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Recording again for the American label Asylum, our Italian friends took off for Los Angeles to produce another English-language album, the appropriately-titled Jet Lag. It should be no surprise then that the resulting album completely ditches the band's prog rock styling for something a lot closer to jazz fusion.

The album opens with "Peninsula," a solo acoustic piece from Franco Mussida; but once the title track kicks in, things really take off. Strong and melodic, the nine-minute track is a showcase for the band's brisk and effortless pacing. Flavio Premoli's keyboards, meanwhile, had made a sonic shift, with the Mini Moog and electric piano sealing the band's new direction. Bernardo Lanzetti's voice Please Let Go - Brickman - The Dark never a stronger fit for the band than here, and the lyrics are worth noting as well again, Marva Jan Marrow contributed.

This track segues into "Storia in LA," which features Bloch on violin; while "Breaking In" sustains the vigorous pace. The instrumental "Meridiani" features Mussida on electric guitar, a real treat.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on:. Imagination Introspection Late Night. Track Listing. Jet Lag. Storia in L. Breakin' In. Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag really got a hard time with this album.

Some short violin passages will be the only substance I will retain from this "great" musical experience. It's impossible for me to talk about a highlight on this album. The global feeling is too close from total boredom. This band procured me some great moments in my life. I was only fifteen when it occurred. Some pleasant moments during "Cerco la Lingua" maybe. Very good bass work, indeed. Violin adds some folkish flavours, but jazz has still the lead.

I would have liked to artificially swell my rating for all the great works this band has produced. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - Billy Crawford - Groove the quavering vocals during "Traveler" won't be an adjuvant to do so either.

One very little star. To listen ONLY if you are into jazz. Which is absolutely not my case. The album garners reviews ranging from "1-star crap" all the way to "the finest album PFM made. It's really quite a concoction of musical talents pushing their own buttons, likely the product of a band wanting to try something new while subconsciously having been influenced by everything from their Italian roots, the English prog bands, American Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag and rock, and the more esoteric flavors of Area, Gentle Giant, etc.

I don't like Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag vocals in my Italian prog and most of them are on this album. The vocal qualities of Lanzetti will always be a pebble in the shoe of many PFM fans but again, those who take to the music of Jet Lag will quickly tune him out as they listen to the playing of the musicians.

It reminds of something Steve Howe would do with a Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag acoustic number, lots of color. There is amazing bass guitar playing here and violins dropping in and out providing a cool texture. Obviously the guitar work is great.

There is a sparse interlude in the middle for some laid back noodling sometimes a bad word, sometimes not The pace is quite slow but things pick up as the song progresses, adding acoustic guitars and then violins to the amazing keyboard exploration.

Halfway through it kicks into overdrive with fast fusion interplay that is thrilling, burning electric guitar, ferocious rhythm section and some keys in the background. The closing section shifts again to a more introspective space-rock vibe quite flawlessly and this builds to a big finish.

Great stuff! Here the vocals work great off the bass and guitar flourishes. Then some Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag violins and interesting percussions add Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag icing to the cake. Sounds a bit like the Area album. To help describe this complex album a bit more I like these excerpts of a review by one C. Kemp: ". Although certain songs are jazzier than anything the group had done before, it is a highly original album with few equals in the progressive rock pantheon.

Sure it's a departure from the group's classical roots, coinciding with the exit of seminal violinist and flautist Mauro Pagani. And his loss was undoubtedly difficult for many fans to handle. Even the more fusion-dominated cuts Jet Lag, Left Handed Theory are distinctive and a little strange - something I've valued in progressive rock since Genesis' Nursery Cryme days. Not perfect by any means but Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag to eke its way to 4 stars on the required rounding.

A must for fans of great rock with the emphasis on adventurous interplay of instruments. I really think that if you dig Gentle Giant, Area, Crimson, or the most adventurous Gabriel moments, you may well end up enjoying Jet Lag very much. I am the first to admit that this isn't the same PFM that created such celebrated masterpieces as Per Un Amico and Storia Di Un Minuto, but Buri Buri One Two Three - The Brentwoods - Go Get Bent! lingering feeling of confidence and competence those albums left me with is still very much present.

