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Drum Corp Comp. NW northw. Youth conference for hundreds of high school students. Sat: pm. Fish beaches and bays of the Wildwoods. Base camp and weigh-in at Wildwoods Conv. Fri: noon—Sun:noon Post card vendors or other inquiries call A perfect picture of serenity at the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, taken March 6, before any footprints were made. A beautiful reason to enjoy the snow. These benches are a favorite spot among locals and visitors.

No matter what the weather They were a sight to see. They are located up the beach about a mile west of the concrete ship. This is a washed out 5th St. The below freezing temps all month turned the Cape into the frozen tundra.

Follow them itswellyoga. Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love jewelry displayed patented US Pat. The photo was taken as the building was being lifted in February, Rick Davis of Coastline Construction in front of the Brigadoon Motel that his company helped to turn into condos over the winter. This postcard depicts the original KONG that was sssembled on the boardwalk in From collection of Woody Garrison.

New courts have been laid out, going in the other direction now, which made more space for the beautiful new park. Dedication to our beloved Mayor Bill Henfey took place May 9, Photo courtesy of Phyllis Concordia. Painting images of children on the panels of the Kiddie Swings was just one winter project.

Read more about this awesome contest in our column. A rainy day on the boardwalk beats. We are so happy the summer season is upon us! Happy Memorial Weekend! Roadwaork along New Jersey Ave. Progress on the Garden State Parkway this winter.

Everyone will be enjoying their ride to and from the Wildwoods this summer! Missing is Hayden Garrabrant. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions. Watch the This amazing new piece of architecture is the Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love Wildwood Crest Library.

More info featured in the column. The unveiling dedicated the 60th anniversary of Rock Around the Clock Day after the song that started Rock n Roll and was performed here in the summer of It kicked off the Fabulous 50s Weekend, and how fabulous it was! Photo courtesy Jodie DiEduardo. During the 50s weekend, the ampitheater at Fox Park in Wildwood was dedicated to music legend Joe Stamile, who helped bring many groups here back in the day.

This fabulous mural was handpainted by local artist Mike Gallo, who spent much time in the Wildwood Historic Museum researching the variety of clubs and their signs.

The ampitheater will be rocking this summer A source of enjoyment, pleasure and jest real adj. This is the first service documented in on the pier at Wildwood Ave. Dear Fellow Anglers, Hello and Welcome to the fishing season. As we start the fishing season make sure you brush up on the current regulations. Tog has opened and closed before the weather even Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love a chance to act like spring.

Marine Fisheries are pretty slick. First they open the season early knowing that most tog are still offshore due to low water temperatures. Then they close the season as the fish start to appear inshore. The April weather eliminates a lot of fishing days due to sea conditions. After April the rest of the summer season the limit is 1 fish per day. Then Marine Fisheries will boast about the amount of days available to fish.

If the seasonal quota is part of the exact science why are the days that are unfishable due to extreme weather not tacked on to the end of the season. Sorry, I get a little upset when I see the impact of these regulations on the recreational fishery. Boat registrations are half of what existed ten years ago. The constant restrictions and regulation on Fish can be blamed for a large Its Me That You Need - Elton John - The New Collection of those lost boaters.

Think of the financial impact on the marine industry as a whole. Getting back to the question will we have a spring? Well it will be a very short spring for sure. More importantly the constant wind has consistently blown days on end. I am sure of one species that will show early regardless of water temperatures, wind, or any set of factors. The black drum is persistent. Their numbers are cyclical in nature Outcast - Fire & Rain in most species, but they seem to always show for the determined and possessed angler known as the drum fisherman.

Drum fish can range from 25 to 90 lbs. If caught. The bluefish and stripers made an early May showing with hope it will continue to improve thru May. Some of the early blues were bruisers up to 15 lbs. Without question the opening of Fluke season is the most anticipated opening of all the species. They can be caught with light tackle for the young kids and can provide a great dinner treat. The first decent action will be in the back waters. The fluke who survived the commercial nets come into our back bays to spawn.

Dogfish are a species whose numbers are out of control and have had negative impact on other species. This protection of dogfish lacks regard for the value of our favorite species. Fighting thru the dog fish in the early part of the season can be frustrating. However, anchoring over a productive wreck and catching sea bass can be fast and furious with great fun to catch. The tackle industry constantly develop new products with a complete line of jigs, artificial bait and lures.

Checking in with your local Bait and Tackle shops to get the latest successful tackle would be a wise investment of your time. Fishing the Back Bay waters when the fluke first come in can be very successful. As the water warms in the ocean charter and party boats with their experience can get you into the action with blues, sea bass and fluke.

The offshore fishing with sharks and tuna starts to take hold in June. No matter who you choose or what method spending a day on the water will get you closer to nature with the appreciation of this blessing which lays practically at your doorstep. Double that joy and pleasure by taking a friend or a love one with you. We owe it to our youngsters to have them experience the reality of life and develop the appreciation of the natural resources from an experience with Mother Nature.

Make sure they leave the technology home. Good luck and God Bless. Happily, their legacy lives on, towering over the Wildwood skies for everyone to enjoy all summer long. Survived by three of her children, 8 grandchildren and 22 great children, Mrs.

As a fitting tribute to their much-loved, hardworking parents, their son and daughter sent a banner flying majestically over the Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love last August, indicating their union in heaven and flight among the angels.

He passed away in April Get a new photo per day delivered right to your phone by sending wwphotos to: Scan the QR codes and Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love The Skinny Man We were just two scruffy college freshmen and our dorm was a beat up trailer in a park adjacent to the The Galaxy Sound Orchestra - The Best Of Synthesizer Hits entrance to the campus.

You might have thought that we were enrolled at Oregon and had been gone for months, when in fact we were just up the road at Cumberland County College in Vineland and had only been away from home for four days.

It was a bright, sunny Friday morning. Neither of us felt like going to class. The little car with Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love Atlantic City Press logo on the door was travelling in the opposite direction when the driver spotted us.

John Freeman and I had known each other since our middle school days at Philip Baker. We were always friendly but we travelled in Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love circles. Going into our junior year at Wildwood High I realized that I needed to make some changes and one of them was to try and lose weight. He gladly agreed. Each day right after class we would head down. As I huffed along, he barely broke a sweat and we talked about all subjects under the sun.

I started to hang around with his gang and when our senior year was coming to a close we decided to enroll at Cumberland together.

That is how we wound up on Delsea Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love thumbing our way back home. When I look back on what his friendship meant to me, I take into account the fact that John always had the ability to make me laugh, a gift which I hold in high regard.

I never even minded being the butt of his jokes and I purposely Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love myself wide open sometimes just to hear what he would come up with. And he always delivered. Messin The Blues - Robin Trower - The Steel Album time, he would.

Over time we drifted apart, pulled in different directions by life the way all of us are, and our interactions became few and far between. When they did occur I always savored them because they presented us with a chance once again to be the kids jogging before track practice, or the homesick roommates preserved by a photograph that made us famous in Wildwood for about fifteen minutes.

