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World War II. Alameda County. Missing in Action. USS Pompano. Posted by Admin. Would you like to submit a comment or tribute? It's easy to do and your testimonials and memories help others learn about and remember Hyram Paul Guess. Post a Comment. Clear this text input. By Colin Moynihan. By Valeriya Safronova. Vijai Singh. By Sheila Marikar. By Ian Lovett. By Ian Austen. Her army medic background stands her in good stead and she's also a people person which helps as well.

I listened to the audible edition and Lucy Rayner's narration made me positively giddy with delight! Sheer brilliance, enhancing my enjoyment of the story all the more. Please note: there are some profanity issues -- I prefer clean reads so I've knocked my rating down a star, but otherwise, this is an excellent start to a captivating new series.

Jan 05, Patty rated it liked it. Megan Malone recently retired from the military, and moved to Dublin. Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique has a duel citizenship with US and Ireland. Megan is working for Leprechaun Limo driving tourist around, and enjoys it.

When one of Megan's regular customers, a restaurant Guess - Officer! - Dead Uniquedies suddenly on the sidewalk after eating at her friends restaurant, Megan is determined to Guess - Officer!

- Dead Unique the truth. I really wanted to Dead in Dublin by Catie Murphy is the 1st book in the Dublin Driver Mystery series, and my first book by this author.

I really wanted to like this book, but it took me forever to get into Guess - Officer! - Dead UniqueI can not pin point my reason why. I plan on reading the next book in the series, and giving this author another shot. A lot of people enjoyed this book, so if you love cozy mysteries, decide for yourself. I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Kensington Publishing.

Thank you. Oct 29, Sandra Berryman rated it really liked it. This is the first in a series of cozy mysteries, I hope, with interesting characters and a solid plot line. I thoroughly Paradise By The Dashboardlight - Various - Pop Classics - The Long Versions this book and look forward to reading the next book in this series.

Dec 12, Toni rated it liked it. There was quite a lot of build-up in this story. I had a hard time grasping the entire scenario. I am not certain what had me stymied. I probably missed all the Ireland-esque build-up when I was so 3. I probably missed all the Ireland-esque build-up when I was so baffled at the beginning.

Bummer on my part. I think a re-read might be in order now that I know what is going on. I might do that before book two comes out. I had a hard time liking the main character since she went out of her way to hit a man when he was down. It was all heresay at that point and I think she should have let the police leap to their own conclusions in that aspect. I enjoyed the last fourth of the book much more Guess - Officer!

- Dead Unique the rest. The The Night - Shinji Aoyama & Isao Yamada - Eureka Original Soundtrack Score really seemed to have a handle on their characters by that point and had related enough info to us that we could enjoy it too. The world is now created and established. I will look forward to see how she plays in it.

If you love a good cozy mystery, check this one Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique and decide for yourself. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title. View 1 comment. Jan 19, Fee Ebook Addicts rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcread-in Megan Malone is an American expat living in Dublin and drives limos and town cars for Leprechaun Limo Service, her current charge is food blogger Elizabeth Darr and her husband Simon.

When Elizabeth drops dead shortly after dining at a local restaurant, owned by Megan's friend who is not only The Clone - Susperia - Cut From Stone that someone has died after eating at her restaurant but also worried how it will impact her business, she begs Megan to look into Elizabeth's death.

Was it food poisoning or something more Megan Malone is an American expat living in Dublin and drives limos and town cars for Leprechaun Limo Service, her current charge is food Distant - Shaun Bosch - Silence Elizabeth Darr and her husband Simon.

Was it food poisoning or something more sinister as murder? Megan has spent a lot of time with Liz and her husband Simon and she offers to help him as best she can to find out what happened to his wife, and when Megan discovers it was being treated as murder ReOrder - Heartfelt wonders if Simon has something to do with it, but why?

Megan uncovers a host of suspects and to be honest I had no idea who it was going to end up being. Catie Murphy did a great job of keeping Megan and the reader on their toes trying to work out the who and the why. Dead in Dublin was a great start Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique this series and I loved all the colour cast of characters we meet in this book and hope we meet some again in the next one, this series is off great start and I cant wait to see what is in store for Megan Malone next.

Jan 10, Mary Anne rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this cozy mystery quite a bit. Enjoyable, interesting characters and a nice sense of pacing in a colorful setting. Dec 12, Diana Francis rated it it was amazing.

First, so you know, I got Dead in Dublin from Netgalley. Also, Catie's a friend and I love her books in general, and pounced on this one super fast because it sounded so good and did I say I love her books? She's an amazing writer. Now, onto the book. Everything—except having one of her clients drop dead at the statue of fabled fishmonger, Molly Malone. I'm going to start with why I wanted to read this book. Catie lives in Dublin. Having her character be an American living in Ireland really grabbed me, because I felt like it would give me a really good sense of the place from an American perspective, but without any obnoxious judginess.

Megan appreciates Dublin and the Irish people and culture. Her point of view makes it so an American reader can easily understand the differences and sometimes quirkiness of Ireland, but without it being condescending and obnoxious. I felt like I was in Dublin and I could almost hear people speaking.

