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, books, and other textual explanatory material. They may also include audiocasettes, CDs and CD-ROMs, posters, correspondence between the artist and Mulready, and other items the artists felt would illustrate Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) entry. For the artists who enclosed envelopes with sufficient postage, the videos were returned.

The rest of the videos have been retained and make up Series V, below. Thomas Mulready felt that the geographical Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) of the applicants was significant. He noted the location of the Por Tu Culpa - Los Freddys - Los Freddys residence on the outside of the file.

This information has been recorded here, for those items where it was recorded on the outside of the envelope. Over the years, many of the artists moved - thus different envelopes pertaining to a single artist may have different cities listed. These files are in the order they were placed by Thomas Mulready. All files are in alphabetical order. The files pertaining to individual artists are ordered by the individuals last name. Of the files pertaining to groups, those with a named individual on the paperwork have the group name in bold, but are alphabetical under the named individual's last name.

For groups without such an individual, they are arranged alphabetically by the name of the group. In situations where there were two people listed on the file, generally the first person is the one whose name the file is under.

The files pertaining to a given artist or group are often not all in the same place - this may be due to the submission of the application by a different individual, or one file being placed under the group name and another under the individual name, or due to confusions in alphabetization. For these files, the other relevant files within this series have been listed. Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) won a Melody Maker beat contest inthey obtained a Decca recording deal and were able to cover a great record for their debut - The Beatles' "Girl" - which brought them chart success just outside the top ten, but their follow-ups, Graham Gouldman's 'Behind The Door' and 'East Side Story', failed to dent the Top Forty - bringing their recording career to an end in less than a year.

They made a fleeting appearance in the film 'The Ghost Goes Gear' and they eventually split in David Tomlinson went on to join Magazine as Dave Formula!

Crispian St Peters. Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) played with a number of bands before trying for a solo career with his output being issued on Decca. His follow up was another American song, "Pied Piper" which actually gave him his first American hit and reached 4. Thereafter the hit singles dried up in Britain although he remained popular in Europe. He suffered from health problems including a major stroke inbut showed great courage in relearning how to play guitar with limited movement and made a charity appearance with the Fortunes in His backing band in was The Puppets.

Bill Baikie - bass Gerry Dickson -? The Stag Party Steelyard. Formed after the break up of ' The Golden Crusaders ', they played together for 40 years from to around Remarkable drummer John lee aka 'Ching' was trained by famous pipe-band tutor Alex Duthart and Ching became well-known for a comedy piece in the drum solo Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) he stood up to play and pretended to catch a sensitive area of his anatomy in the hi hat! Peter John Vettese David's younger brother appeared with the band on Opportunity Knocks in August at the age of 12 then went back to school!

When 'Class' didn't work out, members of the band sent Ching his train fare to get back to Blackburn and the re-join The Stag Party! By they were on their own as a three piece, and started a new phase which lasted 20 years. Stag Party gained a reputation as a backing band with the likes of Tony Christie during his success the first time round with 'Amarillo' and with Sydney Devine touring up and down Borracho - Various - Calentito Calentito country but never becoming fully professional.

Bill started a music shop Magnum Sound and David graduated to become a college lecturer. Ching became a painter and house decorator. Friend and musician colleague Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) Speirs has composed a Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) song in his honour!

David's younger brother, Peter John Vettese, played with Tam White and Bilbo Baggins and since has gone on to carve a very successful career as musician, song-writer, and producer. His song 'Proud' has gone on to be an international best-seller and has been used in adverts here and in Australia and USA and as an Olympic theme tune in Europe. Many thansk tio Ian Hossack for a Feliz Cumpleaños - Voz Para Oir - Emilio Arvelo - Feliz Cumpleaños of corrections.

Gerry Cocozza - vocals. He formed his first band, The Future Tones in but did not enter music professionally until after a stint Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) the army and it was in he signed with the Ric Tic label in Detroit.

It was with the releases on that label issued through Polydor in the UK that he broke into the All Hail Jesus - Rev. Savage And His Holy Rollers* - All Hail Jesus although Ric Tic was later in taken over by Motown.

He moved to England and lived in Nottingham. On 2nd April he died after a heart attack aged The Stars from The Commitments. They are a full-time professional touring act spending an average of 30 weeks every year on the road. State Express. From the West Midlands Express and Star newspaper.

