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In the late s, a Disneyland talent agent asked Bub to come to the Anaheim park and form something new and different. Bub took the Dappers to Walt Disney World even before the new Florida O Pajé E O Cacique Esperam O Apocalipse - Psicodélico Azul - História Dos Ventos opened in Naapurivainajan huono päivä - HC Andersen - Satuja ja Tarinoita, first entertaining construction workers.

His influence was far-reaching as a performer, teacher and mentor to many singers—including no fewer than five International quartet gold medalists. A visual artist, Bob would often create a dozen or more caricatures a day and mail them to friends, park visitors and Barbershoppers all over the world.

They usually included a colorful picture of the recipient and a Disney character, with a cheerful or zany greeting from Bub. He retired as a Dapper Dan at age 86, but was still working as a Disney World ambassador when he was killed in a car accident in But Bub Thomas lives on through the Dapper Dans, who are still performing their professional brand of family entertainment in the two Disney parks, and on barbershop shows across the Society. Want your quartet or chorus to instantly look or sound better?

Faculty for the coming Harmony University Quartet College share quick and powerful remedies to five common problems Lack of forward motion. In rubato treatments, which describes most of our ballads, many groups struggle with forward motion. Forward motion is not how fast or slow one sings at any given moment but the words and phrases coming at an appropriate pace to reflect the development of the storyline. Music delivered in a rubato fashion should have some ebb and flow to it; technically, phrases should get faster and slower relative to each other.

How do we get there successfully? Most of our ballads have similar construction: verse and chorus. Where we get off-track is confusing emotion with travel the pacing Only You - Supercharge - Local Lads Make Good the song. Simply, we fail to recognize the purpose of the verse and chorus. For almost every song, the verse serves to introduce who you are, Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company you are, and why you are singing this song.

Audiences will give up on a quartet or chorus if the introduction is too long, no matter how well sung or how emotionally rendered it might be. Intro for part two of a TV show. This recap of part one is the Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company. The chorus shares your emotions as you work through what has transpired; it shares the resolution in the tag. Recognize that the last phrase in the verse is the.

In a quartet setting, have the lead sing the current delivery. My guess is that you will hear a more natural delivery that matches the ebb and flow that the composer wrote in his lyrics. It should sound natural and yet have a sense of the meter of the song.

It should get you to the meat and potatoes of the chorus faster and allow for more emotional development later in the song when it is needed. Now you have somewhere to go! The root of all this is a confused performance focus. Identify the performance focus. Yes, there can be multiple focuses in a piece. For example, a verse sung freely can be lyrically focused, immediately followed by a rhythmic chorus. If the distinction is not clear, challenges occur.

Discuss the individual focus decisions until there is consensus. Cover the B. With two sitting out beside the coach and two performing, the performers should expect brutal honesty filtered through brotherly love as to how well they are covering the components of The B. For now, stay focused and cover the B. I have found four major probable causes when there are synchronization issues: 1.

Lack of voice part precision, frequently caused by the tuning parts tenor and bari 2. Inability to strictly maintain the tempo. Can be caused by any or all voice parts 3. Migration of individual voices to vowels 4. Precision of voice parts. Take a tune-up chord. Sing the phrase with no note change but each voice on his tune-up note.

This may require a fifth person to confirm, but typically the lack of precision is obvious to the whole quartet in one-note matching.

Repeat successfully three consecutive times; if. You will open up the very heart of ensemble singing, and learn how to make the joy you find in your music and in each other a wellspring of energy to share with your audiences. Note that the initial attempt with the proper notes frequently results in note errors as one or more members forgets to move to his correct note. Repeat successfully three times, then go to the next problem area. To prevent getting frustrated, do not spend more than 20 minutes on this exercise.

If the problem is not solved, go to this next approach. Lack of agreement on word sounds or mismatched word sounds. Lead sings the phrase and the rest of the quartet agrees on the word sounds and timing.

Then, each part in turn matches the lead on the word sounds using the lead notes, and then on their own notes other two members of the quartet listening and correcting. Move through the quartet in duets with the lead, then trios with the lead in each trioand finally all four parts. Migration of individual voices to vowels. New this year: Our new facilities at Belmont University in Nashville give us access to worldclass recording and rehearsal studios.

