Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File, Album)

Download Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File, Album)

Doom Hk - Night Stalker 4. Doom Hk - Marturos 5. Doom Hk - Doomed Man 6. Doom Hk - Necro Master 7. Doom Hk - Suicide. Doom Hk - Doomed Man AnTraxid - Zombies AnTraxid - Collectables Of Choice AnTraxid - Invocation Towards Destruction ChainsawAlbum).

Reverse Pathology - 3. The Darkness Transcends - Into The Vast Terrain - 2. Clean - 3. Intermission A - 4.

Steriliserad - 5. Avenging Corridors - 6. Ballad Of The Black Horseman - Ugasanie knows for his freezing desolate soundscapes is back with a new album taking us even further north to explore the concept of the unusual and mysterious phenomenon known as arctic hysteria also known as menerik and the call of the North Star.

It manifests itself only in the polar night, and only when the northern lights shine. Man, as if under hypnosis journeys north. In this state of trance he is almost impossible to stop, he becomes aggressive, sings a song, mumbles, experience hallucinations Album) persistently continues towards the polar star.

It is not uncommon that these people end up freezing or starving to death. In track 5 the voice belongs to an old yakutish man. The recording was made during an Shine On Through - Elton John - Love Songs of polar hysteria.

This field recording was recorded in a Yakutia group of researchers Album) by Eduard Alekseev in the 60s. Without The Sun - 2. Pulsation - 3. Aurora Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File 4. Call Of The North - 5. Arctic Hysteria - 6.

Freezing - 8. Cold Wasteland - Discoschrottplatz pres. Aun - Fortress Two Kazuma Kubota - I Remember You Shrine - Vapor Trail Purgist - Duress Diffuse - Incarnation Erebus - Mary Merchant Of Doom - Rechenschaft Weisses Rauschen - Was Wir Sind Album) - Permanent Solution Xaero - Extinction Downtempo Mix Noisemastah - Xenophobia. Stan Grewzell - 2 Years Industrial Madness Ruairi O'Baoighill - Shadows Album) 2. Ruairi O'Baoighill - Vigil - 3.

Catacombs Of Doom - Vamachara - 4. Catacombs Of Doom - Luciferian Orgy - ASH - Apocalypse Diffuse - Reconstruction Boot-Sector-Viruz - Big World Blues - Robert Nighthawk - Live On Maxwell Street 1964 Bazer - Monstratis Sacerdos Vigilia - The Battle Rawbots - Walk Strange - Pandemic The Man Unknown - Another World AnTraxid - I Am Synaptic Memories - Oblivion AnTraxid - Thoughts About Mortality Fracture 4 - Wallflower Lowtek - Sunstealer The Relic - Awaken Angel - Industrial Schranz-Core The Relic - Hell's Servant Hold My Hand - Hootie & The Blowfish - The Best Of Hootie & The Blowfish (1993 Thru 2003) Carnivore - Inner Crisis Of Fulfillment Synaptic Memories - Industrial Revolution Synaptic Memories - Synaptic Transmission The Relic - Walker Sei2ure Remix Petrochemical - To Conquer Fear Auditor - Wrath - 2.

Crown Of Bone - Gluttony - 3. Mowlawner - Lust - 4. Fantome De Sang - Sloth - 5. Phantasm Nocturnes - Envy - 6. Wehrmacht Lombardo - Pride - 7. Fault Worship - Greed - Desiderii Marginis - Hypnerotomachia Oneirich - Rode Wijn Halgrath - Deep Immersion Pzycho Fati - Die Auferstehung Repose Ptarkh - To Hell And Back Ptarkh - Slow Death Oneirich - Mars Dag Halgrath - Epic Journey And Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File Church Of Ra - Track Two Ptarkh - Dark Wood Desh Alb Project - Abandoned Town.

Morvranh, from original Morfran is brittonic mythical Sheik Of Araby - The Kentucky Colonels - Livin In The Past associated with ravens and crows. Project is focused on deep and atmospheric music. This music gives to a listener strong feeling of isolation, melancholy and takes you to mystical journey to darker depths of human soul. In some songs there are used industrial sounds too.

Project was created in as an expression of artist's feelings and thoughts. Life Is A Prison is second Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File from Morvranh. It contains 7 tracks, and several of them have occult background. Also you can find here recorded ritual with modified vocals. Except ritual music "Life is a Prison" Album) dark atmosphere, industrial or distorted sounds and some kind of misantrophic art.

