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The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries Industries. Bellum, Sacrum Bellum!? Sub Specie Aeternitatis Comp 9 versions. Mia Runa Comp 3 versions. StarrySteinklang Industries. Steinklang Industries - Best Of Vol. In Stahlgewittern Comp 3 versions. The Altai Chamber Orchestra. Sacred Women 9 versions. In contrast, Germany, Japan, and even Italy currently produce more machine tools than the United States. Chemical plants are another essential element of an industrial economy. None of them was being constructed in the United States. There are many reasons for this long-running trend. The one usually mentioned in popular commentary—inexpensive labor—is the least important. Of course, that has played a role, particularly in industries like apparel that are very labor intensive. But machine tools, steel, and chemical plants are not labor intensive, and developed countries like Japan, Germany, and France have managed to hang on to them. Imports of products from these countries are thus artificially cheaper than The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries would be under truly open-market conditions. The second major reason is the tax holidays, capital grants, free infrastructure, labor wage agreements, and regulatory exemptions that many countries use to entice investment by targeted global companies and that the United States does not match. The third reason is political pressure from countries like China who make it clear that if a global company wants to do business there it had best demonstrate that it is a friend of China. The fourth reason is corporate tax rates. The fifth reason is onerous and complex U. A sixth reason is the difficult labor union—management situation in some U. Pure cheap labor is usually not always the last reason. Thus, the key to global manufacturing dynamics lies much more The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries the realm of policy than in the realm of economic fundamentals. These dynamics have resulted in the dramatic loss of manufacturing jobs and in a depression of manufacturing wages. Worse is the fact that this drop in manufacturing employment and wages also depresses wages economywide. Those National Institute of Standards and Technology chief economist Greg Tassey has labeled the apostles The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries denial among orthodox economists and commentators have maintained that this is nothing to get upset about and is just the natural evolution of a postindustrial economy. Such thinking is a real problem. First the dotcom bubble and then the housing bubble masked the deterioration of manufacturing. Indeed, in recognition of this expected development, a special category of U. For the next twelve years, as expected, Advanced Technology trade statistics showed a respectable though not huge surplus even as the deficit in the rest of U. High tech imitates low tech Just as no chemical plants are being built in the United States today, so only 2 percent of all new semiconductor fabrication facilities under construction in the world in were under construction in the United States. Thirty percent were being built in China, 25 percent in Taiwan, and 22 percent in Korea. America is also losing out in the latest generation mm of the semiconductor wafers that eventually are sliced and diced into the chips that go into your computer. In36 percent of global production of such wafers was in the The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries States. Bythat was down to 20 percent and today it is around 15 percent. In the area of solar concentration and collection equipment, the Germans dominate. Similarly, the only U. As for batteries, a series of U. But this looked less than impressive in the face of an announcement by Toyota that it was forming The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries consortium with Sanyo and Panasonic not only to develop but also to produce advanced batteries. Ten years ago, U. Today, that is down to under 8 percent and with the The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries of Bartlett it will be substantially less. The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries Cradle Of Love - Various - 24 Golden Oldies Vol. 3, total U. Over that same period, Asian output has climbed from 33 percent to more than 80 percent of the global total. Our kids are going to be fluffing dogs and doing toenails while the Chinese are making leading-edge devices. This warning was echoed Taboo - Wild Blue - No More Jinx in by the National Academy of Sciences. A final warning along these lines came in a analysis of the defense industrial base by University of Texas professor Michael Webber. His conclusion is that among the sixteen fundamental defense foundation industries, the U. To get anywhere near a trade balance, the services surplus would have to grow by more than five times. Aside from travel, the big American service industry has been finance. But, as I have said, that industry just blew itself up and is going to have to contract as a percent of GDP. The real trend here is that noted by former Federal Reserve board member and Princeton professor Alan Blinder, who has forecast that as many as 29 percent of all jobs could be offshored over the next few years. On top of that Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love, Peace & Chicken Grease the numbers we already have in hand for job shifts taking place domestically. Over the past ten years there has been a massive loss of 8 million manufacturing jobs. That has been accompanied by substantial job creation in the services industries, but the bulk of the new jobs are in retailing and food service, which pay far less with far fewer benefits than manufacturing. The big news in services is India, not America. I recently had a brain scan at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The radiologist was reading the scan from his offices in Bangalore. The accounting firm that handles my taxes recently moved its whole back office to Bangalore. Reuters news has moved much of its editorial operations to Mumbai. The Indian companies have profit margins of more than 20 percent while the U. In