Inability to strictly maintain tempo. If one voice is speeding up or slowing down then synchronization suffers. Sing along with a click track or metronome to identify where tempo changes and by whom.

If I Want You (Shes So Heavy) - The Beatles - Abbey Road problem part was not the lead, have the problem part duet with the lead Marshall & Alexander - Die Top Ten Des Himmels - Best Of correct the problem.

If it was the lead, correct the lead and then duet, trio and full quartet the passage. Maintain your visual and emotional plan during each exercise. The distractions provided by your visual and emotional plan may be an element of the synchronization issues. If the problem Calyfunkya (Orpheos Mix) - Mephisto Odyssey - Flow fixed while maintaining the visual and emotional plan, it is really fixed.

Record Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company replay successful run-throughs. The above works for choruses too. Problem: The line lacks flow and therefore the song has little musicality. This problem may originate with breath issues, but it usually seems to happen because singers are not thinking linearly and not expressing whole sentences, thoughts and phrases. This can occur both in ballads and rhythm numbers; I have found several good, quick fixes that work; here are two for uptunes.

Sweep through the phrase. The ensemble members extend their right arms with elbow bent as if preparing for a sweeping gesture. At the beginning of the phrase, the ensemble slowly pans across the stage with the instruction that the arm should only be halfway center stage when the phrase is half finished. This will normally take several attempts, because the majority of Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company will have moved their arms all the way across well before the finish of the line.

However, once in command of the move, singers will find it is natural to sing smoothly, as they are now physiologically supporting that intent. Locus of control. When a reach is overextended, it is intuitively apparent to an audience that there is a lack of control. Any ergonomics lesson would impress upon us, for example, that if you want to lift something heavy you should stand close to the object and use your legs to help lift.

Therefore, doing gestures with intensity and within your physical locus of control will be Tytöt Hymyilee - Vaavi - Tytöt Hymyilee representative of strength.

This combination provides a level of command and is more holistic in impact versus working on moves and gestures without any context. One of the most common challenges is physical tension in the body, which then leads to limited breath and a restrictive tone.

I would The Other Face Of Delusion (Excerpt 1) - Various - Steinklang Industries that tension is a communicable disease that passes quickly from singer to singer. This Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company needs regular inoculations but is curable.

Tension is infectious. When one or more singer in an ensemble sings with tension, the singers around them. This tension manifests itself with inconsistent vocal quality and performances of limited vocal expression. Over the years, singers have mentioned battling through or hanging on to survive the performance. This is a cycle of tension that needs to be broken. So what to do?

Tension anywhere becomes vocal tension. First, be aware that your voice is more than lungs and vocal folds. The entire body influences the breath and subsequent tone. Unnecessary tension in the legs, hips, arms, neck, etc. Bottom line: The tension in the voice mimics the tension in your body. Especially near where you feel the tension: neck, legs, etc. Relief during performances. All within context of the song.

Personalize this concept to yourself and your group. Remember that your habits as a singer or director influence both yourself and others for good or bad. Use awareness and movement when appropriate to really free up the voice for wonderfully expressive performances. District presidents requested that the format change Alasin / The Anvil - Usko Meriläinen - Ku-Gu-Ku: Electroacoustic Works training i.

We will continue to build on the monumental successes of our year-long 75th Anniversary celebrations. Vertigo - Jean Schwarz & Daniel Teruggi - Mano A Mano to YouTube. SUN: 9. SUN: 1. SUN: 3. SUN: Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company Welfare group coordinator, Anne Perryman headed a busy group packing festive fare including Christmas cakes, puddings, mince pies and chocolate into hampers at the Wonthaggi Town Hall last Thursday.

They also gathered together bags of toys, compared with in Capt Scrimshaw and Ms Perryman thanked and praised their respective local communities for donations and generosity. Under the new system single parents whose Segnali Caotici - I Nomadi* - Quando Viene Sera child turns eight will have to find work or drop from a parenting payment to a Newstart Allowance.