State Express were one of the "gunslinger" gangs of Sixties music. If some big name moved in, fixin' to boss a new territory, it was guys like these they hired to back their play. If they were good and fast enough, they were never out of work, and always got the job done even if the new boss wasn't all he made himself out to be. State Express worked almost full-time backing touring American soul artists - or people pretending to be those same American soul artists - picking up a new star and learning a new set of arrangements every fortnight, and launching into another gruelling tour of the country.

The following night saw their first show of the tour, in Ilfracombe. As Jim says: "It was a fantastic learning curve. Soon afterwards he got a guitar, but when he broke two strings he decided to learn bass "because I thought it would be easier - little did I know. Soon after leaving this outfit he went to see them playing in Old Hill, and was invited onstage to do a song.

In the audience was a drummer from Walsall called Johnny West. I said yes, and he said they were rehearsing the next day in Smethwick with Sam and Dave and did I think I could do it?

I said: 'I certainly can. Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) hadn't got any gear either, so I had to get my dad to sign some HP forms, which he did, God bless him, and I set off for the first gig in Ilfracombe.

The basic four-piece of Johnny, Jim, Hammond organist Barry Fletcher and guitarist John Crutchley, with Jim and Barry supplying backing vocals, and augmented by two sax players if required, would then have a busy Sunday afternoon's rehearsal, before setting off for their first gig, often that same night. Highlights for Jim include the high-tension, high-energy act of Sam and Dave, and the pleasure of singing Charlie Foxx's part in Mockin' Bird when Inez toured solo on Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) visits.

Of the stars, Jim says: "They knew how to get what they wanted from us as musicians, and they were never horrible about it. It was Cryin Shame - Stray Cats - Gonna Ball great learning curve, playing by the seat of your pants, and it sorts you out.

If you don't know it you crumble, but if you know your basics you Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) do it, and you refine it as you go along; you think about it in the back of the van, how about if I do it this way? It was scary, but a good scary, because it made you do the job and go into the music a lot deeper. I'd be playing along just enjoying listening to him.

Sometimes, however, audiences realised. As soon as we'd finished it was into the van and off. In the rare weeks that there was no-one to back, the group would tour the same venues with their own act, then one day they were offered a date tour of Italy - and stayed there for nearly three years, as Washington Express, with singer Johnny Higgs and guitarist Jock Evans joining the line-up. They released a single, Sirens, recorded in Milan and written by Jim as was the B side Frustrationsbut when their Hammond organ was impounded in Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) row between promoters, they had to become part-timers for a spell.

It was nevertheless a splendid time says Jim, and a great education. During much of Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) time, the band was only successful in the UK, where they racked up a string of Top Ten singles that ran into the '90s. In America, the group was ignored after they abandoned psychedelia for heavy boogie rock in the early '70s.

Following that single, the band suffered a lean period for the next few years, before deciding to refashion themselves as a hard-rock boogie band in with their Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon album. Over the next 25 years, the Quo have basically recycled the same simple boogie on each successive album and single, yet their popularity has never waned in Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc).

If anything, their very predictability has ensured the group Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) large following. The origins of Status Quo lie in a London-based beat group Wildside - Various - Warner Music United Kingdom New Releases the Spectres.

Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster were the core members of the Spectres from their inception; within a few years, the band had added John Coughlan and Roy Lynes. The Spectres released three unsuccessful Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) before changing their style to psychedelia and adopting the name 'Traffic Jam' and releasing the unsuccessful single, "Almost But Not Quite There. When Harrison joined the band in Augustthe group again changed their name, this time to Status Quo.

At first, Status Quo backed British solo artists, including Tommy Quickly, while Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) on their own material. Over in America, the single barely registered, squeaking to number 70; it was the ReOrder - Heartfelt time the group would ever chart in the US. For the next year, Status Quo tried to replicate the success of their first two singles with similar psychedelic material, but they had little luck.

Finally, they revamped their sound -- and jettisoned organist Lynes -- in the summer ofdebuting their new heavy, bluesy boogie rock with the single Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) the Dustpipe. Status Quo began playing concerts regularly across England, slowly building up a strong following in England. Following well-received sets at 's Reading and Great Western festivals, the band became a hot property.

