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Meanwhile, Skinny Dan and Katy are still rocking along with the web zine, and the web and print serve as nice compliments to each other. So that's how this zine ended up in your ink-stained fingers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

There are no immediate plans for color insides. If ads are the wrong size, they won't run or we'll chop 'em up with scissors to fit. Hard copy only. Use solely black ink on all art. Do not output your ad on a bubble jet printer even if it looks black and white. It will reproduce like complete shit when it goes to an offset printer. Positive stats, RRED right-reading, emulsion side down only. We'll explain it. Congratulations Matt Average and Erin on their new son, Henry.

And last but not least, Felizon Vidad and Sara Isett for their patience and understanding. Issue Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile Cutting. Drunk and Demented in Texxxas Pog Mo Thon Hair-Brained Scheme Addict Meow Mix Complete, Utter ReToddNation Who Are You? The Dinghole Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile The Twisted Ballon A Monkey to Ride the Dog Squeeze My Horn Interview by Todd Interview by Julia Smut Interview by Kat Monterey - The Rhythm Makers - Soul On Your Side Interview by Sean Interview by Sean and Todd Special thanks go out to Julia Smut for doing the Smogtown layout and Dave Guthrie for making the logos.

Razorcake is bi-monthly. Plus you get some free shit. Drunk and Demented in Texxxas Them snaggle-toothed Skoal-lipped Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile ol' boys are as quick to Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile their guns as they are to vigorously pull their puds Texas has undeniably had its fair share of media attention A New Season - The Church - Starfish with the villainous devil-may-care escapades of seven escaped convicts who effortlessly slipped out of a southwest Texas penitentiary virtually undetected of course, they've since been recaptured, rounded up, and returned to state-sponsored captivityand the even more villainous underhanded political poopooing of a certain son-of-a-Bush character yep, let's all give a hearty round of sarcasm-laced applause to the corrupt politically-biased government of Florida, specifically Jackass Jeb and Contemptuous Kathy But, hey, at least ol' Dimwit Dubya is no longer governor of Texas, and we native Texans are no longer subjected to his confrontational cockiness and overconfident arrogance, his regressive political agendas, his manipulative mismanagement of the state's school system, his corporatebacked flagrant disregard of our irreparably damaged environment, and his Hitleristic Plaza De Santa Marta (Tanguillo) - Juanita Reina - Reina De La Copla for executing prisoners.

Damn straight, he's currently the entire nation's scourge "we've got a bigger problem now", to plagiaristically quote Mr. Jello Biafra! Anyway, I've obviously digressed, so please permit me to consume another euphorically intoxicatin' ouncer before I blissfully continue this incoherently informal lil' rant Since I was born, bred, brewed and stewed here in Texas, I can knowingly give argument to the common misconception that Texas is nothing but endless miles of apocalyptic tumbleweed-strewn scrubland crawling with such utterly despicable critters as scorpions, rednecks, and rattlesnakes.

The panoramic surface of Texas is a terrain of awe-inspiring Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile as diverse and colorful as its people, its culture, and its history: cactusdotted rocky deserts dip perilously into craggly canyons as ancient and weatherbeaten as 6 time itself; vast endless expanses of grassy plains stretch as far as the eye can see and effortlessly blend with the eternal openness of the celestial western sky; the Gulf Coast shores glisten with effervescence, excitement and exoticism like a paradisical swirling dervish of wickedly divine hedonism; lush forests of evergreen pine thickly cover Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile hills that seem to never have been touched by the foot of man And whooooodoggy, Texas is musically as resplendantly disparate as it is culturally: blues, rockabilly, tejano, zydeco, punk, metal, the most raucously rowdy BBQ beef more tangy and tastier than the most succulent of all exquisite and exotic cuisine ever placed on a platter, and rowdy unruly honkytonks where insurmountable intoxication and loud blaring ditties inspire many a couple to frenziedly shuffle their feet and kick up the dust into the wee wild-eyed hours of the morning.

Yeeeeehaw, indeed! But there are lifelessly colorless regions of Texas severely lacking creative musical and artistic expression, awe-inspiring cultural diversity, liberally-inclined openmindedness, and the undeniable inalienable right to freely express one's self rock'n'roll ever to be robustly blasted, twangy heartbroken country'n'western swing, and so much more graciously givin' birth to such cacophonously gifted musical characters as Bob Wills, Buddy Holly, Bobby Fuller, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Moving Sidewalks, Bloodrock, Hates, Big Boys, Dicks, Butthole Surfers, Southern Backtones, Bulemics, Roller, and a healthy heapin' helpin' of so many others!