There have been frequent calls for the Federal Government to increase the Newstart Allowance, but the politicians remain stubborn. Capt Scrimshaw has as yet no way of assessing what the impact of the payment changes will be locally, but he is preparing for it to be significant. The donation of a big commercial fridge and freezer means the Salvos can now set up a food bank. Eggs, margarine and dairy items are most welcome. To make donations contact him or Camilla on Recent weather conditions, being a wet winter and a dry spring, have seen significant grass growth, causing concern for local fire brigades.

The bushfires killed 11 people, destroyed houses and displaced almost people in Gippsland. The warning comes as the region is expected to face temperatures in the mid thirties later this week. Secretary of the Leongatha Korumburra Group, Wayne Walker, agreed the weather conditions had added to the risk. The growth of the grass will probably be our major concern. CBD security call Continued from page 1.

I give full praise to the council gardeners because they do an exceptional job in displaying the gardens and then we get people that do this sort of thing. His request was finally heeded on Monday. As for the prospect of security cameras in the area, he said council would need. He received a report of a mess on the bonnet of a black Commodore sedan and has since spoken to the owner.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Leongatha Police on AN increase in the number of people who are struggling financially has resulted in a huge demand on charities providing Christmas hampers and gifts. She is pictured with Lucinda Gromotka from the winery.

The next market will be held on Sunday, January It is expected to be another large market, with Inverloch once again a destination for tourists over the Australia Day long weekend. Clean up: Genevieve Moore, from Foster has goat milk soap and skin care on offer, through her stall, Bubbylon. The team includes 10 marine specialists who will be based at various coastal parks and reserves. Giselle and Shannon are both excited to be working in the park over summer.

For those aspiring to become full time rangers it is also great hands-on experience. THERE is more natural bushland and foreshores for everyone to enjoy, thanks to the success of a Bass Coast Shire Council policy implemented half way through last year. The encroachment program has been in place since June and there has been a good response from landowners. We have written to and visited properties that have encroached on the foreshore reserve and will continue doing this until all the land has been reclaimed.

The year-old Chinese student from Glen Waverley was pulled from the surf by members of the public after his inflatable boat, which he was sharing Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company three others, capsized. All occupants of the boat were weak swimmers. Three were helped to shore by members of the public while the yearold struggled to reach the beach.

After being rescued from the water, the man was resuscitated and helped by ambulance and police officers, and surf lifesaving members. He was then flown to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition. Acting Sergeant Glen Rielly from the Wonthaggi Police attended the incident and is reminding people that pool toys are not made for the beach.

Close call: the air ambulance took a young man from Venus Bay after he almost drowned on Christmas Day. They have been preparing for the busy season by requalifying and inspecting gear over past months. Beachgoers are encouraged to swim between the red and yellow flags to ensure upmost safety. Inverloch, Venus Bay and Waratah Beach have life guards on duty every day from Boxing Day to Australia Day, while the other two have patrols on weekends and public holidays.

On average five to six children drown Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company farm dams and water bodies each year in Australia. Most are under five years of age, and one third are visitors to the farm.

Farmsafe Australia says drowning accounts for around per cent of all Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company farm deaths, with farm dams being by far the most common site and children under five years at greatest risk. Its research indicates that on average, only one in two farms have a fenced house yard secure enough to prevent a young child under five years wandering off without the help of an adult.

It has a resource kit available online with ideas for creating a Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company play area, including:. The jumpers are placed on oiled penguins to prevent them from preening their feathers and swallowing the toxic oil. The penguin jumpers were knitted Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company a mass effort by German volunteers who heard about their use. The coordinated effort of staff and volunteers meant 97 per cent of the oiled penguins were successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

With warmer weather predicted this week, more people are likely to visit outdoor pools in Poowong, Korumburra, Toora, Mirboo North and Foster. Communities are hoping their pools will be well supported, with South Gippsland Shire Council decreeing minimum attendances to ensure pools remain open. Lane swimming has. Down at Toora, manager Ernie Bennett and the team are waiting for tourists to hit in the coming weeks.

Like the other pools, numbers at Toora depend on the weather despite it being a heated pool. For more details contact the individual pool. The deputy commissioner for superannuation Neil Olesen said reforms are making it easier for people to manage and keep track of their superannuation.

