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I tire Okay, first I won't stoop down to your level and throw abuses you don't even know what they mean. And another thing is you should have gathered enough information Εστία Μουσών Νάουσας - Ιδού Αναβαίνουμεν.Ύμνοι Της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδος making yourself look like a complete imbec!

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Many people on this Nairaland have raised one story about LHPay Check the forums and yet, LHPay ends up winning such arguments because in most cases, they have not used lhpay.

Check my profile about anything lhpay i have abused and destroyed their image on this same Nairaland until Trying To Think Of Music - VinShu - Trying To Think Of Music decided to give them a try and they proved me wrong. I have been using them for 2 -3 months now. Still rocking! Does it mean i did not have a payment processor i was using before lhpay? Vinshu : If i am to understand, you comment like LHPay is trying to spoil Voguepay's business but in the end, you are the one trying to spoil lhpay business.

I think voguepay still Trying To Think Of Music - VinShu - Trying To Think Of Music the best we have used them for years. I think voguepay still remains the best we have used them for years That is an Un-biased Nairalander who knows the truth. Thank you Vinshu. Hello, really need your advice I'm thinking of integrating VoguePay on my website but I heard from a friend that they hold funds indiscriminately esp foreign payments How true is that.

How true is that I cannot really advice you on that sir, as i dont use Voguepay for international payment. I use voguepay for voguepay-to-voguepay payments so i am not too sure about what you request. Thanks a lot!

Do you know of any? Of course I do. Nuralaexy : Average population in this country Nigeria complains when issues result to miney. Good morning Nuralaexy, Thanks for your wonderful contribution. We have tested other payment gateway in Nigeria, Voguepay seeing to be our own best payment gateway. The word Brahma can refer to two things depending upon where Big World Blues - Robert Nighthawk - Live On Maxwell Street 1964 is being used.

First, Brahma is the first being created with every new cycle. All beings in a particular cycle are created by Brahma. A different soul becomes Brahma in every new cycle. Brahma is a god, but the gods are office holders so to speak and new souls take the stations in every new cycle.

Second, Brahma is one of the three gods making up the Hindu trinity, called the Trimurti, which can be thought of Trying To Think Of Music - VinShu - Trying To Think Of Music Brahman Isvara. Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva make up the trinity and stand for the creative, sustainer, and destroyer aspects of the Godhead.

Atman is the soul of man. According to the Advaita Vedanta philosophy the soul of man is one with and the same as Brahman. When Brahman within an individual is referred to, it is referred to as the Atman.

There are differences between what is meant by 'soul' Trying To Think Of Music - VinShu - Trying To Think Of Music Hindu philosophy and Christian philosophy. Swami Vivekananda says Complete WorksV6, p 85 :. One of the chief distinctions between the Vedic and Christian religion is that the Christian religion teaches that each human soul has its beginning at its birth into this world; whereas the Vedic religion asserts that the spirit of man is an emanation of the Eternal Being and had no more a beginning than God Himself.

A person has an individual 'soul' in Hinduism - the jiva that survives death and is the 'soul' that passes from one birth to another. The innermost part of the soul is the atman. For a good description of the the Atman see the following link. Brahman is an abstract concept with a wide meaning. One of its meaning is a hypothetical principle of the Nitrous Waltzide - Bromp Treb - Loop Rotator Pool. Atman again has a wide meaning.

One meaning is similar to soul. That's difficult to understand. But a good metaphor for it is Indra's net, even when the latter is from Buddhism. The Hindu caste system has four Varna :. The Brahmin caste are thus the caste that produced the clergy in traditional Hindu society. Hinduism has three primary Gods, known as the Trimurti.


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