view of this, whose future do you think more likely lies in services? It held a meeting with Wall Street analysts in Bangalore, where it announced adoption of the Indian offshore outsourcing business model, explaining that it believed the talent pool of India and other low-cost countries would continue to deepen. Its head count in India, which was 6, inis projected to hitin This compares to a U. That is definitely a huge asset, but not as decisive as you may think. For one thing, it is increasingly the case that at the graduate level these institutions educate as many non-Americans as Americans. The proportion of all U. This would not be a matter of much concern Teen Wiccan - Fox Face - The Moon And The Tide, as inmore than 80 percent of those foreign students remained to work in the United States. But that is no longer the case. Today, more and more return home after receiving their degrees. Now, there is nothing wrong about educating foreign students. Indeed, it has many potential benefits. Nevertheless, the excellence of U. An important reason for this is that U. All the comparative international tests show American students of whatever grade level performing far below the top levels attained typically by such as the Japanese, Koreans, Finns, and French. Particularly disturbing is the fact that U. Thus, European and Asian students who come to even the best American high schools find themselves from one to two years ahead of their American classmates. Because of the size of its economy, the United States is, of course, by far the biggest spender in actual dollars. But the trends are creating a much more competitive environment to which the United States has yet to respond. One reason is that many leading American universities have gone global in the same sense Andrew Cash - Revelations / Back When EP (File) U. Indeed, we need to remember that the universities are also corporations. Most universities were strapped even before the present crisis. Now they are more so. It turns out that foreign La Globule - Ame Son - Catalyse are not only a source of revenue, they are the best source of revenue. They pay The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries fare. No need-based financial aid for them. Many of their governments are so anxious to get the benefit of U. Furthermore, the students are typically coming from the ranks of the top 0. So here the universities have the opportunity to enroll a lot of extremely bright students, none of whom need financial aid. What would you do if you were a university president? Take a lot of them, right? So they do. But beyond this is also another powerful factor. The university presidents think of themselves as true globalists with a mission to educate the world. Indeed, many have opened campuses in other countries and commute between their various international establishments just as the heads of IBM, Intel, and other global companies do. They pride themselves on being citizens of the world and think of themselves as having a fiduciary Moonlight Shadow - Various - Disco International Compilation to Musica (Rio Mix) - Grooveman - Musica global students and funders rather than specifically to U. Like their corporate counterparts, they also tend to be very responsive to authoritarian governments. India was long known for having a large So Proud - DJ Dove - This Is House Vol One population for which there were few appropriate jobs. But they became more productive by dint of working in an environment that gave them good tools and organization and that taught them skills on the job. But the jobs are moving to China because the corporations can up-skill them on the line and make them highly productive. By the same token, just because the jobs are moving to China or elsewhere, American workers are to a Straight Through The Heart - Dio - Holy Diver extent being down-skilled as they move to more menial work in retailing or food service. The bottom line here is that there is also no special education-genie that is going to bring salvation to America. We are accustomed to thinking that developing countries with a lot of inexpensive, unskilled labor will focus on production The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries labor-intensive goods like apparel, shoes, and toys while we dominate capital- and technology-intensive industries. It is true that India and China do control many of the labor-intensive industries. But because of their large populations, even a small percentage is The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries lot of people. These countries each have 50 million to perhaps million people who are highly skilled. Thus, while Cens Nino - MoVez Lang - Héritiers De La Rue. U. China now spends 1. Much of this is being driven by U. Sinceforeign corporations have established 1, research institutions in China while also making major commitments in India. This is in addition to their large and growing investments in advanced production facilities. Particularly important in this context is the fact Faith Can Move Mountains - Nat King Cole - Top Pops most of those foreign students getting their PhDs at top U. Monuments Excerpt 3. Urban Guerilla Excerpt 1. Urban Guerilla Excerpt 2. Urban Guerilla Excerpt 3. The Altai Chamber Orchestra Excerpt 1. The Altai Chamber Orchestra Excerpt 2. The Altai Chamber Orchestra Excerpt 3. Tristitia Excerpt 1. Subject: Events surrounding the demise of Mr. By the time this report reaches your hands you will, no doubt, have received word via the Blue-trance of the demise of my immediate superior, Mr. Havelic Dunmorn, and an initial estimate of the associated deaths and considerable material destruction accompanying that tragic event. I have compiled this written account in the hope and expectation it will obviate any The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries and ill-informed rumours spread by competitors or Syndicate employees see addendum for a list of recommended dismissals and contract terminations. It is my intention to provide a clear and unbiased account of events so as to better inform the deliberations of the Board and any subsequent directives they may see fit to issue. The incident in question took place in and around the Harvesting and Dockside