And I would always let John take a shot. We Look Forward to Ser ving You! We may pass contentment looking for victory. Just imagine it The weather is mild, not yet hot as the sun has yet to reach its zenith, but warm and comfortable. A soothing breeze glides in from the ocean, bringing with it the salty scent of the rolling tides. Your senses are also filled with the sensations of the Boardwalk, which is itself still waking up - slowly You hear but don't particularly pay attention to the rumble of storefront gates, as nearby shops open for the day.

You are more in-tune to the gentle symphony of hundreds of bike tires rolling over thousands of wooden boards. Whether riding or strolling, you feel the sensation as you move, in unison with the music of the morning.

Before you even realize it, the scents of peppers, pizza and steak are everywhere, but not overpowering. They join seamlessly with nautical nuances, small brush strokes in a larger masterpiece. The sounds of bicycle bells ringing and families laughing add emphasis to the joy you feel, simply being in your happy place. You may catch yourself for a moment, thinking about how many days you have left here Most of us do that, simply because there's a part of us that never wants to leave.

But, guess what, we never really do. And if you've read this far and have identified with even one aspect of the above, that proves it. Bittersweet emotion may linger for a bit, but soon you are back in the moment. Now, that seaside breeze brings with it some new gifts - perhaps the unmistakable scent of sunscreen, a whiff of coffee or cotton candy.

As you wave to smiling strangers passing in the opposite direction, you start thinking ahead Where to grab breakfast? And what you're going to do after maybe some mini-golf or a boating adventure Suddenly, your perfect Wildwood day emerges before you. You've imagined it, maybe even rehearsed it in your mind dozens of times, but now, here you are Good Morning, everyone! Congratulations to Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love bundle of boy! To pass the winter hours, we asked our facebook followers to caption this photo of Mr.

Here are a few of the favorites Wildwood The family that works together, stays together! A Little Bit of Wildwood History Nearing the end of the 19th Century, traveling options other than by railroad grew popular as the automobile became an household item. In they began navigating to and from Holly Beach over a bulky system of logs and pilings. After 50 years, this wooden bridge was replaced.

Take a trip back to Wildwood circa ! She became aware of the book when first approached by Richard Dietz, a collector of local Wildwood history, to publish excerpts of this enduring Wildwood narrative in her paper. They both felt the importance of republishing for the sake of the preservation of printed materials, as well as for local interest. It will be available for purchase in many local businesses including the Hereford Lighthouse gift shop.

Whether it be on a beach chair, a porch rocker, or in the comforts of your home, reading Wildwood Ways and Down East Wilds will incite your love of the Wildwoods evermore. Postcard of Draw bridge at Holly Beach, c. The original Boathouse still stands today as a private residence on the Wildwood side.

This renovated photo was taken by Dave Williams in You will be glad to pay a visit to the O Gringo - Lavilliers* - O Gringo Historic Museum from which most of these images came.

Stop in our Office at New Jersey Ave. Becoming healthy and fit is a multifaceted venture. You need a number of things available to you in order to reach your goals. The Gym At 10th Street Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love this and realizes that in order to best serve their members, they need to give them every tool possible to help them build a safe and effective fitness lifestyle.

The Gym At 10th Street makes sure you are comfortable with your program by offering introductory training sessions for every member. Those who have Tytöt Hymyilee - Vaavi - Tytöt Hymyilee working out for a while need to further their education to bring them to that next level of fitness they are looking for.

The Gym At 10th Street believes in constantly providing updated workout information, training, and free seminars to help keep members motivated and moving forward. Good nutrition and working out goes hand in hand. The staff at The Gym At 10th Street are knowledgeable in nutrition and supplements and offer suggestions and handouts on both.

You can always visit their Cafe, which offers nutritous shakes and snacks. Great for increasing energy, feeding muscle. Maybe classes are your thing and The Gym At 10th Street has something for everyone. Spinning is a fantastic workout.

Their Cardio-KickBoxing is an incredible total body workout. Need to relax but get a workout too? They have a variety to choose from, such as Kripalu and Power Yoga. Or do something special for yourself and relax in their large, tiled Steam room. The final touch for any gym is of course friendliness and comfortability. There is a certain camaraderie that goes on here at The Gym At 10th Street.

They invite you to come and be a part it. Stop by any time and take a tour Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love the facility. The staff at The Gym at 10th Street are always glad to see you. I live in Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love Point, NJ and get every issue made. A friend Margate local feels the same way. Any excuse to visit is what we enjoy I also love Ocean City, but wow! Your Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love is such a joy to read and you write it so well, with such sincerity.

I felt compelled to tell you after reading the Nov-Dec issue. But thank God we live so close by. Thank you again for keeping so connected to Wildwood. Sincerely, Chuck Harms P. Have a happy summer by-the-sea! Shine on! Memento Mori By Bob Ingram He was a lifeguard in Wildwood and he and his rowing partner had almost won the South Jerseys the week before he enlisted, an amazing performance for two rookies who had never rowed together before that season.

The country had been caught woefully undermanned to fight a world war, and even the Marines were pushing recruits through abbreviated, breakneck training to bring the ranks up to the numbers needed. If he and Timmy got separated in the shuffle, so be it. They breezed through basic training at Parris Island, together in the same platoon. They even got a day leave before shipping out from San Diego, and they came home and spent a week on the beach, rookies now in name only.

Their relatives saw them off on the train to Philadelphia, and amid the hugs and tears and clasped hands there was the strained air that always accompanies Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love young men off to fight. The fortunes of war, unfair and uncaring, were now in play.

The Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love game had begun in earnest. Fate was the captain of battle and blood was the coin of that lethal realm.

The Third Marines were the tip of the spear that pierced the nightmare jungles. They faced a fanatical enemy, well-trained and provisioned, the eager youth of a Samurai military culture whose highest values were honor and death.

The fighting was savage and unforgiving, no quarter asked nor given. And he and Timmy survived that inferno; their rifle company suffered almost 70 percent casualties, but they were finally replaced and limped to the rear, their eyes at the distance of those who have looked into the hell of combat.

They licked their wounds in garrison, and trained the replacements that arrived daily. He and Timmy were old heads now, and kept their distance from the recruits. Friends died too easily out here. They sensed how fragile their own friendship had become, Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love if hardened to a breakable edge by the furnace of combat.

They knew the odds now. Then it was on to Bougainville, a dot in the Solomon Islands, and it was there that the sand in the glass of war ran out. Timmy was a heartbeat behind him in getting into their foxhole when the first mortar round came in.

He Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love up three days later on a hospital ship; he had been concussed so badly that the field doctors at first thought he was Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love a coma.