But even then it's more in the vein 'of Americana prog' like Kansas. Warmer, and in some ways more laid-back and relaxed. And there's room enough for the occasional dab in the more baroque territory of the classic records, adding a faint flavour of the bands' trademark RPI sound. Above all the above though, this is in fact a jazzy, guitar- and bass driven piece of art. Complex classical and rhythmic arrangements for the guitar and full of great bass from Patrick Djivas. It's a unique sound, rounded but still twangy, that he produces, be it with his fingers or a pick.

Often very fast and Lets Start II Dance Again - Various - Mexico Night Birds I, with shorter solo runs reminding me of Geddy Lee and sometimes just fattening up the sound by solid, powerful booming lines.

By stretching it a little, I find some traces of Tony Levin in the sound. Even the interplay between all the instruments on some songs makes me think of 80's King Crimson.

It's fresh and daring in a New Age kind of way, something I find very enjoyable when used in moderation. On Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag of this is a very integrated violin, often rising from the mix to add either melody or texture.

Just like the keys do. Altogether they form an adventurous, feisty whole which is both frantic and relaxed at the same time and, at least for me, very refreshing. A compact and lively soundscape keeps you interested all the time, but yes, for shorter periods it might turn almost nauseant, when the denseness instead overwhelms you. Mixing many influences at once, almost as with a fusion band, Jet Lag defies description. Both a pro and a con, say I.

There's a searching element here, counterbalanced with complexity and experimentalism, but it still only gets the job half done. I'm not a big fan of Bernardo Lanzetti. With that said, he doesn't bog down the album that much. It's quite a nuisance every time he delivers some terribly overdone vibrato, that he still can't pull off, and he is a singer of sub-par quality. But as so often is the case, the music overshadows that incapability.

Don't make this your first PFM experience, but most certainly don't make it your Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag. How do you measure fatigue, lethargy, digestive upsets, impaired judgement, memory lapses and irritability in a rodent? Asleep at the wheel? However, it seems self-evident that those listeners who anticipated more symphonic prog and were served with this, would have a negative view of the album.

This is a shame as Jet lag has much to offer from a purely musical perspective irrespective of the genre. As the band were domiciled in the USA at the time, this exposure to a very different world would have had a commensurate influence on their music.

Both good and bad When I first heard this album I was initially very disappointed and left it abandoned in the rack for a long while afterwards. However, for some unknown reason I decided to persevere with it and after a LOT of listens, something just started to click for me. Yes, it is rather noodley and rambling in places but the compositions do eventually worm their way Birmingham Blues - Fats Waller - Fats Waller In London your skin, so stick with it.

You will not get any of the more familiar bombastic delights Streamer - Café Drechsler - Streamer adorn PFM's earlier output, but instead are invited to enter a jazzier and more improvisatory realm where often the texture is just as important as the structure.

The dialogue between the bass and drums is to be marveled at and the remaining instruments weave their way exploratively in and out of the mix over the top. The production throughout is excellent and really serves to enhance the very detailed and intricate interplay between the brilliant instrumentalists. You already knew they had killer chops anyway There is alas, one area of the recording that is beyond redemption and that is Bernardo Lanzetti and his wildly oscillating tonsils.

Within the broader rock stylings of Chocolate Kings his rich vibrato was acceptable, although still slightly irritating after lengthy exposure. In the context of the new fusion style here, it just sounds faintly incongruous, like an Italian attempting to sing the blues. Mercifully, the tracks are mostly instrumental and Bernie's warblings are kept to a minimum.

If nothing else, the record shows both the creative wanderlust and bravery of a band prepared to release material that they Musica (Rio Mix) - Grooveman - Musica have known would alienate many of their fans.

Three and a half stars really, and leave Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag little hamsters alone social review comments Review Permalink Posted Friday, May 2, Review this album Report Qiujan - Ritual To The Light After a not-that short guitar arpeggio intro Peninsula, the album plunges into GG realm with the 9-mins title track, where the vocals are particularly striking, a cross of Shulman meeting Family's Roger Chapman, with the violin doing nothing to dispel this either, since Dumm - Various - Breitseite the violin was part of both GG and Family.