The money is held by the Australian Tax Office ATO which now has a free mechanism whereby you can trace the lost accounts. Once lost and inactive super accounts have been found, they can be moved into the one fund to save on fees and charges.

He said people can log on to a secure system to see details of their active accounts as well as any lost super and super that the ATO holds on their behalf. These include your TFN, a notice of assessment or super account member statement from any of the past five financial years, bank account details or a PAYG payment summary, a dividends statement or Centrelink payment summary from either of the past two financial years.

Mr Olesen pointed out that one of the best ways people in South Gippsland can avoid having lost superannuation is to make sure their super fund has their TFN. He said changes have Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company made to the use of TFNs by super funds, making it easier to keep track of and transfer.

Parks Victoria rangers and fisheries officers are jointly patrolling beaches. He inspected the beach on Friday. The fact people are car pooling and using the shuttle bus is taking pressure off the beach. A ranger from Parks Victoria patrolled the Venus Bay beaches on a four-wheeled motorbike last Thursday.

A recreational fishing licence is required in order to legally harvest pipis. Victoria Police have been booking offenders in the past week. Rangers are also focusing on protecting Hooded Plovers and littering. Join in the fun at your library!

Patients will only be able to claim Medicare rebates for the first 10 sessions a year from a psychologist, social worker or occupational therapist. That is a far cry from the initial 18 sessions when rebates for mental health Minino Feio - Djosinha - Nôs Dom were first announced.

Patients are now entitled to rebates on Superstar - Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice - Jesus Christ Superstar allied mental health services per calendar year.

The rebates had resulted in the scheme being one of the most successful federally funded mental health programs, but medical professionals are concerned the benefits will be lost when rebates are scaled back. Leongatha psychologist Debbie Birkett said there had been an increase in referrals and enquiries since Medicare rebates for mental health services came in at the end of Now clients frequently attend six to 10 sessions.

It is. At present the Medicare system is intended for short term treatment only. This usually involved a change in their situation for the worse, or a new diagnosis or condition, Ms Birkett said.

Join local story teller Margaret Haycroft for a fun-filled activity and story performance. Wednesday January 9 Bedtime Story Time Friday January 11 6. Suitable for year olds. She is well qualified to make the call. Bridget is a member of the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club and, despite a busy political schedule, still Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company to being rostered on patrol each summer.

The eight-year average is Most of those who drowned were males and 29 per cent were aged between 15 and The event attracted riders representing 40 schools from across the state.

Six show-jumping classes were contested at the Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre in Clyde as part of the official interschool show jumping circuit at which Newhaven riders regularly excel.

While all eight college riders consistently placed amongst the top in their classes to contribute Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company the winning team score, two students gave standout performances.

In class four, Carly Heislers and her horse Thorpeville Espresso claimed the championship and in class two, Logan West, a relative newcomer to showjumping competitions, took home the reserve champion sash with his mount Azza. The excitement grew as the day progressed, with the college team putting in great performances that left them hopeful of a good placing.

They had to wait right until the final countdown as the top three schools were announced in reverse order, before they. Newhaven College principal Gea Lovell presented class champions with trophy rugs and sashes emblazoned with the college crest. Mrs Lovell was not only thrilled with the outcome, but gave a shining review of the staff, parents and volunteers who Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company contributed their time and energy to make the day a success.

All of our volunteers, from the planning committee right through to Sjuk Värld - Mob 47 - Garanterat Mangel who gave their time to help out on the day, must be thanked for making the day such a memorable, successful and well run event.

Employee Abraham Yak was crushed while cleaning a machine in the slaughter room. The charges were: failing to provide or maintain a safe system of work and failing to provide information, instruction, training or supervision in relation to the task of cleaning a rotating knocking box.

The court was told on November 12, Mr Yak was cleaning a machine that uses hydraulic panels to securely hold animals before they are stunned and killed. He was later found crushed between the top lid and side of the machine. Mr Yak suffered serious injuries and was flown by air ambulance to the Alfred Hospital The Night - Shinji Aoyama & Isao Yamada - Eureka Original Soundtrack Score he was placed on life support.