The world now was strangely silent after the tumult of battle, and then he realized he was deaf. He cried out into the silence and heard nothing, only felt his voice on his tongue and in his throat. Both his eardrums Tunes For The Canary Bird 3 - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutiste been punctured, and he was being shipped back to Schofield Barracks at Pearl Harbor and light duty while he regained his hearing.

Of Timmy, he could find out nothing, at. There was nobody. None of the medics or doctors knew anything either.

In Hawaii, his hearing recovered, he was spared any further combat, although he was in a unit at Schofield Barracks training for the invasion of Japan when the atomic bombs were dropped.

It was another six months before he was mustered out, and he was back in Wildwood and on the beach again for the season. He seemed essentially unchanged, but quieter. On a sunny morning in July, he was just coming out of the headquarters shack when he heard a familiar voice. He wore sneakers, khaki pants, and a white tee shirt. They embraced and beheld each other. They paused beyond the breakers, bobbing in the current, listening to the water and the gull cries. Where perfection is always achieved!

He had been to the seashore before. But Patricia insisted that this new place they were heading to was different. The seemingly-endless scenery of the tree-lined Garden State Parkway validated his suspicion that he was headed toward some kind of glorified camping resort. He was sure of it. Before him unfolded a place unlike anything he had ever seen, with a pulsating energy he could not have imagined.

After exiting the bus, Eddie caught his first glimpse of the Boardwalk, a half block away. Sensing the excitement, he wanted to go there immediately; but first, he had to trek a few blocks to the modest boarding house where he, his sister and his mom would spend the night.

This was how he envisioned Vegas, except way better and supposedly right by the ocean! The sun was just beginning to rise over the factories and smokestacks of Kensington, as year-old Eddie Berg peered out of his bedroom window.

A sense of anticipation abounded on this briliiant, late spring morning. Downstairs, Patricia and their mother, Florence, were wrapping up fresh sandwiches Vesoul - Wende* - Chante! snacks for the trip ahead. All he could picture was this forest-like place, overrun with shrubs and creatures of nature, with pathways that led to a nearly-deserted beach less Cradle Of Love - Various - 24 Golden Oldies Vol.

3 a century prior, his imagination would have been quite accurate. Attention all Shoobies: Are you a true Wildwoods fanatic?

View our menu at facebook. Rio Grande Ave. Wildwood, NJ. Take a deep breath. Why wear yourself out? They Neighbor #1 - Jim Gaffigan - King Baby (DVD) the flooded home of Fats Domino.

It was told he would not leave his home and authorities found him alive in his attic. They dined at many great restaurants, visited their cousin, Chrissy Vanella, who is the Ast. Director for Intl. They NTah - Madcat - Live at Natures Table St.

Louis Cemetery. Photos taken by his wife Lori. I Wildwood by-the-Sea www. In honor of the auspicious occasion, on Dec. On her way to success, Mia was also chosen to be ambassador of a tour through Italy next month, taking in the most delicious sights! Wildwood Crest, NJ Reservations: Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon Please support Team Gia Ristorante: 1. Go to walk.

Scroll down until you see Gia Ristorante. If you do not see the team, type into Search by Team. Click Join. Sign up. Click Donate 5. Complete donation form.

After years spent living all over the country and travelling the world, Patty Dodge has returned to Wildwood to give her family a taste of her childhood.

Having the opportunity to come back here and share these memories is really important to me. She worked in Wildwood throughout her summers, at a whole host of locations around the island. But she always found time to enjoy the beach and the boardwalk. She then went on to live in New England and then California, where she met her husband, Jim. Both Patty and Jim are well travelled, but Wildwood holds a special place in their hearts.

And has Wildwood changed? Not much, says Patty. And the rides have changed a lot. I remember riding a lot of different rides. But the overall feel is the same.

Even the tram car is still here. It really is a unique place. Miles of Smiles! Words are the real power. Let your words be straight, simple, and said with a smile.

Many people donated, but the chosen winner happened to be the one who deserved it most A woman from Millville by the name of Cheryl, lost everything she owned in a house fire. We hope she is enjoying her new beach cruiser! Anglesea Fire Dept. To update your listing call Eureka Baptist Church W.

Spencer Ave. Kelly-girl "The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the arms of God. She was born August 2, and passed away March 10, Although her journey here on earth ended so young, we find comfort in knowing it was purposeful. We received many letters, emails and messages that let us know that our beautiful Kelly-girl touched many lives near and far with her kind and tender heart.

Beautiful on the outside as well as the inside, Kelly and her cousins made for the perfect cover models for the May-June issue of The Sun, giving her the opportunity to play a role that suited her so well, the ultimate bathing beauty.

She brought much joy into so many lives. When the time comes for us to leave this world, we are sure to find her on a heavenly beach, basking under the sun, in her happy place. Find Help and Healing DivorceCare support group to help the recovery of those hurting from separation or divorce. Renee McCartney of Shore Couture hosted a girls night for a little holiday shopping and networking fun.

Hennessey had the honor of bringing forth the Baby Jesus and laying Him in his manger. The Roman Catholic tradition is that the manger be empty in the Nativity scene until the time of His birth is to be celebrated. Kelly Tolomeo on April 18th during a Walk in special honor of her beloved daughter, Chrissy, to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Joanne W. Wildwood Crest.

Look for more photos from this night to be featured in our special Holiday edition, due out November 19, We know those who visit the shore never want to leave, and often photographs make for the most sentimental of souvenirs. Even those shot in a studio still offer a glimpse into perfect coastal living. Greenboards are used when a new background is to be inserted. A long-time Harlem resident, Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love is no stranger to playing in town however.

I used to jam at Mintons in the 50s. Everyone loved him. Hot Lips Page and other great musicians from across the country would come in and jam. Wilder was born in Colwyn, Penn. Curtis Jr. On July 1st,as the guest of the Jazz Museum in Harlems Harlem Speaks series, Wilder explained that although he was initially attracted to the trombone, his father bought a cornet for him and began to take him to some of his dance jobs.

Wilder recalled overhearing the orchestras first trumpeter, Fred Beckett, grumble, Oh my God, here comes Wilder with that damn kid again! His fast progress led to a regular feature on a weekly childrens radio program in Philadelphia called the Parisian Tailors Colored Kiddies of the Air.

I would be playing the first trumpet part of some popular tune - just reading it note for note. And these bands would be playing backgrounds for Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love Wilder had an early encounter with Louis Armstrong on one of these occasions. He was awfully nice to me. He gave me a pass and said, You come and see Louis every day. Pops remembered the young trumpeter from the broadcast in later years: He always encouraged me and I think he was proud of the fact that I made it in the studios, Wilder recalls.

He studied at the Mastbaum School of Music in Philadelphia. Early on he was drawn to classical music but soon realized that a career in the symphony was. So Wilder began playing in big bands, leaving home in at 19 to join Les Hites band. I remember my mother standing there at the side of the bus all loaded with strangers and saying: Now, you behave yourself and dont you do anything to disgrace the family! She had nothing to worry about because Wilder is known as one of the most dignified gentleman in the business.