The group signed with Vertigo Records and their first single for the label, "Paper Plane," cracked the Top Ten in earlywhile their first album for Vertigo, Piledriver reached number five. Later that year, Hello entered the charts at number one, while its accompanying single "Caroline" reached number five. Also inkeyboardist Andy Bown, formerly of the Herd and Judas Jump, became the band's unofficial keyboardist. Since they were experiencing a great deal of success, they didn't change their sound at all, they just kept churning out the same heavy boogie.

America basically ignored Status Quo, yet their eponymous album managed to chart at in Nevertheless, they were an English phenomenon, and England continued to support them even when pop music was undergoing drastic changes in the late '70s.

Following the release of 's Just Supposin', drummer John Coughlan left the band in to form his own group, Diesel. Former Original Mirrors drummer Pete Kircher replaced him; his first appearance with the group was 's Never to Late. Druing the early '80s, tensions escalated between bassist Lancaster and guitarists Rossi and Parfitt, who were the group's main songwriters. Lancaster left the band after performing with them for a Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) time at Live Aid.

He subsequently took Rossi and Parfitt to court to prevent them from using the name "Status Quo. Once the lawsuit was settled, Rossi and Parfitt assembled a new band, hiring bassist John Edwards, drummer Jeff Rich, and keyboardist Andy Bown, who officially became a member of the group. The new line-up continued Status Quo's remarkable success, as they racked up a number of new Top Ten singles and hit albums, as well as consistently selling out concerts across England and Europe.

Inthe group had its second number one hit of its career, with the football anthem "Come on You Reds"; the single was recorded with the football champions, Manchester United. By the mid-'90s, Status Quo had scored 50 British hit singles, which was a greater number than any other band in rock roll's history.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine. Info from: All Music Guide. Stealers Wheel. The turbulent, acrimonious and comparatively brief career of Stealers Wheel enabled the two main members Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan to produce some memorable and inventive, relaxed pop music. During the early 70s, Rafferty b. Paul Pilnick guitarTony Williams bass and Breath - Various - Lord Of The Mics V Coombes drums; ex- Juicy Lucy bailed out Rafferty and Egan; the result was a surprising success, achieved by the sheer quality of their songs and the blend of the two leaders' voices.

While the song was high on the charts Rafferty departed and was replaced by former Spooky Tooth lead guitarist Luther Grosvenor aka Ariel Bender. Rafferty had returned by the time the second album was due to be recorded, but then all the remaining members left the band, leaving Rafferty and Egan holding the baby.

Various session players completed Ferguslie Park, astonishingly another superb, melodic and cohesive album. The album was a failure commercially and the two leaders set about completing their contractual obligations and recording their final work Right Or Wrong. Even with similarly strong material, notably the evocative "Benidictus" and the arresting "Found My Way To You", the album failed.

Rafferty and Egan, disillusioned, buried the name forever. Management problems plagued their career and lyrics of these troubled times continued to appear on both Egan and Rafferty's subsequent Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) work. Family Tree. Martin Quittenton guitar and Kieran White vocals, guitar, harmonica came out of the British folk circuit. Come Spring time,they signed a record contract with CBS. The first album, "Steamhammer", was a mixture of classic blues by B.

Travelin Blues - Loggins And Messina - Full Sail the end of the British blues boom, only a few hardcore fans took interest on the finest lyrical blues-rock statement of the century.

Not selling as many records as they'd hoped to, Steamhammer nevertheless became Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) top European open-air attraction, mainly due to their brilliant live performance.

For over two hours each night they would indulge in wide excursions in instrumental improvisations, embodied by the impressive guitar riffage of Martin Pugh and the sensitive harmonica of Kieran White. In the summer ofQuittenton left the band, followed by drummer Michael Rushton. They were replaced by Steve Jollife saxaphone, flute and Mick Bradley.

Jollife's feel for precise arrangements and jazz influences especially inspired the recording of Steamhammer's second, "Mk II", album. Overstepping the boundaries of traditional blues forms, they unleashed their own musical creativity and imagination without resorting to any technical trickery.

These highly professional and creative musicians performed many live shows at various festivals in Scandinavia, West Germany and the Netherlands. On the continent, it turned out, they had become more popular than in England. In Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) summer ofSteamhammer recorded their "definitive album" rock sessioncalled "Mountains", as a quartet. White, Pugh, Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) and Bradley were really working as a team and offering electrified white urban blues of highest quality.