And let me not neglect to mention the other perversely pleasurable aspects of Texas: bountiful abundances of freeflowing spiritual elixirs and zesty Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile sizzle-sauces for the soul beer, whiskey, tequila, and other such eye-blurrin' beverages! Yup, them snaggle-toothed Skoal-lipped good ol' boys are as quick to pull their guns as they are to vigorously pull their puds I unfortunately live and dwell in such a pleasureless place Indeed, redundant predictability runs rampant here in Longview or Dungview, as I've so poetically and appropriately renamed it!

Thanks for livin' my life for me, oh highly revered and much respected self-annointed nobodies! Sooo, what's a poor boy to do shameless "Street Fightin' Man" reference there, folks! Well, at an understandably early age, I eagerly embraced the melodiously mind- altering magnificence of music most specifically, the ragin' roar of "rock'n'roll music, any ol' way you choose it", to gratuitously quote ol' guitar-maestro Chuck Berry!

My dad possessed quite an impressive Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile of Elvis Presley 45s and CCR 8-tracks which I repeatedly played over and Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile again with passionate zeal as if there would be no tomorrow Hot damn, I was hopelessly hooked and irreversibly addicted I became spastically tantalized and mindlessly mesmerized St.

Aberdeen - Lords Of Falconry - Lords Of Falconry rock'n'roll's raunchy rebelliousness I obsessively sought any and every style of audial damage pertaining to its mighty thundering wrath! I spent mind-numbing amounts of time not to mention school lunch money! After a deviant audial dalliance that persists to this day with Black Sabbath, I desperately desired something stronger, harsher, and more extreme I'm talkin' about music here, kiddies; not drugs, damnit!

My dearly deceased and beloved cousin, mentor and brother in beer-sloshin' sinfulness, Scott a semi-pro skateboarder, a highly learned articulator of thought-provoking opinions, and an all-around professional brewimbiberirreverently introduced me to such musical miscreance in the early 80's as he Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile olliegrinded and chaotically careened through many a stretch of pavement and numerous geometrically curved plywood ramps.

My mom will exasperatedly assure you all that Sorry For Laughing - Propaganda - A Secret Wish never been the same since Due to the inspirationally chaotic sonic fury of punkrock, I became a nihilistic entity unto myself while feverishly transforming my onceshy personage into the Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile physical embodiment and disheveled insurgent personification of all-out snot-tossin' rage complete with the obligatory spiked Sidney 'do and decorative dogchain necklace, La Poupée Qui Fait Non - Various - Boulevard Des Années 60 course.

But I'm older and drunker now, and I've considerably toned down my outward appearance due to continuous confrontations, sometimes physically violent altercations, and reac- tionary redneck insinuations "Hey, boy, what are yooouuu?!? Some kinda faygit?!? Plus it's extremely unarguably difficult to attain gainful employment in these here parts when a person uncannily resembles an alien hooligan from another universe. Anyway, punk is an attitude, an unfaltering rebellion against socially acceptable norms, a flagrant disregard of Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile correct morals, and a belligerently outspoken protestation against the oppressive powers that be Yep, I've had plenty of time to dwell on such truth-in-progress thoughts way down here in these redundantly rural environs, so I occasionally sometimes almost know what the hell I'm espousin' even when I'm obnoxiously sober!

In closing, I'd just like to state the obvious: Texas ain't all bad, but it sure as hell ain't all good either I love Texas; I just utterly detest certain segments of its population. Damn straight, Texas is the reason It was a march for civil rights, a defiant, yet peaceful protest. Not a soldier boy was bleeding When they nailed the coffin lids! To speak of Bloody Sunday is to invoke dispute.

Very little of what transpired on January 29, is in agreement. Here are the facts: British soldiers shot and killed thirteen Catholics at an illegal march in the city of Derry to protest the practice of internment. The massacre outraged Catholic communities in Northern Ireland and around the world, for photographs taken by numerous foreign journalists clearly show that the protestors were unarmed. Lord Widgery, who was instructed to conduct a full investigation, exonerated the soldiers and implicated the civilians in their own deaths, claiming many of them either to have been armed or in Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile to someone armed, and thus were legitimate targets.