He died nine days later when his life. The court heard on the day before the incident, Mr Yak was one of four staff offered overtime work cleaning in the slaughter room. The court was told Mr Yak had never been trained how to clean the knocking box and there was Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company isolation switch to shut off power to the control panel before cleaning or maintenance. WorkSafe health and safety general manager, Lisa Sturzenegger, described the incident as a serious breach of safety standards.

The year-old man was taken from Hallston to the Wonthaggi Police Station in an intoxicated state on December 19 where he was charged and bailed to appear at the Korumburra Magistrates Court at a later date. He was charged with making threats to kill, and weapon offences and assaults. Between 5pm on December 14 and Plastico - Ruben Blades - Salsa Caliente De Nu York on December 17, an offender climbed over an open top cage behind a water tank in the school grounds, located in White Road.

The offender then cut four electrical leads with a knife or similar. This resulted in the school being. Anyone with information about this incident can contact Wonthaggi Police on Firearm and drugs A TRIDA man will be summonsed to appear at court after being found in possession of a gun and drugs. He will face the Korumburra Magistrates Court at a later date. During a random breath testing site, the year-old Wanna Move - Diddy* - Press Play returned a positive PBT despite having a double zero or interlock condition on his licence.

Between The washer was located at the end of the driveway, which is about 70 metres long. Bass Coast Shire Council staff assessed the damage along the pathway near the foreshore. Many of the plants will need to be replaced. Number one: this first pothole on Meeniyan-Promontory Road forces cars off the road in both directions. Three times lucky: holidaymakers and locals are forced off the road by the third pothole in a bid to not damage their cars. The road is the direct route to holiday destinations including Shallow Inlet, Waratah Bay and Sandy Point, as well as being an alternative route to Wilsons Promontory.

The first pothole, when travelling from Meeniyan, is just before the Meeniyan Golf Course and causes vehicles in both lanes to either run off the bitumen or take on the hole. The second and third are within one kilometre of each other, just before the Buffalo bus stop. These also cause motorists to run off the road, yet drops of over two inches from the road surface to the shoulder have been known to cause tyres to blow out. Dumbalk resident Jenny Swan drives the road nearly every day to work in Fish Creek and is appalled by the road.

They have fixed it before but it just starts to break up above or below the patch and become pretty horrible again. Where sections of road have deteriorated, like the Meeniyan-Promontory Road, VicRoads is managing these with short term safety repairs Wildside - Various - Warner Music United Kingdom New Releases signage to warn Quatre Preludes - Erik Satie - Jean-Pierre Armengaud With Dominique Merlet - LOeuvre Pour Piano - C of potential changes in conditions, until more significant repairs can be undertaken.

Motorists are reminded to observe warning signs and obey the speed limit. Maybe Mr Ryan should take a drive down there NOW and see how safe the road is for boats and caravans!

The driving instructor said he could not say how Sing Sing Sing - Country Joe And The Fish - The Life And Times Of Country Joe And The Fish From Haig of his clients were overseas licence holders — nor how many were failing their tests on country roads.

The Leongatha VicRoads office was in the spotlight in recent years, for hosting scores of overseas drivers who invariably failed their tests but drove back to Melbourne.

According to a local driving instructor, the. But Shadow Roads Minister Luke Donnellan believes city learners coming to sit tests in the country is a by-product of a lack of resources within VicRoads. Even before the State Government decided to cut staff, it was reducing hours at VicRoads offices. VicRoads has refused to reveal how many overseas licence holders had failed tests in Victoria in the past 12 months.

The ambulance was called to the Dykes Road address at Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said the man was deceased when paramedics arrived. There were no witnesses to the incident and it is unclear whether or not the man was wearing a helmet. It appears he was weed spraying in an area of steep terrain when the motorbike rolled. The motorbike was loaded with a spray tank which may have affected its centre of gravity, Mr Mullen said. Police investigations are continuing.

Her clothed body was found washed up about 30 metres west of the trestle bridge around 8pm. She was Tina Gilchrist, 38, of Kilcunda. Detectives from the Wonthaggi CIU attended and have said there are no suspicious circumstances although it is unclear how the drowning. Sergeant Glen Rielly said while the Kilcunda Beach is used by many for surfing or fishing, it is not a swimming beach.

