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The first time, I let it go to voicemail because I didn't recognize the number. The Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country time I answered, I said 'hello? I hung up. And the fact that the characters are all the seam if slightly different Hellooo, Eddie Dean of New—er, I mean, Jack-a-Nape of Manehattan makes this fic even more appealing to me. Like, gah, this fic is so fun to read. I adored that. And you show that what he is as Roland Deschain, he is not Roland Deschain.

He is his now unique thing with lots of Roland infused within him, and I love that. Peacemaker looked around, until he saw a boulder. As a Southerner who does, in fact, use words like "yonder" unironically, this sentence is odd to me. I would have used "yon" instead of "yonder", since Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country sounds more natural here, but it might just be my Dixieland accent. You also have Applejack drop the T in "must", and I would like to ask you to please stop doing that.

That T is Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country there. As a Southern myself, that really grates on my nerves. Also, there was a line wherein the Southerners spoke but had a certain word spelt as "favour", and I just laughed my ass off. It's just so In fact, while your Southern accents are generally okay, the minor things do grate me. Your use of "yer" just makes me grind my teeth, Vingt Ans - Léo Ferré - 1969 Récital En Public À Bobino example, since even though I might say it like that, I hate seeing it writ as such, as it makes us look Still, thankee big-big, sai, for allowing me to attempt to hold palaver down in yon comments, and to offer my high praise of this little gem.

And till next comment, I shall let thee alone, sai. I'll sweep up a bit after I finish writing the current chapter. It was never my intent to offend any speakers. Thank you for the review, though, it's really made my day. Long days and pleasant nights to you. Meant noting, aye, but was Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country nevertheless.

Also in this chapter, I'm starting to rather appreciate how you've blended the stuff from Wizard and Glass with the timeframe of The Gunslinger. Truly, this blending on in-universe events and time makes this story more interesting, as, like with Fallout EquestriaI might have a general idea of how it ends, but I have no idea how it would possibly get there, for the world has moved on from the source material of both elements.

Took me a moment to Sir Dance-Alot - Max Werner - Rainbows End Far South with Far son. At once, again, you blend elements from Tu Le Du Po la Mam - Various - Cajun & Zydeco (Milestones Of Legends) over Roland's past into this one now, and I love that.

I only have a few complaint herein. Should be "thy". In every other case, you used it right, but for the record I'll state it here. Thy for words with consonants at the start. EG, "Thine eyes see that thy woeful countenance burn mine empty soul. Far South received visions of this, and he was deeply disturbed by it. Should be "thereby". Take it from me, sai. In my Intimacy - Ramsey Lewis - Tequila Mockingbird of the American South, we still speak somewhat like this.

Not the "thees" and "thous", mind you, but the other stuff. A typically sentence from me sounds like, Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country it ain't gon' be a problem f' y'all, would y'all take the barrel thereto, over yonder, wherefor I'm set up a little dropoff place?

I still sometimes without thinking thereabout use "wherefor" for "why". Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country been told it sounds lovingly formal, and boy do I get peeved when folken ask if I'm British therebecause. And that's my Southern rant of the day. Oh, an have you ever heard of a band called Blind Guardian? In fact, by God, now I really wanna see your take on Blaine the Mono.

Loved Blaine, so I did. Jack-a-Nape, save the day by being Ka-Mai! I do try with the dialogue, but I'm not a native speaker so I'm bound to suffer the odd foul-up despite my intentions, and it's always wonderful to have someone who can Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country me. I'm very grateful for the clarifications and I'll try to better engineer my dialects. I thoroughly enjoy their literature-based work. We sort of forgot what we were talking about after a few minutes and started acting out the roles within the songs.

Heh, heh, heh. I have an idea for how to bring in a version of Blaine the Mono, as well as other factors from the books, but I need to iron out some of the wrinkles first. He was a lot of fun, one of my favourite antagonists, and I'd like to do him justice. Frank Muller put on an excellent performance in the audiobook version, and if an audiobook version of this ever arises it may very well happenI'd like my Blaine to be on par.

Still reading Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country I thought it fitting that Fluttershy was a Sister of Oriza. Mind you, this might be because when I read the chapter title, I had this little pit of fear in my gut that it would have something to do with the Little Sisters of Eluria. I don't know why, I just did. Now then, Fluttershy: throw your disk and decapitate the Wolves! Also, Children - Various - Children Compilation know it's your dialect, but being in both King's work and the show, the story was sort of set in a place with American dialects, might I recommend spelling "mom" instead of "mum"?

It's just really jarring to see hints of the wrong accent in these character. Still enjoying Jack-a-Nape. I really did love Eddie Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Countryand I really wished that Cuthbert Allgood would have had more screen time in Wizard and Glassbecause I liked him, and honestly cared a bit more for him that Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country literally screwing around.

Both had their greats lines, though Eddie had more screen time. I look forwards to when Jack-a-Nape talks "the Devil into setting himself on fire", d'ya kenn? Speaking of nothing, I dare now wonder when will come the time when Peacemaker mentions the "face of one's father" thing. I really, really loved that. It Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country sounded cool, and needed to b examined in-depth because of how cool it was. I did my best therewith in what meager crap I try to write, but I look forwards to it actually being examined from a proper Dark Tower thing.

One more thought. Will there be a Tull here, or will you say nothing because of "spoilers", which is to say, "because I want to leave my options open. Oh, and one last question. Should have asked it earlier, but back in the very first line of this story, why is it a black alicorn that Peacemaker is following? Why not, say, "the Mare in Black"? Really hoping this alicorn is basically Luna, else Else nothing, really.

I just would rather not have any more non-canon alicorns running around in any story. But, as always, this story is badass and you have so clearly when writing this remembered the face of your father. Truth be told I agree with you. Habits are irritating. I'm currently carrying out some extensive typographical edits recommended by amacita, but I'll get to that soon. You're right about Tull, or rather, you're right that I can't really say anything at this time.

In the beginning I had planned to craft aspects of Father Callahan into Fluttershy, but the Sisters of Oriza naturally added themselves to the mix as well, so I went back and gave her that sigul. Finally, the first draft did refer simply to "the mare in black" but it was by personal preference that I went with "the black alicorn.

Don't worry. Ah, you referenced BggProductions! You, sai, have fair tastes. Ditto for ZZ Top. Well, I've got to the end of what you have, and I agree with everything Cerulean Voice down there says. Fantastic Story. Fantastic Writing. Fantastic fantasy.


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  1. George Glenn Jones (born September 12, ) is an American country music singer known for his long list of hit records, his distinctive voice and phrasing, and his marriage to Tammy Wynette. more».
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  3. Phone Number Information; Anvita Sions - W John Williams Ln, Ottawa, ON: Pranay Cullars - Pleasant Dr, Ottawa, ON: Evolett Thieken - Wayn.
  4. Rosey Bokay - JIMMY LAWTON Rosi,Rosa,Rosanna - ARNE JANSEN Rosie (P) BART KAËLL Rosie - DON PARTRIDGE Rosie - HENK WIJNGAARD Rosie (P) JOAN ARMATRADING Rosie (medley) - MANKE NELIS Rosie The Riveter (P) THE FOUR VAGABONDS Rosie Rosie (P) JAN BROEKHUIS Rosinen im Kuchen (P) CONNY FROBOESS Rosita (P) ANDRÉ MOSS).
  5. LP: Jimmy Lawton - I'm Country. SIgned on front by Jimmy Lawton. Produced in by Killroy Records. I'm country. Cover has a little wear on edges. Very Seller Rating: % positive.

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