It was only with the release of this album that Steamhammer began to be noticed by the rock world. After the Altamont and Fehmarn fiascos, the era of open-air events of such calibre was ended at least for quite a while.

In the late summer of that same year, Steamhammer toured for the last time in Germany and the Benelux. The following autumn, the line-up changed again. By that time, Steamhammer had ceased to exist. Mick Bradley died in February of Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc). Edited by Alex Gitlin. Cat Stevens. He took Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) folk singing while attending college and it was here he was heard by ex Springfield member Mike Hurst who had recently become Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) record producer.

Cat knew it was time to change styles when his agent visiting him in hospital advised him that he had him lined up in Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) for Christmas. In the 80s he embraced Islam and changed his name to Yusef Islam. He has worked tirelessly for charities and for children. He has recorded under his new name — his release "Indian Ocean" tells the story of Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) tsunami disaster of December — but he was refused entry to the USA Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) with claims he had some links to terrorism!

He adopted the name 'Cat' after a girl remarked on how his eyes resembled those of a cat. Famous for his publicity 'pranks' he once impersonated Alice Cooper in full make-up in Clouds Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) above the Apollo in Glasgow the night they played there in November causing quite a commotion when fans thought they'd caught a glimpse of Alice.

Later he repeated the stunt when he ran on stage at Cumnock Town Hall with an already-dead and plucked chicken which he butchered with a large knife! Unfortunately the Police failed to see the funny side and he spent a night in the cells for possession of the blade!

Sadly he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis but refuses to buckle under. They'd served their time playing the "beer and burger" club circuit, yet their age range was still only 16 to Pete Waterman wrote and produced their solitary top thirty hit. The band also appeared on PW's own hit "Good-bye-ee". Live, their set featured 50's chestnuts like "Heart and Soul", "Teenager in love", and the later Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) "Poetry in Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc).

I reckon it's the Waterman Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) at work there. In a copy of music week circa Novthe band were saying they'd like to be able to write their own stuff. Alwyn W Turner came up with some answers! I'm interested because a Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) weren't a bad little band, but mostly b they genuinely had reason to belive that they were going to be huge stars Memories from Mark Haley "I had quite a connection with the band.

Many years ago I was invited down to Magnet records by Pete Waterman. He had a song called 'Alright baby'. The audition went well and Pete said he would organise some studio time.

I never did get the phone call. I was only 13 and I think he thought they would need someone a bit more experienced. When the song made it into the charts, I naturally followed it's progress, while feeling a bit miffed that it wasn't me. I'm aware that the record was bumped out of the chart briefly because of suspected 'buying in'. The band's career swiftly nose-dived when they ended up in Sunday tabloid scandal. We never really looked like getting anywhere, didn't fit in with the new wave stuff happening at that time, and I decided to leave.

My replacement turned out to be Kev Harris! I stayed friends with the band and got to know Kev very well. He has lived in London now for many years and done consistently well as a recording engineer. Kev also played bass on a 'nostalgia' tour I was the MD for. Hope this was of some interest". Davey Stewart. Jermaine Stewart. Stiff Little Fingers. Henry had by this time discovered punk, and introduced the rest of the band to it.

They decided that Highway Star wasn't a punky enough name, and after a brief flirtation with the name The Fast, decided to call themselves Stiff Little Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc), Jake taking the name Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) the Vibrators track.

In November of '77, Gordon Ogilvie, a local journalist, caught their live show and was impressed. He encouraged Small Town Girl - Brewer And Shipley - Down In L.A. (Reel-To-Reel, Album) to write their own songs about what they knew best--life in Belfast. Jake came back twelve days later with "Suspect Device" and "Wasted Life". These were the first of what became SLF's signature style: lyrics that meld the personal and political, music that combines the energy of punk with infectious hooks, and delivery that rings of honesty and commitment.

With Ogilvie's help, they released those two songs on their own Rigid Digits label, with an initial pressing of only The interest generated resulted in a distribution deal through Rough Trade in England. A local fanzine named Alternative Ulster asked the band to write a song specially for a giveaway flexi-disc. Although the plans for the flexi fell through, "Alternative Ulster" became the first Alaya - InMe - The Pride released by Rough Trade in October of ' Jake once introduced it as "a song about having nothing to do.