Or perhaps they go to the Inverloch Holiday Park where things were so hectic recently, no one had time to speak to The Star. Booked out. Sue told The Star the park is full until the long weekend at the end of January.

There are a few vacancies on the site after January Toora Holiday Park is looking forward to a busy holiday season, thanks to the positive weather outlook for this summer. Park owner, Andrew Brown said so far, holiday bookings have been reasonably good. People are spreading out their holidays a bit. We try not to have a big rush when we get to this busy time of year. Doing so can result in injury, fires and severe penalties.

It does not take much to be considerate of others. WITH the weather set to warm up later this week, the Leongatha Fire Brigade is advising South Gippslanders to stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Held on Christmas Eve, the run was a great success. This proved to be a little too popular as they found themselves running out of lollies about two-thirds of the way through the run. FOUND Dancing up a storm: Leongatha Primary School students topped off the school year — and indeed, the end of their lives as junior school students — with a graduation dance on December For parents, students and teachers, it was a fine way to say goodbye to the past and hello to the future.

Wrapping up: members of the Beach and Al Bernard & F. Kamplain* - My Lovin Sing Song Man (Cylinder) Business Association celebrated with a Christmas meeting recently. The organisation represents the businesses of Tarwin Lower and Venus Bay. Do you have an item of interest, a birthday or special occasion? Submit yours now to col7 thestar. The Bird family has longstanding ties to Foster, as early settlers in the area.

With no extended family, their remaining money was used to establish a family trust to fund scholarships to be given to students in need of aid to continue their education. About time: when is the State Government going to take the deteriorating conditions of our roads seriously? Peter Ryan aboveas our member for Gippsland South, the driving public needs you to lobby for adequate funding to fix more potholes. Yet traffic is forced to a crawl by this large pothole at Leongatha South.

The hole consumes the southern bound lane and encroaches into the northern lane too. Yet signs warning of a traffic hazard have remained for weeks and probably will stay for months given the lack of State Government funding to fix our failing roads. Motorists have reported slowing down to negotiate the pothole, only to have the worry of a vehicle colliding from behind.

Middle of town: another pothole forces traffic towards the centre of the road in Leongatha, just beyond one of the Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company intersections in the shire: the junction of the South Gippsland, Bass and Strzelecki highways.

A motorist told The Star she nearly ran into the back of another car while trying to watch traffic approaching from many directions, as well as avoid the pothole. Any new driver training includes instruction in pothole aversion. Andy Stewart said three or four. Mid-winter was the worst. We were seeing three or four a day from the same pothole!

Mr Miller is angry that our roads are falling apart and with the time it takes for them to be fixed. Patches, as anyone who drives between Inverloch and Leongatha would know, break up sometimes days after being put down. I get sick of hearing about it. We can talk all. The government is not owning up to its responsibility.

There are no warnings. Above all, do you have pride in yourself and your sense of character? To source the berley, stay up until the cover of darkness and then act quickly to reduce the risk of being seen would have taken a reasonable degree of effort.

The vandalism came just weeks after Extraxt 3 - Various - 16 Dance Party Smash Hits! damaged the Christmas tree erected by Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Industry volunteers outside the courthouse.

Letters guidelines Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company letters should be kept to words or less. The Star reserves the right to edit all letters for length and style. Our campaign to save Teen Wiccan - Fox Face - The Moon And The Tide Korumburra Library grew momentum when we learnt that no major supermarket chain was interested in the site and that the council could not afford to build new facilities as promised.

We were very afraid this site would become the next saleyards. It is a relief to learn that the council has made the right decision not to rezone, ensuring our community facilities are safe from commercial or industrial development and the wrecking ball.

Thank you to the councillors for listening to our last ditch plea to convince you that the rezone was not in the best interest of the Korumburra community. Mary-Anne and Aidan Hall, Korumburra. I wonder how he missed the headlines back in November last year when the World Bank not exactly a hotbed of environmentalism said that business had better get used to the end of world as we know it and that they would be very unwise to not factor in a six degree global temperature rise by I have provided a link to this article in which it spells out exactly what we can expect.