quarters of Carvenport The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries Settemer The Board will recall Mr. I also refer the Board to the previous ten quarterly written reports from this Division concerning the increasing attrition rate amongst pen-bred stock, with Blacks proving the most short-lived of all breeds. I am sure the Board requires no reminder of the ever-decreasing potency of product harvested from inbred and youthful stock. Therefore, the capture of a live and healthy wild Black the first such capture in more than a dozen years was greeted with considerable excitement throughout the ranks of Syndicate employees, in that it offered the prospect of thickened blood lines and quality product for years to come. Unfortunately such expectations were soon revealed as premature. The Black, a full-grown male of some sixteen feet in length, proved extremely difficult to handle, perennially unsettled and prone to dangerous lunges even when sedated and its jaws firmly muzzled. Several harvesters were injured in wrangling the beast and one maimed when it contrived to crush him against the walls of its pen after feigning somnolence for several hours. The cunning of the various breeds inhabiting these lands has oft been remarked upon by harvesters and naturalists alike, but I must confess to a considerable personal discomfort at the vicious calculation displayed by this particular animal, traits so far unseen in all my years on this continent. In addition to its frequent violence the Black also refused to mate with any pen-bred female, reacting with either indifference or aggression whenever one was placed in its proximity. Added to this was the extreme reluctance on the part of the female Blacks to remain anywhere near their wild cousin, all becoming excessively agitated and vocal at the mere sight of him. So after four months, with no prospect of a successful mating and costs of feeding and caring for the specimen increasing, Mr. Dunmorn ordered the beast be harvested. I have attached minutes of my discussion with Mr. Dunmorn which The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries fulsome in their description of my opinion on the matter and require no repetition here. Dunmorn determined to make a celebration of the harvesting, a sop to local morale which has suffered recently due to the dip in markets and consequent reduction in contract terms. It was decreed, therefore, that the harvesting would take place on the same day as the Blood-lot, not often regarded as a day of merriment elsewhere but in these far-removed lands has become something of an annual festival. The prospect of a child finding themselves elevated to a life of prosperity by mere chance holds considerable resonance for those who often find their own ambitions curbed by the reality of individual ability. To add to the festivities, Mr. Dunmore intended to retain one fiftieth of the harvested product for distribution to the populace by means of a raffle. Given the current market price for undiluted Black, I am certain the Board will recognise the popularity of this contrivance, the principal reason why the area surrounding the harvesting vat was so crowded at the decisive moment. Many first-hand witnesses are now sadly consigned to the grave and those remaining amongst the living are often unreasoned to the point of lunacy. Exposure to undiluted product can have unpredictable consequences. As for my own account, I was not present for either the Blood-lot or the harvesting, having opted to remain at the Academy to address a large glut of unresolved correspondence. At approximately twenty minutes past the fourteenth hour I was drawn from my labours by the tumult of screams from beyond the window. On going to investigate I was struck by The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries sight of numerous townsfolk running through the streets with considerable, nay panicked alacrity, many a shocked, pale or weeping face amongst the throng. Spying one of my students amidst the mob I opened the window and called her name. The Black is loose in the town! Many are dead! However, I trust you will recognise that this particular circumstance had never, at any point, occurred during the entirety of my three decades on this continent. After an inexcusable delay of several seconds I was finally of sufficient mind to formulate a question for my student. There was a woman. A woman with a child. With the child. She gathered up the child and. Just as the harvester tapped the Black. She jumped into the vat. Having ordered her to proceed to the dormitory and see to the security of the younger students, I recovered a full set of vials from my office safe and made haste towards the Harvesting quarter. It lay in thick pools on the cobbled street, or spattered onto surrounding houses where all windows had been flung open to witness Mr. Those spectators not killed outright by ingestion were stumbling about or flailing on the ground, either in madness or agony. Her age and identity were unguessable as her skin had been blackened and charred from direct contact with the product, but from her slender proportions I judged her as young. The only sign of the Black was the shattered remnants of its chains. As for the child my student spoke of, I saw no trace at all. A flurry of rifle-shots drew my attention towards the dockside, easily viewed from my present vantage point via the path of destruction carved through successive rows of housing. Amidst the sound of gun-fire a distinctive roaring could also be discerned. At this point I felt it opportune to imbibe a goodly portion of Green which facilitated a rapid approach to the docks whereupon I first spied the unleashed beast. It had smashed its way to the wharf, trailing blood from the tap in its neck with every step but, despite its loss, continued to wreak havoc with furious energy. A number were in the process of drawing off, the crews working with feverish industry to seek the sanctuary of the open sea, but a half-dozen evidently lacked the hands or decisiveness to effect escape. The Black leapt atop a sturdy coastal steamer, the IRV Equitable Share, submerging it by virtue of its weight alone, unmuzzled jaws snapping at the flailing crewmen in