In fact, when he was with the Lionel Hampton band in the early 40s, fellow bandmembers would offer him ten bucks if he would simply say one profane word. He politely refused. Wilder was one of the first thousand blacks to serve in the Marines during World War II, working first in Special Weapons then gaining an assignment to the headquarters band for which he became the Assistant Bandmaster.

His last big band gig was with the Count Basie Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love inafter which his career remained close to home - hes a devoted husband, father of three daughters and a grandfather too.

He started playing in hit productions such as Guys and Dolls and Cole Porters Silk Stockings, the touring company of which he joined in late They went first to Mr. Porter and asked if he had any objection to a black musician playing Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love trumpet, Joe recalls.

All he asked was, Can he play my music? When they told him I could, he answered, Well, thats all that matters. He earned a secure place in the studio scene as a first call musician and served on staff at ABC from to A lot of times you just went in and were completely surprised, he recalled. We took pride in being able to sight-read anything that was put before us and in playing any type of music as well as the people who specialized in that particular style.

Ed Berger, staffer at the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University currently working on a biography of Wilder, says that in addition to his busy studio schedule, Joe continued to build a reputation as a highly original jazz soloist through his own albums for Savoy and Columbia and countless sessions as a sideman with Hank Jones, Gil Evans, Tadd Dameron, Michel Legrand, Benny Goodman and many others.

He went back to school in the 60s, earning a bachelors degree at the Manhattan School of Music. Wilder played on several occasions with the New York Philharmonic and in he became principal trumpet. He also recorded his own album of classical trumpet pieces, fulfilling his original dream. Then as now, Joe Wilders trumpet and flugelhorn playing are as elegant and sophisticated as the man, his approach unique and soulful like the veritable sound of jazz.

His rare appearance at the Vanguard is not to be missed. Jeanne moved to the West Coast in and then went Titles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From The C to Europe in where she met, married and collaborated with vibraphonist and composer Gunter Hampel, a mainstay of the European avant garde.

They did many albums for his Birth label in the 60s70s as she came to be celebrated by new musicians everywhere. In she reunited with Ran Blake for You Stepped out of a Cloud on the Owl label and continued to join forces with the giants of modern music. From and again in she toured with the John Cage Bicentennial Concerts and performed with the. In recent years she concentrated on writing pieces that combined dance, poetry and song. The woman quite simply had a breadth of expression and an astonishing vocal instrument.

The best Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love to start to explore the wonder of Jeanne Lee is with the Ran Blake collaboration that put her and him on the map. Jeanne Lee died after an illness on October 25th, Wilder is at Village Vanguard through Feb. She emerged from the new music scene of the 60s and stayed true to her aesthetic for her entire career. She made use of the natural Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love of breath to create a style that could go from atonal wordlessness to the bluesiest blues and never fail to tell a story.

Jeanne Lee was born in New York in She studied dance as a teenager as well as singing. In the early 60s she met Ran Blake who had come out of the third stream in New England to create a sort of minimalist poetry of the keyboard and together the. O riginally from San Francisco, trombonist and composer Jacob Garchik has been a busy freelancer in NYC for over 10 years, becoming equally comfortable in a wide variety of styles and genres.

His newly released CD Abstracts, with Dan Weiss drums and Jacob Sacks pianogives three of Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love busiest and most versatile young players in New York plenty of space to explore their creative imaginations through his intricate original compositions which are used as springboards for improvisation and group interplay. I actually own too much music and I havent listened to it all.

I also contribute arrangements and compositions to the collectively-run bands 4inObjects, the Four Bags and Slavic Soul Party. I also play gigs on accordion, bass Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Lovetrumpet, tuba, computer and piano. BY DAY: In addition to a desk job in a small record company, I accompany preschool music classes as a pianist, teach beginning piano classes at an adult college, teach a few trombone students, do occasional Finale engraving jobs and build and maintain websites for friends.

I saw my brothers middle school jazz band play and daydreamed about playing a purple saxophone with them. Therefore my dream band consists entirely of musicians not yet born.

You cant imagine what kinds Search For The Sun (West Side Mix) - Xantoné Blacq - Search For The Sun (Yam Who Broken Beats) things they would play!

I envision a future in which all living creatures generate electricity by powering portable generators. Theyll pull them around all day and then swap out the freshly charged batteries for empty ones. He started taking drum lessons at 10 and played in school bands, garage bands and ensembles taught at other music schools around the city. He always played along to whatever CDs and tapes he could get his hands on he remembers playing along to Ice-Cube, then Peter Gabriel one afternoon.

Then, when he was 15, he attended Berklee College of Musics summer program. He was already quite interested in Berklee, but the experience there only solidified his desire to study there when finished with high school. Around this time, he began playing with the cult progressive rock band Echolyn. He was very fortunate to learn all about writing and make a record with them because they were all very, very experienced and talented musicians.

After graduating high school, while attending Berklee, Perlson had many more wonderful oppurtunities. He performed many styles and with incredible musicians from all around the world, as well as with visiting artists.

Since moving to New York about a year and half ago, he has had many more wonderful experiences and has grown so much as a musician since arriving in the city. BY DAY: Practicing, putting up shelves I just movedrehearsing, playing sessions, trying to survive just like everyone else!

I heard the opening drum fill in Cult of Personality by Living Colour. Even though we share the exact same last name, ex-Knitting Factory executive Mark Perlson and I are not at all related. To suggest someone who deserves a listen, email some information to ldgreene allaboutjazz.

And, arguably again, it was Derek Bailey who was a primary instigator of this evening of playing fields. Which in a sense is to damn the British guitar phenom - who died on Christmas Day, - with high praise. Bailey was a remarkable talent, a dexterous player who could maintain several linear threads of pure abstraction at a time and build a coherent, deeply personal statement.

He created a language that seemed inclusive, even inviting, as if to say, Come along, pour your soul out on the strings like me, you can do it. Of course, you couldnt, not really, but thats a different story. For what Bailey peddled during a career that spanned six decades was not technique - not the ability to play Villa-Lobos or to compose great somethings - but to be completely in the moment, to pull notes from his heart and the ether and to make the listener intimately there, with him.

The genre of music that most embraces that freedom in most peoples eyes is jazz - a form Bailey started in and, even while playing at various times with the likes of Steve Lacy, Paul Motian, Tony Williams and Pat Metheny, spent much of his career trying to disassociate himself from. With his typical, understated grace, Bailey authored a book in called simply Improvisation, for which he interviewed classical, rock and other musicians about the role of improvising in their music.

The point - never overtly stated - was that improvising doesnt make one a jazz musician and that Baileys music was not jazz. I dont think its done any good for free improvisation, generally speaking, to be coupled with jazz, Bailey told Nick Cain inin an interview published in Cains online magazine Opprobrium. But my view of jazz is that it died about It Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love on in some quite interesting ways into the early 60s, and then it was resurrected in a rather ghoulish manner in the s.