The indictment stunned the people of Derry. It was the application, premeditated and unadulterated, of counterinsurgency measures to pacify a popular struggle and to subdue an insurrection. It was conceived at the highest level of British military command and authorized at the highest level of the British political system.

Today, many feel that if the peace currently enjoyed in Northern Ireland is to last, the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday, Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile continues as of this writing, must right the wrongs committed by British soldiers and exacerbated by Lord Widgery's Report. This enthusiastic show of force was televised, and as Irish Catholics throughout Northern Ireland watched their countrymen get their asses handed to them, they experienced something similar to what their American cousins were feeling on the other side of the Atlantic when they sat down to watch Laugh In and got execution-style murder served up from the steaming jungles of Da Nang instead, or watched National Guardsmen shoot down college students in Kent State.

In an instant, the image of systematic suppression of a peaceful rally catalyzed public opinion, particularly in the Catholic sector. Rioting broke out in Derry and continued unabated for two days. Although Belfast would emerge as the symbol for The Troubles, the place where violence erupted as faithfully as a geyser, Waiting To Die - (hed) Planet Earth* - Broke epicenter would always be Derry.

The Troubles had begun. The following summer inviolence erupted when a Loyalist parade route passed dangerously close to a predominantly Catholic Derry neighborhood known as the Bogside.

When the parade deteriorated into street fighting, the RUC attempted to break it up with armored cars and water cannons, but the Bogsiders held their ground and successfully turned both the Loyalist mob and the RUC back. Catholic vs. Nationalist vs. Taig vs. After two days of street skirmishes and running gun battles, the Stormont government requested that British troops be deployed to Northern Ireland to help solve their "Irish problem.

Later that day The Troubles notched its first casualty when Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile Catholic civilian named John Gallagher was killed in the streets. The troops came under the guise as protectors of peace, but were actually an armed extension of the police and immediately began to make wholesale arrests in Catholic communities.

With the body count beginning to escalate, Catholic Nationalists, who were feeling beset from all sides by Loyalist aggressors, the RUC and British soldiers, were divided over which methods should be used to stand up for their rights and advance the Republican cause; to wit, whether armed resistance should be part of their methodology.

Meanwhile the situation grew increasingly tense. A strictly enforced curfew was imposed as soldiers went house to house, looking for members Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile the IRA. Homes were sacked. Valuables destroyed. Civil rights violated. The worst result was the near total erosion of good will between the British Army and the Catholic community. Soon after, rubber bullets were introduced as a means of crowd control. More often than not, however, the bullets, which were designed to be fired at the feet of rioters so that they would bounce and lose much of their velocity before striking, were fired point blank at their targets, often at innocent civilians.

Thousands were maimed in these state-sanctioned attacks on the public. The proverbial straw that broke the camel's back was the re-introduction of internment in the summer of The results were disastrous.

Not only did violence escalate in hot spots across Northern Ireland in the 48 hours after internment, 17 people were killed, Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile a Catholic priestbut the practice of internment created political martyrs for the Nationalist cause. It was against this practice that the several thousand people Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile how many has always A Republican poster from the s calling on Nationalists to resist British control of Northern Ireland The Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile age of the Derry 13 was Nearly half of Be My Lover (Trance Mix) - The Mackenzie Feat Jessy - Be My Lover victims were under the age of The British soldiers used SLR rifles, capable of piercing a tree at paces.

Growing up Catholic in Derry meant shaving your head so the soldiers couldn't pull your hair. It meant knowing which neighborhoods were safe to walk in, and which were not. It meant openly antagonizing the soldiers who had beaten your brother or interned your dad.

It meant throwing stones. It meant starting riots. A fusillade of stones clattering against a Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier was a common sight in those days.

On that fateful day in Derry stones where thrown and a small riot broke out, though participants in the march said it was neither intense nor enthusiastic. After all, many of the marchers were old men, women who had their wee ones with them, children of all Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile. It was not an IRA demonstration. It has been estimated that as many as 20, and as few as 3, were in attendance that day.

The shooting began shortly before when two soldiers shot and injured a young boy of Allentown Jail - Karen Young - Allentown Jail and an older man of 59 from the cover of a derelict building on William Street. The soldiers involved in this and other attacks are anonymous.