The album chronicles the band's anger and frustration at "the Troubles" in Northern Ireland, and calls on youth to create their own reality. In '79 the band moved to London and Brian Faloon decided not to go, which inspired the lyrics to "Wait and See". He was replaced by Jim Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) who made his debut on the "Gotta Gettaway" single. In the spring they played on the Rock Against Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) tour.

By the summer ofSLF signed a deal with Chrysalis Records which included unusually broad artistic control by the band. They released the LP Nobody's Heroes in It combined the DIY ethic of the first album with more universal themes of alienation, anti-militarism, and anti-racism.

Their live shows Cannes - Various - 9½ Weeks - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to be special Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) of energy and power.

The Go For It LP in '81 revealed more sophisticated song writing and musicianship, Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) another step in the shift from punk to power pop. The Now Then album of '82 alienated many of SLF's punk followers with its pop sound, and despite some glowing critical reviews, never got the recognition it deserved. The band split in early ' But it is also unfortunately the best I think we will ever make.

So I have decided to call it a day. Instead of talking through our Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) we wound up having fist fights. But none were as satisfying, or as successful, as SLF. Said Ali, "It wasn't until we got back together again did we realize this was the only thing we were ever completely happy with. At this period everybody seemed to be getting back together again. The audience response to the reunion shows was overwhelming, with Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) crowds larger than any that SLF had played in their original incarnation.

The two shows at the Brixton Academy in '88 pulled in over 10, people over two nights. Fans from the U. Recordings from those Puppies On Acid - Dream Theater - Once In A Livetime were released as the See You Up There album and video, considered by many to be the best SLF live recordings ever.

The response to the shows across the world surprised and delighted the band, and their following continued to grow, with younger "new" fans alongside the old diehards. By '90 their thoughts had turned to reforming the Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) permanently and recording new material.

But Ali decided his commitments would keep him from recording Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) album or touring. He officially left about a week before they were scheduled to tour Japan. Jake phoned Bruce Foxton formerly of The Jamwho jumped Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) at the last minute, and has been a member ever since. Although overall the LP's material was not as strong as earlier albums, it still served to satisfy fans starved for new SLF songs, and the subsequent tour continued the tradition of powerful shows where the crowd reacts "to most of SLF's numbers in much the same way as kernels react to a plugged-in popcorn maker," as noted in the Los Angeles Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) in ' The album helped renew interest in SLF just as newer bands that sited them as a major influence, such as Bad Religion, Sugar, Rancid, and Therapy, were coming to prominence.

At the end of Circuit Board Rammed Up My Arse - Petrol Bastard - The Very Worst Of Petrol Bastard Dolphin Taylor left the band, due to family and business obligations. Ian McCallum joined permanently on guitar, balancing SLF tours with solo recordings and performances.

SLF released the studio album, Tinderbox, in '97 and toured extensively throughout that year to promote it. Stiff Little Fingers released the studio album Hope Street, in two different formats in Said Jake Burns, "'Last Train From The Wasteland' on Hope Street is the first optimistic song I have ever written about Belfast, while Hope Street the album is generally more optimistic than people have given us credit for in the past.

Much of the material was recorded at a special Hope Street Premier Party held in London, at which the band played over two hours of new songs, rarities, plus all the favourites. Response from the fans has been tremendous. Though focused on their new material, they always play the old favourites at gigs. Jake said, "You have to strike a balance. The difficulty with a band like ourselves is to try not make it sound like a cabaret band.

Obviously, it'd be very easy to go, 'Hey, here's another old one you may remember. I suppose it's the same as any band that's been around for any length of time And yes, there are nights that we don't particularly want to play "Alternative Ulster" or "Suspect Device" because we've heard them 'til they're coming out our ears. But there's always the possibility that somebody out there has never seen the band before, never heard them. It is a poppy affair with somewhat la-de-da vocals but Dorris' b-side showed songwriting promise.

It didn't set the charts on fire and Frankie Miller soon replaced Mr. The band changed their name to 'Howl' and hit the university gig scene in England where heavier music that 'ye cannae dance tae' was more acceptable. Success did not follow however and in the early '70s Howl broke up. Frankie Miller went on to his well documented fame and then unfortunately just as well documented very ill health.