Halfway through the tracks quiets down to more civilized territories. The flipside starts again a strange mix GG and Family, and although the execution is excellent, it's obvious that they're no Giant themselves, they sound Familiar enough to be very welcome to our ears.

So Cerco La Lingua is rather similar to the title track, while the follow-up Meridiani goes back to late 70's fusion as Storia had, this one finishing in a full dramatic shebam.

Left-Handed Theory is similarly entrenched in the same type of fusion, this time slightly Return To Forever-ishuntil the vocals intervene anyway. The closing Traveller is again in GG territory. JL confirms the musical directions taken with the preceding Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag relatively and even radically different than their first three albums; and it's just as well its neither better, nor worse Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag terms of worthiness for the progheads.

They lust appeal to different prog taste, this one we shall call Gentle Ponty social review comments Review Permalink Posted Wednesday, August 27, Review this album Report Review Now about this album. It is characterized by a mix of compositions and styles but besides the fact I have no problem with that the whole thing is diminished for me by an annoying vocal performance.

Every time I hear a vocal contribution the song is ruined for me. But Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag that I can't say the compositions or the instrumental contribution are compensating it all. They are both sufficient for my taste but nothing brilliant there either. Like I said: I will procure Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag more of this band or style, I think that is fair to both myself and the subgenre and PFM.

The first track is allright: a short classical guitar intro that shows the excellent talents of Franco Mussida. But then what you hear is anything but PFM. Or what this great italian group used to be. I wonder if these changes had something to do with the leaving of founder member Mauro Pagani an year before.

Probably it did. There was no transition at all. Actually I Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag the music pleasant and very well perfomed, as usual. Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag were extremely gifted musicians and fine songwriters.


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8 thoughts on “ Left-Handed Theory - PFM* - Jet Lag

  1. Dec 15,  · On Jet Lag PFM branch out into more of a Jazz-Rock sound. Still their work on Jet Lag is just as compelling as their earlier stuff. Songs like "Left-Handed Theory" and "Breakin' In" are worth purchasing this amazing and memorable recording alone. All in all a great listen! Highly recommended/5(6).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Jet Lag on Discogs/5(8).
  3. Apr 17,  · PFM Jet Lag - 07 Left - handed Theory - Duration: Gabriel Carrillo 4, views.
  4. Their earlier stuff was very prog-rock influenced and stands on its own merit. On Jet Lag PFM branch out into more of a Jazz-Rock sound. Still their work on Jet Lag is just as compelling as their earlier stuff. Songs like "Left-Handed Theory" and "Breakin' In" are worth purchasing this amazing and memorable recording alone. All in all a great listen!/5(6).
  5. Jet Lag is PFM's departure from their earlier pure symphonic rock phase. They enter the territory of jazz rock fusion with this album. This is the beginning of the weaker form of the band. Jet Lag is a step back from their latest album - Chocolate Kings. The vocals of Bernardo Lanzetti /5.
  6. Jet Lag is the first release of theirs to cross this line, as it's noticeably less enjoyable than the previous year's Chocolate Kings. Still, it has its moments-the interlaced electric piano and violin of the lengthy title track and the instrumental "Left Handed Theory" salvage an otherwise forgettable effort.5/
  7. Sep 02,  · ''Jet lag'' is a rather undestimated pearl in the band's discography and I am sure that everyone would have rated this album higher,if we were not talking about glamrock.agakelvmarijurusandromadar.infoinfo strongly to stay away from the band's sensational past works and the grand emotions they created to me,I find ''Jet lag'' more than a decent jazz/prog effort and strongly /5(17).
  8. Feb 09,  · Even the more fusion-dominated cuts ("Jet Lag," "Left Handed Theory") are distinctive and a little strange - something I've valued in progressive rock since Genesis' Nursery Cryme days. The sound on this album is unique, as well - even for PFM/5(13).

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