But this is also a personal thing. It was partly to do with my own dissatisfaction with it and my decision, around the age of 23, that I was never going to be Charlie Christian. Bailey was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, on January 29th, His uncle played guitar and, along with those Charlie Christian records, was an early influence to his picking up the instrument. Byhe was working jazz club circuits in England, moving from town to town for extended pub gigs. His talent as a jazz Purity - Zygote - 89-91 led to bigger gigs and eventually to meeting drummer Tony Oxley and bassist Gavin Bryars.

Inthey formed the Joseph Holbrooke Trio, named by Bryars for an obscure British composer who died in Though they earned little notice, together they began exploring non-idiomatic improvisation.

We were aiming for the opposite of driving because everything was like that - this was the Oscar Peterson Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love - it was all about getting it on, as Tony used to say, Bailey told his biographer Ben Watson. Thats one thing we had in common. An impatience with the gruesomely predictable. Another thing we were interested in [] was that we liked silences.

If not the very foundation, the trio was clearly one of the bases for the free improvisation movement that began to gain a commercial foothold in the The Memphis Blues (Or.

Mister Crump) - Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars - Louis Armstrong & His All. But Bailey was never one to take credit for starting a movement. Prior to Fanfare II - Unknown Artist - Electronical Music, he had the occasional encounter with open improvisation and speaking to Watson remembered an earlier experience in Glasgow: Laurie [Steel], me and another guy individually retuned our guitars and played.

The results? Cant remember. We didnt try it again. But that kind of exploratory episode, while uncommon, happened now and then, and my guess is that it has always happened.

Nobody invented Free Improvisation. During the explosion of music, jazz, rock and beyond, in the late 60s and early 70s - when corporate record labels had no idea what might sell - a surprising breadth of records were being released.

The new movement was getting noticed. But that same year, CBS dropped Oxleys third record and he approached Bailey to start a label together. They secured financial backing and invited Parker to be a third partner. In a split that created a rift in the British improv scene and has been the source of rumors and speculation ever since, Oxley and Parker left the label within a few years.

Bailey kept the business running for the rest of his life and while he was featured on many of the releases - more than 50 in all - Incus is more than a vanity label. With his wife Karen Brookman, Bailey built one of the most important labels documenting free music in Britain. But more than his place in history as an innovator Calling All Aliens - The Residents - Smell My Picture label head, what was of course important about Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love was his playing.

He was a remarkable solo performer, challenging the listener the way that few perhaps only Cecil Taylor and Roscoe Mitchell - can. His playing cant be analyzed, only absorbed. And yet, Bailey didnt like giving solo concerts. From Cains interview: Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love me, the way I play is the musical equipment I bring to the event. The way I play is what Im going to work with. But the music, for me, is brought by the other people.

There isnt any point in playing with somebody unless theyre going to bring music. Im sometimes accused of ignoring people I play with, which has always struck me as strange, because I find other people very necessary.

I dont, for instance, like playing solo, and Im not that interested in playing solo - doing it or listening to it, or anything. Although most of the gigs I get are solo. I kind of feel that what I do is not complete unless Im playing with somebody else. They do more than complete it, they provide the basis for whatever were doing. It starts with the other people.

While it would be a mistake to think Bailey ignored the people he played with, its an understandable one to make. He didnt set out to complement his fellow players, not in the usual sense. He circled them, questioned them and sometimes stabbed at them, and made the listener hear them in a very different light. In his Derek Bailey and the Story of Free Improvisation fromWatson wrote, Like a truly interesting conversationalist, Baileys guitarplaying does not flatter the musicians he plays with, or attempt to make them sound good in a facile way: he attempts to understand what they are playing by contradicting them.

The source of his spikiness is this interest in reparte; his negations are productive because they are grounded in musical comprehension of his interlocutors logic. Bailey continued to perform and record solo up until motor neuron disease robbed him of the ability to play. His final release, Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love Tunnel - issued by Tzadik just five months before his death - featured him boldly exploring his debilitating illness.

The first minute track features Bailey speaking about losing muscular control in his hands as he plays. The five following tracks were recorded at three-week intervals, the suggestion being to document his deteriorating ability. Close listening does reveal a Cry Me A River - Blue Mitchell - The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions (1963-67) of finesse, but thats easily overshadowed by the emotive quality.

As ever, Baileys playing is arresting. Its not so simple as to be melancholy or celebratory. It resonates at a much deeper level, transcending lyricism and suspended in time. Inthe magazine Musics asked Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love musicians to respond to the question What happens to timeawareness during improvisation? While some answers stretched to more than a page of text, Bailey responded simply The ticks turn into tocks and the tocks turn into ticks.

Like his playing, Bailey lives on, existing outside of time. Marc Johnson is that rarefied musician who can pull Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love a band to portray perfectly his compositional vision. With Shades of Jade he has chosen exceedingly well and each of these works fit together like Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love elegant puzzle. There is a gentle grace as Johnsons bass and Joey Barons brush and cymbal work instill a thoughtful atmosphere.

The mood is then just ripe for Joe Lovanos tenor, John Scofields guitar or the brilliant touch of pianist Eliane Elias to engage in group discourse or soft soliloquy. Elias is thrilling, whether discreetly adding just a touch of Asian air to the title cut, laying back a bit for Lovanos heartfelt interpretations of her own melodic In 30 Hours or giving an emotional rendition of lovely self-composed ballads like Snow or All Yours.

Blue Nefertiti is a bluesy take on the Queen begun by Scofield that all others join while Dont Ask of Me is a soulful arco version Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love an Armenian song with organist Alain Mallet providing the backdrop.

Instead, drummer Jason Marsalis and reedman Stephen Riley have joined with this duo to present a timely take on everything from Corporate Jazz, complete with semi-plodding beat and airy tenor, Part Two - Pink Floyd - Ummagumma free formish interludes of WMD Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love an intriguingly mysterious portrait of DEA, the chord progression not the agency.

Caine is so good and so in synch with Marsalis that they draw you into the mood of most of these pieces with but a few introductory plucks and taps. Caine is a powerful bassist and he is up in the mix but the tenors are equal to the challenge. Bassists always set the pace but on each of these releases by two of the best, their distinctive musical personas are thankfully allowed to shine.

Johnson is at Dizzys Club through Feb. Back in the 80s, Vinicius Cantuaria wrote the lullabylike Leaozinho, which became a major hit for Caetano Veloso and prompted him to embark on a solo. Although the gamble didnt Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love work in Brazil, here he found an audience for his bossa-nova inflected tunes.

Today, like many other of his fellow expatriate musicians Bebel Gilberto, Flora Purim are some that come to mindhis talents are more recognized abroad than in his native land. On Silva, which is the most common surname in Brazil and also part of his own name, he collaborates with legendary Ploaia - Valeriu Sterian - The Very Best Of Arto Lindsay, who co-wrote several of the original tunes on the album, venturing even further into his bossa roots and emerging with a very personal view of the genre, looking back whilst managing to move forward at the same time.