Cissy Stone. Complete with a stunning 5 piece band Cissy is as audacious and irrepresible as ever. Performing many of her soul and funk favourites as well as a great collection of Rock and RnB classics. Stone The Crows. As the group was doing a sound check for a show in Swansea Wales, Les Harvey was electrocuted and died instantly. The band was devastated. Never really recovering after the demise of Harvey, the group would split up in June She sang a duet with B. After years of touring Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) settled down with her family.

Les Harvey was one of the few white, and probably the only UK guitarist to play with Aretha Franklin. Wilson Malone - keyboards, vocals R. John Peel produced some tracks.

The genre had however had its day by this time and the group decided to split in Drummer Kevin Currie joined Supertramp. Michaela Strachan. Michaela Strachan was born in Surrey on 7th April and was named after a nurse on the sixties television drama series - 'Emergency Ward 10'. She showed early talent as a dancer and trained in musical theatre. Michaela had a complete change of direction when she presented an eighties early hours Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) and clubbing programme ' The Hit Man and Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) ' alongside pop producer Pete Waterman.

She met assistant producer Duncan Chard through work and married him in She has also recorded two singles, and contributed to various albums. Michaela currently lives in Bristol with her husband. Straits played The Kinema Ballroom 4 times in They played with other local band The Delinquents Delinx amongst others and support duties included several dates with The Skids including a momentous event for them at The Marquee, London on 8th February when cognisance of another band five girls from York called 'Straits' hit home just Receive - Various - Swedish Electro Vol 2 (File) before taking the stage.

Panic set Unknown Artist - Pantomime Hits (Flexi-disc) and a hasty name change saw them take the stage as Trax and the story continued The Stranglers. Jet Black not captured unfortunately! The Photographer was Eddie Dickson. A number of current bands cite the Stranglers as an influence; concerts are packed; and the loyalty of their fans is legendary -- following the band from gig to gig both domestically and around the world and amassing huge collections of recordings and memorabilia are commonplace.

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Rick Flare - Corner Boy P - Amerikan Greed, The Crack In The Sea - Various - Friends And Friends Of Friends, Receive - Various - Swedish Electro Vol 2 (File), Mi Corazón - Olé! - Super Disco Tube, Desire - Tuxedomoon - Ten Years In One Night (Live), The Zips / Erotic Devices - The Zips / Erotic Devices, Spectrum (23) - The Music Of Abba, The Beatles - A Hard Days Night, Outcast - Fire & Rain, Nich Nur Ne Hoe - Olli Banjo - Schizogenie, The Crack In The Sea - Various - Friends And Friends Of Friends

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  1. Flexi-disc (this is a flexidisc reproduction of a single originally issued by Flexipop magazine in September, (unknown exactly what time Marr's session will begin). I was playing guitar with Siouxsie And The Banshees, so I had to play the part. Goth was like pantomime to me. I never really took the whole culture thing seriously.
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  3. A move to Polydor in the summer of appeared to give the band a new lease of life but more personnel changes saw the unreliable Sears sacked and guitarist Sawyer replaced by Bryn Haworth, a fine musician and John Peel favourite who appeared on the DJ’s show as a solo artist extensively throughout &
  4. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, WEEK THE CORE CURRICULUM – For as long as I could remember, I had imagined the year When I was a kid the books of the day promised a brave new world of sci-fi in which we’d be flying around in silver suits with jetpacks strapped to our backs; the future would be now and that now would be AD.
  5. The Beatles' Christmas records was a composition of melodies interpreting love and support during the holidays from the English rock group The Beatles that were posted out on flexi disc at Christmas time to members of their official fan-clubs in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  6. Killing Joke are an English rock band formed in October in Notting Hill, London, glamrock.agakelvmarijurusandromadar.infoinfo original line-up included Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards), Paul Ferguson (drums), Geordie Walker (guitar) and Youth (bass).. Their first album, Killing Joke, was released in After the release of Revelations in , bassist Youth was replaced by Paul glamrock.agakelvmarijurusandromadar.infoinfo: Post-punk, industrial rock, gothic rock, .
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Square Flexi-disc release of The Swing Era on Discogs/5(3).
  8. Performance Art Festival Archive Inventory and Shelflist. These materials were collected by Thomas Mulready, who founded the Cleveland Performance Art Festival (PAF), which .

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