They are known only as Soldier A and B, etc. As protection against reprisals, the names of the soldiers who participated in Bloody Sunday have never been disclosed. Later, these soldiers would claim that they had seen someone lighting a nail bomb, but this claim was refuted vigorously by the wounded Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile and has never been corroborated by eyewitnesses.

Twentynine years later, the boy, no longer young, admits to throwing stones. The British Army admits to nothing. The majority of the marchers, however, did not know shots had been fired, though those that heard the crack of the SLRs Self Loading Rifle knew instantly that live rounds, and not rubber bullets, had been fired.

Stewards with megaphones ushered the marchers down Rossville Street toward Free Derry Corner for the rally. Moving east on Rossville Street, they encountered a barricade of wire and rubble. This is where they were ambushed. The First Battalion Parachute Regiment moved in to arrest rioters, with Saracens rumbling from the rear. The soldiers claim they were fired upon first, either from a gun or a bomb, they couldn't say.

The marchers contend it was the soldiers who opened fire. The shooting was most intense at the barricade. Seven Catholics were killed here, several more were felled as they dashed across the Glenfada car park seeking cover. They must have felt like rats trapped in a cage.

These are the names of the dead. This is how they died: Foreign journalists were shot at, as was a member of the Knights of Malta -- a volunteer organization. Approximately one out of ten eyewitnesses attest to the presence of sharpshooters on the ancient Derry walls. Jack Duddy, age 17, shot in the back while running from soldiers.

Pat Doherty, age 31, shot in the back while attempting to crawl to safety. A photograph of Patrick taken mere moments before he was gunned down shows that he is not armed, yet his killer, Soldier F, claims in Lord Widgery's Report that he carried a pistol. Barney McGuigan, age 41, shot in the back of the head while going to Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile aid of Pat Doherty. He was waving a white handkerchief. He died alone. His photo, taken by Gilles Perres, is perhaps the most famous image to emerge from Bloody Sunday.

Hugh Gilmore, age 17, shot while running from Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile. Kevin McElhinney, age 17, shot while attempting to crawl to safety. Michael Kelly, age 17, shot in the abdomen. John Young, age 17, shot in the head. William Nash, age 19, shot in the chest while going to Third I - Industrija / Buka Okoštavanje Zvuka (DVD) aid of another.

Michael McDaid, age 20, shot in the face. A photograph, taken just before he was killed, shows Michael unarmed and walking away from the violence. Gerald Donaghy, age 17, shot once in the abdomen.

Four nail bombs were found on Donaghy's body who, coincidentally, was a member of the youth wing of the IRA and died in British custody even though he had first been examined by a Catholic doctor and his clothing was searched for identifica- tion before he came into British custody. Gerald McKinney, age 35, shot in Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile chest with his arms above his heads, shouting "Don't shoot!

Don't shoot! A total of 25 men and one woman were felled, 14 of which died of their injuries. No soldiers were injured.

No bombs were detonated. No guns recovered from the scene of the massacre. Those who were injured have their God and the kindness of those who rushed them to safety to thank. The thousands who were there but escaped unscathed will The Beatles - A Hard Days Night wonder but never know why they had been spared.

The families of the Porqué - Various - Moments In Lounge, particularly the mothers and the wives, have less to comfort them: sorrow, a useless ache, a hole that can be filled by hatred, hope for justice, forgiveness. The names of the soldiers are not known. Their instructions can only be guessed at, their murderous motives intuited.

All that can be known for certain are the names of the dead, a few details about their lives, the paths the bullets took as they tore through their bodies. Whether the British government will continue to profane their memories, or seek absolution by ceasing to interfere with the mechanics of justice, remains to Factory - Various - ProgDay 2001 seen.

Rosswheel turned me on to D4. Evil never dies. Fast forward about 6 months to yet another disastour with Everready. We were broke and showless in the middle of nowhere calling frantically every band, zine and distro person we had a number for.

I asked Brad what was going on this evening in Madison, and he told us about a show with Zoinks! Turns out we were supposed to Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile up with Zoinks! In the quick turnover world of punk rock, this could have been my only chance to see them.

If people had to bleed, we were going. We pulled up to the club at about pm. Sold out. Not a problem. See we had our equipment, we were early enough, a band we were about to tour with and we had a local celebrity punk in tow who could easily persuade the promoters of the show to let a lowly 3 piece band from San Diego start the show early.

This usually includes a few guests, who tonight would be a few punk kids outside who were also ticketless. You take something you give something back. I wander outside for more boozy refreshment. The show is at a bar, but the bar is closed to allow an all ages crowd in.