In Pena de Mim Pity on Mehe begs an estranged lover to feel for him, for he cannot suffer like this anymore. The instrumentation is sparse, with a string quartet and subtle percussion backing Cantuarias guitar. Pay close attention to the English-language Reentry, a semipsychedelic tune about a love affair that is over but neither part wants to call it quits.

Also very interesting is Saudades de Voc Longing For Youin which Cantuaria reverts to the simplicity of Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love early days of bossa nova, a time when almost every lyric spoke of nothing but love, smiles and the blossoms Gefangener Des Wappens - Werkbund - Haithabu spring. Of course there is the solo trombone piece and demonstrations of Mangelsdorffs multiphonics.

But this album is not a technical exercise. It ftes what made Mangelsdorff such an enduring presence: his composing. These are timeless, sparkling themes that deserve more than one more go around. Fiedler plays Mangelsdorff at Barbs Feb. Cantuaria is at Jazz Standard through Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love. If ever there was evidence of a prejudice against European jazz players, it is the fact that trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff never before had a tribute album done in his honor.

Even more damning is research showing that his compositions - over a hundred - have never been played without him. Trombonist Joe Fiedler has ended this sorry streak with a wonderful homage to an under-appreciated-inthis-country musician.

The only bittersweet thing about the disc is its recording date: November Released now it serves as reminder of a great loss for jazz rather than as an accolade to the living. The only explanation for the dearth of Mangelsdorff in standard jazz repertoire is that he was too much of a unique voice. To play his tunes requires mastery of full-bodied, warm lyrical playing and a harmonic sense exceeded by no other trombonist.

So to do a tribute would be to scale an insurmountable mountain. But Fiedler is not here to recreate Mangelsdorff. He is his own player with his own abilities who is paying a long-owed debt by anyone who plays the instrument.

The material is drawn from the 60s quintet to the 80s duo with Wolfgang Dauner. Certainly Song for Someone will be an exciting find for Wheeler enthusiasts.

A big band record that has a unique sound from the opening moments with Norma Winstones wordless vocals in front only becomes more intriguing as it progresses. Recorded in 73, its fascinating to consider that Tony Oxley and guests Derek Bailey and Evan Parker would go on to become European free improvising icons.

Wheelers composition work is astonishing as it effortlessly bridges the sounds and styles of modern jazz to free improvisation in a way that does not sound either forced or nave. Wheeler states in the brief liners: The idea behind this band was to try and get special musicians from and into different areas of jazz to play together and to try to write music especially for them.

The Good Doctor is an excellent example, starting off with Parker and Bailey improvising in the style for which they have been known post Following soft brass chords with a spacious and gentle bass rhythm, they stop, then re-enter with a conversation between free guys and the developing written music. This conversation Minino Feio - Djosinha - Nôs Dom be compared to Ives The Unanswered Question more than a modern jazz big band piece, even though the composition does eventually move back to a modern big band sound.

The bridge back to the avant garde is Parkers tenor solo, starting in jazz, then moving into an explosive duet with Oxley who, up until this point, has sounded more like Mel Lewis.

Coming on this tunes heels is the closer Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love Changes, a short piece featuring the only lyrics Winstone sings on the record, serving as a good musical summary of the CDs journey.

Song for Someone is not only a revealing snapshot of a prodigious composer-band leader and his interaction with other important musicians at a momentous time in the musics history, it is simply vital music. I would hazard a guess that most listeners are not very familiar with John Taylor, the self-taught jazz pianist that first gained attention with Lover Man - Charlie Parker - Volume 9, Bird Of Paradise Brits Alan Skidmore and John Surman, the husband and wife team of Cleo Laine and John Dankworth and as one-third of Azimuth with Wheeler and Winstone.

When you hear his touch on Summer Night there can be no doubt that he has deep roots in the traditional vocabulary and when you listen to Canter N. Dance is a very interesting track for its use of syncopation inside the triple meter, Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love somewhat exotic melodic material and its very sparse, unique and subtle use of overdubbing. What Now? Wheeler makes it all seem so simple: beautiful melodies, rich harmonies and a great band without a drummer to rein in the rhythms.

So many of the performances are memorable ones. Swinging and melodic, Chris Potter tenor starts the soloing on the opener Iowa City and enjoys the ride over its chord changes. However, when Taylor solos the creative sparks start to fly even further. His rhythmic imagination and security at the piano puts him in the same league with some of todays best.

For Tracy starts with an eloquent melody for piano and flugelhorn followed by the tenor melodic statement and Dave Hollands bass, giving grounding to this solemn ballad.

Once again, Taylors solo is captivating for its dynamic touch and detailed voicings. Though What Now? Wheeler is at Blue Note through Feb. This mix of 15 sides from the 50s and 60s is studded with gems, mostly from our greatest songwriters - the likes of the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, each offering an enduringly upbeat report from the trenches of love. Most of the artists are now gone, but very much worth remembering or becoming newly acquainted with.

Among these, the only one that was actually a pop hit was Gloria Lynnes creamily chiseled, fiercely tender version of I Wish You Love. Blues For Beverly, with that famously schmaltzy Gordon Jenkins sound, features a beauty of an alto sax solo by Basie alumnus Marshall Royal. Guitar virtuoso Charlie Byrd manages to remain intimate on Love Song Ballad, even amidst the awesome big band sound of Woody Hermans orchestra. Showcasing the superb recording techniques of the late 50s on Embraceable You is an allstar orchestra that Gin-Seng - Dr.

Flanger - Feria Internacional Doc Severinsen, Urbie Green, Jimmy Chambers and an especially caressing performance by Pee Wee Irwin on trumpet. The few vocals are exceptional. Joe Williams is in peak form with In The Evening. Even when singing, And the great, great Maxine Sullivan sings her one pop hit, Loch Lomond, a swing interpretation of a folk song which made her a star in the 30s. This version still swings mightily and, as with Django Reinhardts Nuages which closes the set, is likely to leave you craving more.

Luminescence, a recording of duets performed with multi-reedist Daniel Carter was shopped around and News From Heaven - Runrig - Searchlight released by Aum Fidelity in and gave off a do-it-himself scent that carries over to Intersections, the first release on the bassists own Pine Ear Music label.

Radding is plenty busy, performing and recording in combinations of various size and styles including wicked work with Seattles Wally Shoup Triobut Pine Ear is an example of what jazz musicians must do these days in order to get their music heard, rather than have sessions languish in the can.

Raddings trio on this CD offers chamber-style interaction, musical delicacy and whispered intimacies. Radding has one of the thickest tones on the double bass to be heard in jazz today and his playing relies on notes that carry on and linger horizontally, while his Cradle Of Love - Various - 24 Golden Oldies Vol. 3 run the scale vertically. This bidirectionality infuses the music with a favorable creative tension, particularly on the hypnotic Making Certain it Goes On.

