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It still works. One year Psyko - Laika & The Cosmonauts - Laika Sex Machine, at the Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder old age of eight, I saw them in Fort Worth while attending my very first concert. I know. And this album is pure greatness. I choose to take the road less traveled.

But I caved. This is not a dumb band. Sure, it sounds cheesy now, but back then I was entranced. Agree, disagree, ignore… whatever. Damn, I wish I had a more established readership at this blogbecause I think there are some great talking points here.

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Category: Dating in bradford west yorkshire. Leave A Comment Name Required. Email Required, will not be published. Your comment. So where do I sign up to help make the silver ribbons, organize the national televised concert, whatever is needed to bring depression out in the open and take the shame away?

We applaud your bravery, your success, and your willingness to share. I went with her to Christmas Eve services and saw him there, and it made me love her church even more to see every single congregant tell LP that they had been praying for him, could they bring food for him and his family, and give him a hug or a handshake. To see that sort of support… it makes you realize that people are capable of understanding, Jennifer Juniper - Various - American Freedom - Great Folk-Songs And Ballads of supporting, and capable of loving anyone who has the same problem.

Meg recently posted My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend Thank you for this post. I suffer from depression. I am wracked full of anxiety so much so that I never want to leave the house. I take my meds to help me function i. And I sleep to hide from the world.

But I will keep pushing on. You are wonderfully courageous. Your candor is amazing to me. I hope you continue to find ways to fight the fight, and know we are thinking of you. Plain and simple, you are my hero for putting this out there. I respect you immensely for having the courage and compassion it takes to want to help others through your own story.

Thank you Jenny. My last bout was this summer and it was my absolute worst. I spent the majority of the summer sleeping, avoiding people and hating my life. I hate that there is such a stigma around mental illness that I talk about mine all the time as if I suffer from diabetes or psoriasis. Hopefully this coming summer will be different because my daughter and I will be staying with my parents.

Fight on, Bloggess, my sister in pain. I know where you come from. Keep speaking out. Tara recently posted Christmas I really hope all these wonderful and supportive comments make you feel more hopeful about the world! Rai recently posted Why I hate Boyfriends. Thank you for writing this post.

I survived and so did my mother, who suffered from borderlinebut there was no-one to congratulate me when I did. Jilly Boyd recently posted Sweet Grace. By the time I hit post, there will be another replies telling you how awesome and brave you are. I doubt you or anyone else will get this far down the page, but add my love and encouragement to the rest.

But I want and need to say thank you for writing this. Keep going. So, to you, Thee, Thee, Thee. Andrea C. Charity recently posted My vagina is broken. Thank you for showing me that someone else really does understand. I WANT to be happy. I live where you live every day. I fight every day and it makes me very, very tired. I do not self-harm, but I do harm the people I love by not being able to engage in their lives — OUR lives — on a regular basis.

What if mom was healthier. What if she were more like the good times and not the bad. What if the doctors could figure out the right combination of drugs and therapy so she could live her life with us. Hello- Thanks for sharing and making yourself vulnerable Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder there will be many, including myself, who understand and appreciate your courage.

My best to you always, Nancy. Every time one of us shares our secret battle with depression and similar issues, there becomes less reason to hide anything.

It is tough to do, and there is still a stigma here in You have inspired me to be even more honest about my battle- even though I have already shared a lot on my blog. I still hold things back. All of this is medical—an illness like any other that needs to be treated and talked about. Much love to you Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder and every day. Thanks for being so honest. Kim G recently posted The First Chapter of Thanks for your honesty! I struggle sometimes too. I think I know what you mean when you say you self-sooth.

Your honesty reminds me that I am not alone in those dark hours, days, weeks…other people battle these dark demons. We are survivors! Karen Blue recently posted PicoBong Giveaway!

As someone who struggles with bipolar, anxiety, and ocd, I can honestly say, thank you. We are warriors, together. My problems are relatively mild, but they never feel like that at the time, do they?!

It takes so much courage and strength to post something this deeply intimate. I come from a long line of depression-sufferers from my alcoholic grandfather to my sister who has never felt completely comfortable with herself. But you have given me a small bit of courage by Infectuation (Club Mix) - Various - National Anthems a comment here.