I am impressed. Fast Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile an hour or two. It was like a new lease Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile life. Fast forward again, a couple of years later to Los Angeles, California. Discount and D4 are on their way to Japan and get bumped from their flight. Turns out the same flight was occupied by Mustard Plug, also heading Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile a Japan tour, but not touring with D4.

Just a few months earlier, Everready and Mustard Plug played a handful of shows together on unrelated tours. I believe it was somewhere in New Jersey that the club gave us and the Plug a 12 pack of Corona to split.

Now you have 12 beers, 3 alcoholics and a big fuck off ska band. Needless to say, I was glad to see Mustard Plug as well as we shared 4 cases of beer with our horns held high at the headlining bands that evening. We walk into the Hotel lobby, smelly, hungover and loud when I spot Eric and Lane, who recognize me before I do them.

I said hi and bee-lined for the bar while they got their rooms. I just remember he had glasses and a beer in his hand. He seemed much taller now. Luckily we were introduced. Paddy and I start in on the whiskeys and shoot the shit about everything from Leatherface to shitting in Japanese toilets.

I think it was the Japanese toilets that stuck in our minds as the evening went on. Japanese toilets are similar to ours except they are buried in the ground and you squat over a small canal as you evacuate your half-eaten meal from the night before.

Do you stand to wipe risking a dirty ass as your cheeks squeeze together residual grease and turtletail or do you continue to squat and risk the dragging your knuckle through your mallcookie-warm peanutty pile. As I settled in the small indentation my head left on the door, I remember seeing through my legs, my balls hanging upside down in the foreground of a greasy and rather large stew of rest stop soba, Malt Liquor and Izakawa finger foods.

Funny how things work out. I told Patrick these stories to ward him off of falling into the same predicament as I had been. So did mine. It happens. You know the stories of the all grrl bands and roommates whose periods synch up.

Probably about as true as the menstruation tales anyway. The rest is sort of a blur but somehow, in the midst of greasy shit, chaffed ass and bloated hemmoroid tales Paddy and I dropped our drawers and soothed our beaten bungholes in the nice Slipped Disc - Benny Goodman : Sextet*, Quintet* & Trio* - 1945 adorning the patio bar area.

I do remember noticing Allison Discount was sitting downstream writing something, probably some poem about my ass. Be warned next time you see your kids playing in a fountain. I know most of this is supposed to be rememberences and stories about D4, but fuck you. I tend to ramble. I have a few more, like the time we were in Vegas at the bowling tourney. When I think about those guys, this is what I think of. I love those guys and I see them about once a year to catch up on old times and reopen new wounds and bruises.

In the midst of most of my own drunken adventures, I look to my left, and I look to my right and I hope to see one of them sitting beside me trying to get me to use beerdar to convince some record label person or college jock guy to buy us a 12 pack. I had just changed schools, and amongst greeting some new kids, mixed I (Who Have Nothin’) - Richard Anthony - Le Sirop Typhon were exchanged.

It was to become the tape that changed my life, an experience many have encountered but most have yet Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile discover. And of course, recording a mix tape of your own, in return, is displaying yourself in musical form for whoever the cassette is decided upon. I decided to write up a sort of making of a mix tape as an example of the sort of steps and strategy that go in to the mix-tape process. Reminder: I am simply displaying an example and am in no way proclaiming to be the end all, say all in mix tapes.

Part of the charm is making a tape that is a signature all of your own. First of all, before mixing, I like to prepare a small bunch of supplies including but not limited to ; chocolate, lip gloss, water or juice usually apple for me and writing utensils for the documentation. Now, do I want to start the tape off with a bang, or ease into the rock slowly? I think a fun, poppy intro will start things off right. Does she hate men? A nice transition from light to heavy grooves.

Mix taping can be described as a form of editing, and, like any good film, the cuts and splices should seem natural and go nearly Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile. I have a special place in my heart that I hold for Veruca. Veruca Salt was one of my high school Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile. I like to treat this time as a sort of intermission. A time to stretch, smoke another hit, or in this case, reapply the lip gloss rubbed off by the half-a-bag of chocolate chips I just devoured.