Silver Scooter - The Blue Law, if the source is filtered through the likes of Andrew Bolt or any of the pseudoscientific denier sites, then he should expect to get a well-deserved verbal bucket in response. The message for us all is that it is only evidence provided by qualified workers in the field that is valid.

Hopefully, when he reads the true science describing climate change, Mr Chandrasegaran will realise that global warming has made the droughts of El Nino events worse and the floods of the La Nina more severe. It is also driving devastating cyclones to higher latitudes and increasing their intensity. If humanity is to get out of the mess into which we are heading, then it will require many people to take a stand and demand science based decisions and long-term thinking.

Slagging off at activists, who are trying to raise climate change as an issue in the consciousness of ordinary people, are like the snipers who pin down an army formation. Again, posterity will see the battle to safeguard our planet in this light and I for one am happy to be judged as someone who was willing to get behind the Lock the Gate movement and the per cent Renewable Campaign. If not already, they will be the heroes that our children will admire. Dan Caffrey, Traralgon.

This year, you can call me Scrooge. It used to be exciting. It used to be a time of carol singing, present giving, Christmas light looking, and dessert eating. It was time to relax with family and friends, have a break from our usual, busy lives and appreciate all the joys life had Victory (Original Mix) - Various - Best Of Trancer 2014 (File, MP3, MP3) us over Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company past year.

And the fact I actually bought the wrong lights for my tree this year and had to make the hour return trip to exchange them is only a small part of the bigger story. Firstly, Christmas is expensive. When you reach the age of 24 however, it turns from adorable to cheap and tacky. Nothing beats donning silly Christmas hats at the dinner table, cracking up at Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company lame jokes inside your bon-bons Why do people like turkey at Christmas time?

To get a bit fitter and lose about three kilos. Mark Maynard, Yinnar. Joy Linton, Leongatha. My resolution is to get my teeth done.

I am a bit scared of the dentist, so this year I am going to be brave and go and see him. Phoebe Butler, Leongatha. It appears Labor wants to discontinue this program. Labor should Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company rural Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company regional Victoria the respect it deserves.

Fund as a one billion dollar fund, despite the fund only having five hundred million in it with the majority being spent on projects in Melbourne and on core government services. He said that more than direct and indirect jobs had been created, with a further in construction. In the past two years October to October overall employment in regional Victoria has increased by 22, jobs, he said. Now they have accumulated pages of notes. You can talk as long as you like but there is no one there.

It takes a minute and is free. A concerned resident contacted The Star about the danger posed by long grass at the eastern end of Parr Street. Local laws officers are now organising slashing contractors to mow long grass on properties where owners were served Fire Prevention Notices but ignored council requests to act. The owners will be invoiced, but many contractors are not expected to return from summer holi. In Bass Coast Shire Council, community and economic development director, Steve Piasente said rural land owners also have a responsibility to prevent unplanned fires starting and escaping from their land.

They will not stop a fire but provide a buffer for nearby homes, reduce the potential fire intensity and can provide. Mr Piasente said if necessary, council could issue a Fire Prevention Notice to require owners to provide fire break works.

He also noted the Victorian Government had recently increased the penalty for not complying with the fire prevention rules to reflect the seriousness of breaching the rules and increased community expectations. For more information please visit www. Too long: residents are concerned about long grass on this block of land in Parr Street, Leongatha.

Councils are likely to be involved in establishing community resilience committees but as to the support councils will receive to do that remains uncertain. Auto Restart? Sleep Timer. Fujitsu has the right. THE Wonthaggi desalination plant has completed all commissioning tests, with the final contractual milestone reached recently. Water Minister, Peter Walsh made that announcement. It is payable from now until the end of the contract with AquaSure, which has 27 years to run.

The holding charge is separate from any money that will be payable if and when desalinated water is needed. In charge: the Wonthaggi desalination plant is finished and is now under the control of Degremont Thiess Operations and Maintenance Joint Venture. Plant director is Mike Jury.

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  7. This is definitely one of my favorite albums by Chris Connor!!! This CD contains two albums "Double Exposure" (Atlantic Records) and "Two's Company" (Roulette), which is very unusual but Chris was under contract with Atlantic and Maynard was under contract with Roulette at the time.
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