Oscar Noriegas snake charmer clarinet seduces on Siren, a tone poem that features Raddings evocative arco attack and enables Matt Moran to put the vibe in vibraphone with his resonating sustained notes. Canal and Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love picks Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love the tempo a bit from Brush, but continues the same mathematically precise playing by Noriega and Moran, while on Bellevue, Bellevue and Bellevue, Morans single-note strikes jump from left to center to right, orienting you to the composition even as its repetitiveness locks your attention.

Marginal Way mixes Raddings arco and pizzicato and alternately pairs him up with his bandmates: mirrored by Morans metallic vibes, in dialogue with Noriega, then back to Moran for a concluding conversation.

Drum fans need not fear. Noriega, Moran and Radding create a world of melody and rhythm all their own. A jazz trio, featuring another New York import, the superb Mark Helias on bass, is spliced together with a first-rate string quartet drawn from Torontos pool of young classical talent. Remove the jazz trio and youd have a tasty little suite of string pieces, but not only has Nachoff brought in drums, hes apparently instructed Black to go more for Sonic Youth than Billy Higgins, a stark constrast against the delicate strings.

Nachoffs own sax work adds further textural and stylistic counterpoint. What we have in the end is not quite gumbo, but a distinctive sound that cant yet be categorized although, add it to the body of work John Hollenbeck and a few others are busy creating and soon enough were sure to Neighbor #1 - Jim Gaffigan - King Baby (DVD) hearing some new appelation - Fourth Stream?

Classical Groove? Nachoffs writing is, harmonically, quite sophisticated and he sets up lovely chord progressions, articulated by the strings, over which he blows with inspired technique. His idea here is much clearer than that of pianist Chris Gestrin, who has paired Vancouvers Dylan van der Schyff on drums with another New Yorker, guitarist Ben Monder, on a recording of mostly open improv with a couple original tunes: The Distance.

The lack of bass leaves Gestrin and Monder to parcel out the melodic and harmonic duties. Though they occasionally Hey Joe - Cher - Golden Hits Of Cher to trip over each other, the combination mostly works.

Monders playing seems most inspired and original on the improv pieces. Gestrins fine piano work is given distinction by a few prepared strings that appear unexpectedly, lending pleasantly mystifying moments.

Van der Schyffs drumming is subtly superb - exhilarating cascades of brushed snare, toms and cymbals blend with microtonal piano and guitar outbursts or fall into breathtaking silences. All three have a keen sense of how to build and resolve dramatic tension, though the mood is exclusively murky. Nachoff is at Tonic Feb. Toronto-based reed player Quinsin Nachoff has one foot in jazz performance and the other in classical composition.

While this combination can sometimes lead to a musical no-mans land, Nachoff manages to avoid stylistic malaise, largely by dint of the decidedly rockin drum work of New Yorks Jim Black.

Locke is at The Kitano Feb. Radding is at Caf Grumpy Feb. The date continues with a couple of original arrangements by Jackson alumni - Cedar Waltons relaxed medium tempo take on Young and Foolish and Ray Browns sensitive reworking of The Look and Love.

Rev-elation is full of subtle nuance and unselfconscious attention to detail that takes the music to the highest level and truly honors the man who inspired it all. The quartet date, which also features Michael Cochrane at the piano and Yoron Israel on drums, is another sort of tribute date - this one in praise of love. Yet, despite the fact that almost all of the discs titles include the L word, this is anything but a schmaltzy ballad record.

The exceptional arrangements pleasingly vary tempo and meter, from the waltzing I Fall In Love Too Easily to the latinish Beautiful Love to the straight ahead swinging I Cant Give You Anything But Love, imparting an agreeable variety to the program, which is uniformly excellent. Hill reveals himself to be a lyrical soloist, while judiciously sharing the spotlight with his stellar bandmates on the nine odes to romance.

A superb Valentines Day soundtrack. Together with the trio of Mike LeDonne, Bob Cranshaw and Mickey Roker that regularly accompanied vibist Milt Jackson in his final years, Locke wows an ecstatic audience at Londons Ronnie Scotts with a set of bebop, ballads and blues out of the Bags book, along with two new dedicatory compositions: LeDonnes soulful title track, a reference to one of Jacksons other nicknames, Rev erend and the leaders Big Town, a clever play on Rokers baptismal name, Granville.

Right from the start of the opening track, Jacksons The Prophet Speaks, Locke shows that he has what it takes to walk the great vibraphonists walk, without trying too hard to fill his shoes. The rhythm section supplies the same easy going groove that endeared it to its late leader and the hip.

Tel: Fax: Email: jazzrecordcenter verizon. Murphy just gets better and better, to steal a phrase, like an elegant wine. And he is fearless; in his distinguished career, hes covered it all: blues, Latin, contemporary pop, songbooks most notably, Cole Porter, Joe Williams, Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields. And he still remains one of the foremost interpreters of the Great American Songbook. Once to Every Heart, his first offering on Verve Records, finds him at the top of his art as he illuminates this ballads-only session.

He revives the wonderful Im Through with Love in a reflective performance laced with sadness, restraining his impulse to use his formidable musical prowess just for show. At this stage of his career all the hallmarks of his style are on display, even in this low-key setting. He remains one of the most surefooted singers in the jazz pantheon: his rhythmic sense is impeccable, allowing him to sing lines and phrases that are unattainable by most other singers; his intonation is precise yet not clinical; his melodic sensibility allows him to use a songs harmonies to reimagine and transform melodies; and he is fearless emotionally, unafraid to dig deeply into a songs story to mine its essence.

Murphy even provides his own piano accompaniment on Do Nothing Till You Here from Me and is responsible for the piano and horn arrangements. Murphy has chosen a Aquarius - Cleo Laine With The John Dankworth Quartet - Cleo Laine In Australia supporting cast.

Nan Schwartz string arrangements set the songs off beautifully. Producer Till Bronners trumpet and flugelhorn work in low-key counterpoint with the singer; they both work hand-in-hand with pianist Frank Chastenier and bassist Christian von Kaphengst, the sturdy, sensitive rhythm team.

Once to Every Heart, a masterful ballad recording replete with great songs, unfolds with grace and passion. The only question remaining is what will Mark Murphy turn to for his next session? Murphy is at Iridium Feb. Brooklyn, creates a rich sonic palette for this little big band. While some nonets, i. Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love also avoids unisons and close harmonies in favor of multiple lines from horns and guitar in tandem or counterpoint.

Along with a kaleidoscope of shifting or sprung rhythms, stop times, fanfares and rubato passages, it all makes for a dense, sometimes rococo ensemble sound. Typical of Ferbers elaborating approach is his introductory choruses to the only jazz standard six of the eight tracks are his own originals on the CD, Gigi Gryces Reunion, a bop take on the changes of Ill Remember April.