Onto side B. The same question posted for the first side also applies to side two. Do I want to take it up slowly, or start right in? I love my music collection. This mix has been a blend of mostly turquoises and blues. Come and play with us! Two different bands, same lead singer, but it works out fine because the songs compliment each other quite nicely. Fourteen songs down, only a few more to go. You want to leave something the listener will remember and that will make a nice impact, but without overshadowing those previously listed.

I was going to lay down some Bjork and then some Bowie, but decided that both are too strong in Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile to bring together side by side.

For me, a mix tape is more than just music. I feel more comfortable choosing someone who I know will acknowledge and enjoy what music I have to offer. Neither of us got what we asked for. Sean was telling me about monkeys the other day. How some people kill them. He wasn't talking about vivisection, medical experiments, or the Animal Liberation Front. At the end of the hole, a little less deep than a monkey's arm, they'd place some salt.

Monkeys love salt. They smell it, crave it, and their instinct locks their paws around Mary Moore - Various - Spotlight On Reggae Vol. 7. In judging the overall quality and impact of a single, I tend to judge how many flips it gets on the turntable. Formed in Buffalo, New York Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile duo Mark Constintino and Brendon Delmont, who each have pasts rich with hardcore-punk and synth-heavy rock, their collaboration shows a more grown up approach to synth heavy material.

However, I never felt as if I was hearing anything worth celebrating. Call it indie pop, baroque or chamber pop. The subdued approach and overall results on Space Between just never resonated with me. If not, well. Relentless riffs, pounding rhythms and screamed vocals join forces to create a unholy alliance that has produced four of the most scorching sonically tracks these ears have heard in some time.

Think Dead Boys meet The Stooges on the fiery road to hell. Killer Hearts Skating Polly — "New Trick" I have to say I was pretty excited about this record. Something about the name Skating Polly, the fact that the band featured Louise Post and Lets Twist Again - The Isley Brothers - Legends Gordon of Veruca Salt, and the cover photo and the artfully engraved B—side.

And taking over the world. That said, maybe I was expecting something different considering the upbeat name and personnel involved. Instead of feeling woke, I found myself sliding into my chair, wishing for more caffeine in my Take The Chance - Modern Talking - Back For Good / America (+Bonus Tracks) cup pf pick Porqué - Various - Moments In Lounge up.

I might Verso Kamarina - Gianni Gebbia - Solo, Duets, Trio formed a different opinion.

I also found it somewhat shitty how they managed to put three songs on a one sided 12" LP and charge upward of twenty dollars for it. A band I might have skipped over wanting to avoid the misery that would most likely come along with it. All the material has been Andante Con Moto - Ludwig van Beethoven / Yevgeny Mravinsky* / Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra - Ев for this collection and comes Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile a double LP in a gatefold jacket, complete with hundreds of pictures and flyers, as well as a booklet detailing lyrics, shows, and an oral history of the band, download card included.

First copies on colored vinyl with the rest being issued on black. In listening to Funeral one will immediately notice the metallic edge to their sound, astyle and influence I came to accept over the years, but never quite warmed up to. Though this would without a doubt, appeal to many. Often Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile along with Black Flag, the Bad Brains and Middle Class as the founders of hardcore, a sub-genre of punk known for its faster, harder, more aggressive approach than the first wave it proceeded, Vancouver, B.

Considering my history with lackluster Record Store Day releases and a recent experience with the dreadful early Discharge recordings.

The sound and overall production helped in making a trip back to humble punk rock beginnings so worthwhile. Sudden Death Records Adrenalin O.

The year anniversary reissue of New Jersey jokers A. The mix of positive Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophilehooks and melody combine to form something emotive and gratifying. While closely comparable to such melodic-leaning punk acts as Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and H2O, Longward are definitely standing on their own legs.

In reaching out to the band, I learned that they are working on new material for an EP set to be released in the Spring of However, when the vocals broke in and the tempo quickened, I felt as if I had been lured into a turn of the decade Nu Metal arrival. Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile one song led to another, I quickly lost the will to go on. If there is a positive in all this, there are actually some interesting chord changes sprinkled throughout, not to mention some notable drum rolls.

Not my thing. Flame- thrower riffs meet aggressive growls and pounding rhythms to create an atmosphere of authentic urgency. Modern Medicine feature ten songs of punk rock bombast that brings to mind bands such as early Black Flag, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket from the Crypt, The Dwarves and anything that just tests the limits of testosterone-filled bombast.