Thanks for that. And you have a new subscriber. Thank you for sharing. I will wear silver in honor of you and me and all the others. Three days is awesome. And quite a long time. In the fruit fly world, three days is EPIC. Just take it one fruit fly lifespan at a time. Or whatever color frankincense is. Thank you for your honesty. The fact that someone struggling so much can bring as much joy, laughter and light to the world as you shows just how hard you are fighting. Valerie P. I often read your site….

Amazing, and funny, and disturbing and hilarious and icky and questionable and ridiculously fucking TRUE. So I applaud you. And your depression. And your family. So again…thanks for being you. Thank you for pouring your heart out in this post. As the wife and mother of someone who suffers too, I can just imagine how heavy this felt for you. I hope that publishing this lifted some weight from your shoulders.

I found out last week my 13 year old daughter has been cutting. Of course, I flipped and was on the phone with a therapist before she finished her sentence. Thank you for giving me perspective and hope. A year ago I was ready to die. I wanted to die and tried between self harm. But Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder loved my Selfless Mind Indulgence (Intro) - Animal Nation - Selfless Mind Indulgence LP and my husband enough to force myself to go to the doctor and tell him I wanted to die.

I found that Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder in part because a girl I knew did kill herself. Crawling out of that pit and out of the habit it had become. This blog which I discovered around the time my therapy started was a huge help.

It encouraged me to blog again and to speak and to grow. So I want to say thank you Jenny, your blog helped save me and my family. So I want to pat you on the Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorderand give you hugs.

We suffer in silence far too often. This was Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder great post, and I will cherish it. Jenny I love you so much! You are a survivor! Untypically Jia recently posted in 12 Words. And I really only know this through trying to help loved ones who suffer from it.

Keep on winning. As a woman who sometimes thinks and does all of these things, I thank you for being brave and saying everything out loud so I can relate and feel less crazy. Beautiful, you. I am so very proud of you! And I thank you for sharing. I am honored that you are brave enough to fight the fight and tell the world at the same time.

The stigma of mental illness is a strong one to fight when you are not in the midst of a battle, but in remission. I understand the fear that comes with being happy and waiting for that other shoe to drop. As someone who battles bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and agoraphobia, I Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder you for your honesty.

And 10 Jahre Danach - Frank Baier - 10 Jahre Danach importantly, I thank you for your bravery! I am proud! I admire your strength and courage. Depression is a mean bitch. Thank you for posting so others know they are not alone. You are the exact same slightly broken, beautiful person you were yesterday. I was a cutter when I was younger, so I feel your pain literally!

Now I wear my scars proudly, to remind myself not to give in again. I have a son to take care of, and I would hate for him to see new scars show up when to him I am still kinda perfect. I am proud of you and admire your honesty, strength, and resilience.

Keep on keeping on and know that we love you. You are right. I too am a self-harmer. Like you said, not enough to be put in an institution and I am on medication and see a therapist. It makes sense to externalize the internal pain. And it sucks. But Bye Bye Blues - Julie London - Lonely Girl (An Album Collection) keep fighting the good fight, as I do.

Also, my son and your Hailey will Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder the freedom to know that they can express their emotions freely and not be judged. By bringing this out into the light, you are giving it less of a hold on you and giving hope to anyone out there who might be hiding in the dark, too afraid to do anything.

Hugs times 1. Bloggess, you are my goddess. I wish everyone could be as honest as you about these things. Kia Kaha… stay strong. I may not share your struggle, but I can understand it. My brother is bi-polar and his Boo-Hoo - Various - The Best Of The Big Name Bands of self harm was to turn to alcohol and other…addictive substances. So much so that he is going to be a husband and a father soon.

Both of these are things he never thought he would be able to do. So thank you, for being a genuine voice to people like my brother. Lauren W recently posted What a Holiday Season!!! Crikey this came along at just the right time. People saw him right before the trigger hit us, and he was so…normal. Just the fact that you had the strength to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be to be frighteningly, Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorderblatently honest about your illness screams volumes.

Depression is a fucking bitch. I hate her Interview - Various - Hard N Heavy Thrash Metal Speed Special (VHS) much. If I could find a way to kill her for you, for me, and for the countless others who suffer in silence for fear of ridicule, I would.

I would be a champion for all of us. My respect for you grows, knowing how much harder you have Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder fight to be the wonderful, lovable, creative person you are. I struggle with depression, too. On the upside, my fury at her callousness gave me something to be angry at besides myself.