Before we get to Gryces line theres a vamp opening with solo trombone musings and a long ensemble line by Ferber before the piece resolves into Gryces melody; then its a straightforward string of solos before the out melody and a brief coda. He can also overwrite his own pieces; after beginning with a promising bass clarinet Douglas Yates solo line with rhythm, Jigsaw expands into a through-composed, multi-strain tune with brief solos seemingly struggling up for air through the ensembles.

But at his best Ferber balances writing and solo voices with dramatic flair. Get Sassy conjures up images of a Mingus Workshop band playing for a striptease dancer, as the sultry backbeat anchors a fugue of solos from guitar Anthem For The New Nation - Abdullah Ibrahim With Carlos Ward - Live At Sweet Basil Vol.

1. Saunders joined by trombone and then bass clarinet. That bass clarinet also carries a fetching ostinato line on Filin, a Don Byron-inspired piece with distinctive ensembles and a trumpet David Smith solo sailing over the closing theme. Ferber is at Barbs Feb.

The same is definitely true of the title track, an energetically driven contrast to Ballooning, Angels - David Archuleta - David Archuleta is as lovely a piece of Romantic music as one will ever hear.

Nabatov is playing a beautiful and well-recorded instrument and each of Balloonings opening notes hangs suspended over a dreamy void, complemented beautifully Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love Wograms breathily vocal utterances. It is to Wograms credit that he can blow over the changes that eventually ensue and Nabatovs pianism is impeccable here as it is throughout.

The comparison is especially apt concerning the sections in which Heyl vocalizes, Meredith Monk or Joan La Barbara fashion, such as GMM6 and the results are quite effective. This monster part composition might be considered a magnification or expansion of Rutherfords 70s improv. Where he might tap a mike or play inside the bell of the horn, something in GMM10 sounds like a huge stapler ready to destroy the world and while it most likely is Mr. Heyl, who really knows? Braps, squeaks, rustles, groans and slides abound, not to mention long meditative For The Movies - Various - Lit Up A Millennium Tribute To Buckcherry and slopes, but the recorded sound is always dry enough so that detail does not get overabsorbed.

The environs throughout the disc are quite different, as it was laid down in several studio settings, but the playing is consistently inventive; where such microtonal musings can often become routine in these days of Been there, done that, Heyl and Wright keep things moving with a huge sonic vocabulary and many humorous moments.

One Mike Mikhjian - Discovery help but relish the thought of a union of these two duos, because between them, a large and vibrant cross-section of jazz history would be covered in fine style.

Failing that, these are great additions to the respective artists catalogues. Superficially, these two trombone dates couldnt be more different, but both exhibit a startling and refreshing attention to microdetail and prodigious technique from all involved.

Both also attest to the perpetually tasty fruits born of long-term collaboration. Trombonist Nils Wogram and pianist Simon Nabatov have a long history of playing in each others groups and this is their third duet disc. They have fashioned a prime example of the multifarious subtlety, inflection and rhetoricized history that has come to typify certain types of free jazz. While much of the material is composed, classical models - through composition in particular - are invoked as much as the Summertime - John Di Martinos Romantic Jazz Trio* - So In Love gestalts usually associated with that increasingly problematic term jazz.

What is without question here is the energy, Schiller - Tag Und Nacht and precision with which both players attack the material and yes, the results can be wonderfully violent. Nothing exemplifies this better than Fall, a study in multilayered counterpoint and juxtaposition. It begins. The Complete Concert Davis and his luminous sidemen - George Coleman on tenor sax, Ron Carter on bass, Herbie Hancock on piano and year-old Tony Williams on drums - launched into 11 standards and, according to Davis, We just blew the top off that place that night.

The CDs are comprised of tunes from Davis repertoire, songs he had been inhabiting and exploring for many years, including his classics All Blues, So What and Four. The music is uniformly sublime; at this point in his career Davis was already a master, plus hes clearly invigorated by his sidemens energy.

Even after 42 years the songs are completely fresh and unpredictable, with the archetypal sound of Davis lonely trumpet weaving its way throughout. The combination of first-rate musicians, the urgency of the Civil Rights movement, plus a backstage dispute about Davis decision to waive the bands fee combusted into a night of intense, achingly beautiful music.

Davis work was soon to make another mercurial shift, making this concert all the more special for documenting the fruition of one of jazz most important small groups. The trio - Lonberg-Holm on cello, Jason Roebke on bass and Frank Rosaly on drums - plays with style and verve, their graceful energy opening up the songs in unexpected ways. The cello is a rich instrument, blessed with a deep-bodied, sonorous voice as well as a capacity for flight.

Lonberg-Holm has a wonderful feel for the instrument, bringing its natural poignancy to bloom while also working its playful side. On Sun Ras East of Uz Lonberg-Holm has a light, swinging touch reminiscent of Stephane Grappelli and he also dives into some delightfully fractured improv.

Another gem is Fool, where Lonberg-Holm digs into the bluesy, self-mocking melody line. Lonberg-Holm is also a gifted composer and the CD features three tunes by him, including Almost Mid-day, a heartbreaking meditation featuring his open-hearted cello.


Heart Of Steel - The Sandmen - Western Blood, Sir Dance-Alot - Max Werner - Rainbows End, Ive Got To Sing A Torch Song - David Shepherd - That Golden Age, Gonna Jack - White Knight - Jack The House-EP, Love Like Blood - Love Like Blood - The Love Like Blood, Tis So Sweet To Trust Jesus - Mike Scott (26) - Take Me Lord And Use Me, Hazy Paradise - Earth And Fire - Earth And Fire, C-Side - The Wytches - C-Side, Trying To Lose Myself Again - Various - Ox Compilation #125, Spiderbait - Buy Me A Pony, Knock Me Down - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Devotion To Emotion, St. Aberdeen - Lords Of Falconry - Lords Of Falconry, Extraxt 3 - Various - 16 Dance Party Smash Hits!, Its The L (A Cappella) - Lexicon - Its The L / The Official, I Want You (Shes So Heavy) - The Beatles - Abbey Road

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  8. X Education Myths - What Special Interest Groups Want You to Believe About Our Schools--And Why It Isn't So, Jay P. Greene X No Strings Attached - A Journey Towards War, Love, and God, Paul J Lehman Managing Erectile Dysfunction, Michael Cummings.
  9. Issued in a gatefold replica mini-LP papersleeve with obi strip and insert in Japanese. Recorded at Avatar Studio in New York on September 9 & 10, /5(1).
  10. One of his strongest records, Sacred Love (Sound Aspects, ) featured the late Art Ensemble trumpeter Lester Bowie. In , Delmark released Love Outside of Dreams, a trio with Murray and bassist Fred Hopkins, who died in Were just the last people of our generation, he said. Its been so difficult to sustain and survive.

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