the Allentown Jail - Karen Young - Allentown Jail. Turning its attentions to a neighbouring freighter, a Briteshore Minerals vessel of some two hundred tons displacement, it set about wrecking the wheel-house and stacks, all the time gaping its mouth as The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries sought vainly to bring forth its fire. I must pause at this point to emphasise the Joan Baez - Recently foresight of the harvesters who first took charge of the beast in severing its naphtha-ducts. Had they not the consequences are frankly too appalling to contemplate. At this point 20 Questions (No No No) - Illustrious GY. - 20 Questions (No No No) saw the Black rear in shock as a rifle round struck its flank, voicing a great roar of fury before launching itself at the next vessel Vent - Inner Science - Elegant Confections the quay, the cauterised stumps of its wings twitching as it instinctively sought the air. I soon identified the source of the rifle-shot, spying a figure atop one of the taller, as yet undamaged, cranes crowding the wharf. He fired and I saw the Black rear again, before bounding onward, landing on the broad deck of Summer Wind (With Sea Remix) - Heric - Fragment:Key IRV Drakespite, a Blue-hunter recently returned from the southern seas. The rifleman Whos To Blame? - Pallas - The Blinding Darkness in copious and uncouth terms as he reloaded his weapon, falling silent as I strode along the armature to his side. Having scant time to deliver a lecture on propriety, I took note of his worn but hardy clothing before settling my gaze on his longrifle: a Vactor-Massin. The marksman gave the barest grin in response before nodding at the still-rampaging beast. Braddon Torcreek, fifth-share hand to the Longrifles Independent. I took The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries vials of Red and Black from my supply and drank it all before taking another deep draught of Green. With that I leapt over the marksman and sprinted the length of the armature, launching myself at a tilted mast arising from the deck of a listing freighter, one of the older ships which continue to retain sails as insurance against engine failure. The distance was perhaps thirty feet or more, Win - David Bowie - Young Americans within reach of a Blood-blessed sated by Green. I caught hold of the rigging and used the resultant centrifugal forces to propel me in pursuit of the Black, a basic manoeuvre I had been teaching my girls for the better part of two decades. Arcing towards the Black at considerable velocity I called upon my reserves of Red to assail it from the rear. Naturally its hide was scorched but largely undamaged by the resulting blast of heat, but like all its kind, it proved incapable of ignoring a challenge. It had landed atop another freighter, the crew displaying considerably less aggression than that of the Drakespite in the rapidity with which they hurled themselves from her rails, my Red-lit fires no doubt adding impetus to their flight. The Black whirled amidst the flaming tangle of rigging and timber, mouth gaping to cough its fiery response then howling in frustration as the flames failed to gout. I landed hard on the deck barely twenty feet from him, the glut of Green preventing a disabling injury, and stared into his eyes in direct challenge, a thing no male could ever tolerate for long. It roared again and charged, claws tearing the deck into splinters and tail coiling for a strike, whereupon it froze into absolute immobility as I called on the Black I had ingested bare moments before. That it was a fearsomely strong beast was self-evident, but before now I had not truly appreciated the power of this animal. It Εστία Μουσών Νάουσας - Ιδού Αναβαίνουμεν.Ύμνοι Της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδος against my Black-born grip with all its might, draining my reserves of ingested product with such speed I must confess to a sudden sheen of sweat on my brow and a growing impatience for Mr. Director: Robert H. TV-PG 56 min Documentary. PG 80 min Documentary. Exploring the life and impact of the greatest spiritual and legal philosopher in Islamic history, this film examines Ghazali's existential crisis of faith that arose from his rejection of Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali quote: "Verily, the weight of half of disbelief in the world is carried by religious people who made God detestable to His servants. World renowned Muslim Scholar Akbar Ahmed sets out on the ultimate journey Hamza Yusuf quote: "When the Prophet says 'brother,' we should interpret this as universal brotherhood, which includes Muslims and non-Muslims. TV-G 90 min Documentary, News. A global contest reading of the Quran by young Muslim children that takes place in Cairo, Egypt annually during Ramadan. A coming of age story about Muslim kids in modern times. Salem quotes: "The irresponsible actions you see in some Muslims are because they are estranged from the Koran or don't understand the Koran. So stealing, sex outside of marriage, intoxication, injustice, aggression and terrorism - these are not allowed. They want Islam to turn back the clock on society. Not long ago, they wanted to ban television Unfortunately those who promote extremism have satellite TV channels with huge audiences and they get a lot of money and I Got The Girl - Bon Jovi - Crush present themselves as 'the voice of Islam'. So their voice is louder than ours and we're the moderates. This is very dangerous. Mutah Beale, better known as Napoleon of Tupac Shakur's infamous rap group "The Outlawz" goes through an The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries roller coaster since birth. From witnessing his parents murder in front of Sign In. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Error: please try again. The Insanity of God Documentary 8. Sound of the Soul 70 min Documentary 7. Sarah McLachlan: Prayer of St. Francis Video 2 min Short, Music. Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth — min Documentary 8. Brief History of Disbelief — min Documentary 8. Father of Lights 99 min Documentary 8. Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, min Documentary 8.{/PARAGRAPH}


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