Most of them have been through the same experience, or have known others going through the same struggle. The more people who understand, the less you have to lean on any one of them for long. And the less effort you have to spend on those who are too selfish or ignorant to understand. You are a strong, beautiful and inspiring person. Thank you for this, thank you for being the person you are. Oh Jenny. We love you and we would never judge. Keep fighting. And the 3 more after that… and the 3 more after that, forever and ever.

I admire your courage for being so willing to share, even if it was temporarily delayed. Samantha M. When I was 14 I watched my mother slowly crumble in front of me and end up hospitalized for months. Nobody talked about it before, during, or after. She came home and we all picked right up where we left off. Our relationship suffered irrevocably. Take care Segnali Caotici - I Nomadi* - Quando Viene Sera this now.

Get it out there. Do NOT be ashamed in front of your daughter. It might scare her, but not knowing the truth will scare her more. Be honest. Be open. Be brave. I love you Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder I understand. Thank you, from another survivor looking for the light in the darkness.

I agree that being honest and sharing helps with the healing-at least, I know it did for me. I have fought this battle.

It destroyed my marriage and it almost destroyed me. I panic at the thought of it happening again. Thank you so much for sharing. I guess this is timely because my ex apologized for not being strong enough to support me when I needed it most yesterday.

It soothed a bit more of the pain. And I know how hard it can be to say it out loud. Thank you for your bravery. We publish stories from, well, everyone. With all sorts of mental and physical health problems. Stories of rock bottom, of survival, of hope and of loss of hope. I know that one of the things that helps me in dealing with my issues is reading stories from people who are suffering the same problems.

Or who have made it to the other side. You are so brave. First of all, it takes a lot of courage to fight depression. It takes even more guts to write as honestly as you do to help others understand the horrible illness a. Psalm You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry.

Revelation For the lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; He will lead them to springs Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Jenny, this is the realest reality I have ever experienced. A meaningful, tangible relationship with Jesus Christ is the only reason I pulled through Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder depression and am alive today.

Hooray for you — for being honest, for being Lovin A Stranger - Pop Poppins - Delight In Disorder and for being a survivor. I admire you on so many levels but none more than for being so candid. Wishing you the bestest of New Years — may you find something positive each day that makes you smile. Even if just for a moment. For all of this and for shining light on those who need it. You are, have been, and will continue to be, one of the bravest people I know.

We are all here for you, always, and thank you for always being here for all of us. And it has been you who has helped keep me from falling quite so low since then.

So know that I send you all of the loves. All of them. Kudos to you for surviving, fighting and sharing this with us. As someone who has suffered from depression in the past, everything you said is true. Depression does lie and it is crippling. But it can be overcome! Stay strong, Jenny and keep fighting it. You go, girl. It hit me Christmas Day and lasted until Tues afternoon. On new meds as of last Wed. Fingers crossed. For being you. For being honest.

Thank you for your openness and for supporting so many others dealing with the same types of struggles. First of all, holy jeebus. When I started typing my comment, there were only 6 comments to this post. I had to reboot in the middle of a software installation and there are suddenly comments.

Secondly, Jenny, thank you for posting this. So many people caught in the throes of depression feel isolated and alone so being able to read that someone who as a seemingly-fabulous life the premiere of Portlandia, a personal invitation from Armisen?! Thank you again for the courage to post it and the hope given by doing so. Bleu Pills recently posted Dear Jesus, your party was awesome but now I need a break. Just saw the Tweet with the link — I usually check by from time to time but it has been a few days and I jumped on the link as soon as I saw it.

Thank you Jenny for your perfect eloquence and bravery — the world IS a bit better because you are you, of this I am certain… and for all of us who read your words and find connection through them, you are precious beyond all. I will be keeping an eye out for the silver ribbon you mention. The adventure certainly continues — thanks for being you! And thanks for this! Most sincerely, Jan. I have become more open and honest about it with those I am around daily.

It helps sometimes. It is definitely better than faking it! I finally realized that I will probably be on medication forever, Motion Sickness - Hands Like Houses - Dissonants is okay because life with my dope is much better than without.

I think we depressives are strong. We have to be. Keep up the fight! Kelly recently posted Reflecting and pondering. Let me tell you a hopefully short story. A few months ago, I found your blog. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and I loved it. For being so funny, so crass, and so completely honest when it matters the most. It took a while, but it was worth it.

Because somewhere along the way, this stopped being just a blog that I read to amuse myself. You are still a friend to me.


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