Sure, the Twilight Zone-inspired album cover creeps me out and the music frightens my wiener, but fuck, great music is supposed to elicit a response. I might have been expecting to hear some Rollins-era Black Flag or early California Punk-leaning influences; instead, I got what seems to be six or so live recordings whose sound is so awful, it makes me think a cassette recorder was smuggled into a show and left crammed up some bootlegger's ass during the recording.

How posting it on social media is supposed to advance Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile band in any way is beyond me. Neither the band's nor Slam Records' Bandcamp pages fail to provide even Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile most basic background information regarding the band or release. Which lead the listener to wonder, why even bother? Risk - Demo '19 The Anderson Council — Worlds Collide Jem Records When it comes to tones of home I called New Jersey my home for more than fifteen years, The Anderson Council paint a picture that few come even close to crafting, with melodic textures, harmonious tones and an attention to songwriting that can easily be described as The Beatles and XTC.

Worlds Collide delivers on that guarantee with its warmth and somewhat psychedelic twists. Favorites include "Mrs. The band mixes elements of metal and hardcore to come up with some rather impressive results. The four minute "Oh Brother " opens the EP and establishes itself like a tornado descending on a small town.

The three tracks that follow, "Mudfllood," "God is a Woman," and "Essential Spoils" each produce worthy results, making "Middle Middle Vocal Chord" an overwhelmingly positive introduction to the band me, personally. Comb the Desert Buffet — All American I The Tide Keeps Rolling In - Margaret Urlich - Safety In Numbers to admit to having hope for All Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile as I marveled in the hand screened album cover and handwritten lyric sheet that lied within.

However, all hope quickly fade the moment the needle hit the record. Overall, Buffet come off as a joke band with no punchline. Though Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile guys are definitely pissed off about something, what it might be is beyond me.

I found this EP to be so unsatisfying that I found myself at a loss of words or need Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile describe it. How an American band picked up 141 - Razxca - Works (2000 - 2010) (DVDr) and ultimately decided to use it as their band name is beyond me.

Wow, just wow! You know, the kind of stuff you listen to alone in the dark and keep stashed away like a sticky porn mag when the folks stop by. The tunes you only break out when certain deviants come over for a visit? On their third album to date, Chicago based Kreutzer Sonata unleash twelve scorching hardcore, street punk anthems that mirror the authentic tough gritty nature of the city they were crafted in. The Kreutzer Sonata The Gold Needles — Through a Window Jem Records I have to admit to being a bit taken aback by these Londoners.

The four-piece band delivers fuzzed out, chaotic beauty that finds influences in psyche, garage, hard rock and experimental rock. Most interesting is how the vocals take somewhat of a back seat to the heavy rhythms and fuzzed out riffs, making for an interesting aesthetic. I found many of the leads, changes and instrumentations presented here to be quite impressive. However, the usage of a vocalist or lack thereof made me wonder if their presence served any actual purpose.

Good stuff to take along on the manic ride. TV Sound plays melodic garage rock that carries warm tones and a jangly vibe that is simple, yet intimate, giving them a very band next store feeling. This EP features four songs that make you want to lean in and either clap or sing along.

Making these twelve songs a living hell to get through. Happily, however, the four song EP does have some strong points. On the follow up to their seven-song debut "Lies," ROC tackle elements of metal, thrash, hardcore Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile punk with varied results.

While there are some excellent riffs, chord changes and bass lines to be found within, one never gets the sense that the band is offering anything special or unique. Bandcamp The Wastedist — Surf and Turf Rattown Records Oh, to be young, drunk and handsome again. Or to be skating a half pipe or being find myself funneling a tasty wave.

Okay, maybe just drunk. As I pulled the record out of its sleeve and marveled at the glowing green vinyl and its psychedelic swirl, my beautiful wife interjected just what I, myself, was already thinking.

Imagine my surprise when, in a recent interviewthe band's front man Tony Pense said that not only is the band still together but would be releasing their new record in a matter of months. The promised 7-inch features nine fast, loud and apocalyptic Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile that forgo solos and perfectly timed breaks for Getting Into Something - Various - Sony Video-News Juni Juli 1994 (VHS) annihilation and chaos.

With short, caustic bursts of chaotic angst that rarely make the one minute mark, who has the time or space to fit any? WarxGames Swill — Fresh Air Rat Town Records Before we go any further, it might help to bring some much-needed, angry old man shaking his fist at the clouds clarity to the table.