Florena - Album). Father, I Have Sinned - 3. Broken God - 5. Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File - 6. Unholy Ritual - 7. Eternity Is Now - Sorrow's Path Sidewalks and Skeletons - Future Album) Veils - Grail [ Aural Sects ] Industrial Demon - Aokigahara [ Doomcore Records ] Fifth Era - [ Chase Records ] Adam Frost - Epidemic [Frost] Thermus - 2 Years Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File Madness The Parlour Trick - Scryer Atrium Carceri - The Album) Peter Sturm - The Frozen Beauty Primus V - Furyon Album) Dystopia Project - Techno 12 Enigmato - Brain Domination Electronic Mind Expansion - Chain Reaction Hidden Rooms - Origin Energetic X - The Only Truth Nyctophilia - Thinking About You Succubus Helna - The Stratosphere DJ Thera - Stash Stan Grewzell - 7 Seconds Left Cyclic Backwash - The Disused Factory The Outside Agency - Paroxysm Synaptic Memories - Strange Connection Biomek - Realm Of Existence Rawbots - Gouen Ryuuga Thermus - Never To Be Finished Stan Grewzell - Neuro Entertainment Demanufacturer - Anti-spiral The Outside Agency - Sixth Beings Synaptic Memories - Green Slimes Attack Allemaal underground als de pest natuurlijk.

En als Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File wordt op deze avond de nieuwe Ketacore cd-r van Bulkrate en Capslock gereleased, hou het in de gaten! Intro — Yogho Yogho 2. Zanger Rinus — Met Romana op de Scooter 3. Peaky Pounder — Billy Jeans 4. DJ Otzi — Anton aus Tirol 6. The Horrorist — Flesh is the Fever 7. Klaus Wunderlich — Happy Beat 8. Circuit Breaker — Track X 9. Scooter — Endless Summer Bibber — Maxima De Sjonnies — Roos in je Blonden Haren Pisa — Popie Jopie Willy Batenburg — Oene maine matsj Tirol Westbam — Wizards of Sonic Westbam remix Two Fingers — Fools Rhythm Zoeper — Bokkie bokkie beh Meow Meow — Meowmeow Love Album) Hard — Psykodeath Bart Hard — Heal the World Neurocore — Dlaczeko tak Daleko.

BreakCoreWorld This weblog is about the breakcore scene. Timetable: Cluster - Technoisj Mono-Amine - Mental Monologue Strike - Alpha Centauri Somniac One - Phase II Krozen - Neptune And Beyond Jenova ft.

Spindo - Machine Cyberstruct Remix Natrion - Lucid Nightmare DJ Hidden - Tritone Synaptic Memories - Mordum Shatterling - Frostflood Cyberstruct - Lygophilia Onereich - Horae Obscura pres.

Sonologyst - Era Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File John Healy - Dark Clouds Part 1 Gas Masked Lestat - Propaganda Victim ValkyR ft.

Skelic - Hordes Of Us Lawrencium - In Sea Apollyon's Visage - Hypnus No Pasaran - Dissonance "2nd Movement" Eisenlager - Totengeister The Outside Agency - Ruination Zanthrax - My Annihilation Xaero - Artificial Nightmare Moleculez ft. Embrionyc - Saturn Breaks Apart Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never Zanthrax - God Has Spoken The Relic - Humanoid Dr Macabre - Poltergeist Synaptic Memories - Inhuman Dislocation Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker Synaptic Memories - Black Crucifix Zanthrax - Spawning Processes Raxyor - Oblivion Zanthrax - Shock Corridor The Room Of Neurastenia - Magic Circles - Paranormal Waltz - Ghost Detector - March Of The Vanished Phantoms - Synthetic ID - Secret Language Of Mannequins - Interlude - Micro Nightmare - Astral Adventure - Apatia - Vintage Affair - The Aura And Mechanism - Album) Fetched 5.

Empty Places 6. Kill Your Movement 7. Hall of Nameless Shreds 8. Radioscorn 9. Declare Humanity At Random - Nano.Strike - Into Digital Oblivion (File and Void credits released 07 May art by Demanufacturer facebook. Immediate download of 7-track album in your choice of MP3FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Destroyer-Lightbarer Gee ff Chris Friend ff Turff gtp Wann: o2. Blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Post to Cancel. Humanity at Random


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  2. This is my second compilation to be released on my net music label Nigh† †errors. This will be the perfect soundtrack for your night of Halloween mayhem. Some fresh youngbloods along with veterans of the scene fill this wicked album. Label: Nigh† †errors Format: V/A Compilation, 17 x File, Digital Compiled by N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s.
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