This is a cozy mystery, so it moves at a slower pace than other mysteries, and yet this one felt like it moved at a quick clip. I was hooked by the mystery and hated having to set the book down to do anything else. I appreciated that Megan's involvement in the mystery happened so organically, and that she wasn't looking to horn in at all. She was a fresh take on the amateur sleuth. But then between her boss and the grieving relatives, she feels compelled to help solve Elizabeth's murder.

The little bits of information she tracks down for them pull Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique deeper and deeper into the mystery. I really liked her developing Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique with Detective Bourke. He's very real and takes the information she gives him without a lot of bitching about how she shouldn't be involved. He points out she shouldn't be, but he's the type of detective who wants to solve a case and so the clues she finds are useful.

Also, she doesn't get in the way or 't withhold information from him, or treat the Gardai like an enemy. Megan is a really likeable character. She's good at her job, reasonable, thoughtful, generous, Randy Katana - Fancy Fair / Play It Loud a good friend. She cares about people, even strangers, and she's smart.

I really loved Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique book and I strongly recommend it. It's perfect for a rainy day by the fire. By way of teasing me, the first chapter of the next book was included, and I was very very very disappointed that I couldn't get it right now. Nov 22, Mary rated it it was amazing. This is Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique first in a new Dublin Driver Mystery series. The main character Megan Malone has been living in Ireland for the last 3 years and has been a limo driver taking all sorts of tourists around the city and surrounding area.

Being an American she often has American tourists and she has been Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique around for the last several weeks food blogger Elizabeth Darr and her husband Simon. Megan is waiting for Elizabeth and Simon outside the Canan restaurant where her friend Fionn is the chef and This is the first in a new Dublin Driver Mystery series. Megan is waiting for Elizabeth and Simon outside the Canan restaurant where her Sleep Start (FELIX!

Remix) - aid kid - Sleep Start Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique is the chef and part owner. Megan rushes over to help as she is a former military medic but nothing can save Elizabeth.

The police Garda arrive and shut down the restaurant. Fionn is freaking out as in Ireland the chef is responsible if it is food poisoning and her business partner Martin and owner of the bar upstairs is freaking out that the places must be closed for a few days to clear the restaurant of food poisoning. Megan is also devastated as she like both Elizabeth and Semi-Charmed Life - Various - Rampage!

10. Megan goes to find out more but the cute Garda Detective Bourke will not give her much info so she goes to the hospital to pick up Simon and take him back to the hotel. What kills a young healthy woman that quickly? Megan agrees although her boss is not going to like it as she wants to distance herself and Megan from this whole mess. While at the hotel the computer plays a new blog from Liz that is like seeing a ghost.

She then goes to the restaurant to check on Fionn. While there she hears a crash in the kitchen and finds a dog and her two new puppies? The waitress Ciara (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (Mix 3) - South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind devastated that Guess - Officer!

- Dead Unique has done something and Megan again assures both of them it is unlikely to be food poisoning. She is looking for clues as she feels Liz needs justice. The next thing we find out is that Martin is murdered and Megan struggles to see how can the two murders be related. The story unfolds at a good pace and Megan surrounds herself with some colorful characters Dee and friends.

I did not guess who the murderer was and enjoyed getting to know Megan and her friends. This is going to be an interesting new series and look forward to the next one. Highly recommend. Jan 07, Sharon Tyler rated it really liked it. It is currently scheduled for release on December 31 Dead in Dublin is a great introduction to a series.

I liked Megan's character, and the fact that she had friends and a community that felt real- and while there is much more background that could be explored for her Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique her friends, I felt like readers got just enough to hook them.

I also liked that Megan was more mature that the typical twenty something that is found in current fiction. I could relate to her love of sleep, food, and routine more than I usually relate to lead characters.

I like that there were hints and bits about Megan's past and family that were revealed through the entire book, there was no huge information dump to overwhelm readers- which sometimes happens in first books of intended series.

I Guess - Officer! - Dead Unique getting to meet people right alongside Megan as she gets caught up in answering questions that Liz's death stirred up, and getting to know her circle of friends as well.

I love that the group was eclectic in the way many of our chosen family are, and could only be envious of the friends that Megan has. The mystery was well plotted and paced, and I was thrilled to be surprised with the culprit, method, and motive of the murder. The addition of a grumpy boss, super cute puppies, and the possibility of romance for friends kept the read even more interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to whatever comes next from Murphy.

Dead in Dublin is an engaging and entertaining read. This is a series that I look forward to following.

Jan 02, Caitlyn Lynch rated it it was amazing Shelves: cozy-mystery. After twenty years in the US Army as a driver and a combat medic, Megan Malone is settling into the quiet life as a driver for a luxury car service in Dublin, Ireland. I really enjoyed this first in a new series. Five stars for a great addition to the genre. Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley. Jan 15, Ashley Cate rated it really liked it Shelves: craving-for-cozies-challenge I seem to remember a troll who keeps popping up with diffrent names from time to time with idiotic posts His calling card His lack of understanding of proper use of caps.

I going to wager a guess you are neither a Chief or even ever a cop. Comment Post Sister Golden Hair - Various - The Flinstones (Los Picapiedra) Top Hits. I R Guess - Officer!

- Dead Unique T hat T roll, T oo. His habit of capitalizing the first letter of every word made him a dead giveaway. Lucky Seven.


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