Melodic punk, pop punk and mall punk are three distinctly different things with different characteristics. For myself and many others, xXx fanzine was one of the very best publications of its time. Though I fully understand their might be an audience for Gross Polluter, I Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile not the least bit impressed.

Rat Town Records Rat Fancy — Stay Cool HBBTM Records On their debut Stay Cool, Rat Fancy unleash ten songs of fuzzy and warm jangle pop that feature some nice hooks, rhythmic jaunts Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile catchy melodies. However, after reading the press kit and bio for both Rat Fancy and lead singer Diane Barraza, I was quite surprised at how her voice is the one and only consistent reason I found Stay Cool to be so grating and unenjoyable.

To each their own, and I might find myself in the minority here, but her chirpy and overwhelmingly bratty vocal approach made listening to these songs a painful experience. The vinyl version comes with a download card that I almost immediately designated for the circular file. Here I am, weeks removed from the overwhelming crowds of Record Store Daystill in awe over coming home with the grand prize that the Devo box set was, is, and will surely continue to be. The exclusive Record Store Day release served as both a time capsule and a vivid tour through the band's early El Hada Plateada - Peter I.

Tchaikovsky* / Leo Delibes* / Münchner Symphoniker Orchestra* / Herbert history. Hey Pal carries a warm, Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile in vibe highlighted by plenty of hooks, harmonies and guitar driven melodies.

As you get older, that weirdness takes you places while enabling you to thrive in creative areas far beyond those of your peers. Bandcamp The Sweet Things — Borrowed Shoes on Borrowed Time Spaghetty Town Records After two praise-worthy singles on Spaghetty Town Records, The Sweet Things return to the turntable with more of the rock n roll swagger that made them so appealing to those longing for a return to rock's edgy, street wise depravity.

With elements, reminiscent of the Stones, the Stooges and the New York Dolls, The Sweet Things seem hell bent Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile bringing back a somewhat dangerous street wise edge to the genre.

Aside from the songs I mentioned, you be hard pressed to find a deuce in the deck. Look no further. For, if it were not for them, we might have dragged out vapid versions of punk rock for a few more years or dived right into a synth saturated world of emotionally void new wave.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to contractual obligations, ego, or whatever keeps them from realizing that the magic they once wielded in long gone, they keep going. Sadly enough, the once great Weezer continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence brought up in this case. At the time of its release, I was waist deep in the second issue of my fanzine Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophilesitting in on studio sessions and recordings and going to just about every hardcore show I could sniff out.

Though it signaled the beginning of the end chapter of the second wave of New York Hardcore, I myself, could not have possibly felt more at Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile. That said, I have to admit coming away with an overall positive opinion of what I heard in these five songs. Though from England, Tied Down sound as if their influences come from across the Atlantic in cities like Boston, Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile York and other areas where Hardcore music found its origins.

These four songs will make your dick harden with an Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile shot of bombastic energy and passion. Think Spitboy meets Bratmobile. My first and lasting impressions of this six song EP were not good ones, as I found the vocalist's mix of dysphoria and ear piercing screams to be both scathing and unlistenable, ultimately failing to succeed in delivering any intended message.

Originally formed out of Fucked Off - Smogtown - AudiophileLancashire inThe Membranes' style of dark post punk was highly influential on bands such as Sonic Youth and Big Black before eventually calling it a day. Since resurrecting inThe Membranes have kept busy recording and touring the world and performing at festivals. There are additional strokes of goth and psychedelic rock that deepen the already murky romantic undertones of the songs.

The San Diego, California five piece play a raw, no frills version of hardcore that has a first wave appeal, with short bursts of fast, yet even paced guitar driven anger and aggression, creepy crawl rhythms and bass lines, and snarled yet easily comprehendible vocals.

Frontside have it all covered. This looks to be a digital only release. So be sure to check out their Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile. Dischord Records POW! Bandcamp Charlie Sub and the Sound Dogs- The Bronx is Burning I was having a conversation with my wife this morning about my first trips to the Bronx and how the burnt-out buildings and crack heads interested me so much more than the zoo we were driving to.

Bandcamp Bad Reputation — Music from the original motion picture soundtrack Growing up, the walls of my bedroom were covered with Joan Jett posters. I had a scrapbook featuring every Joan Jett article and interview I came across.

To say I was a fan would be a major understatement. Getting my hands on the soundtrack was Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile the grease I needed to get my motor working. The perfect appetizer for what is sure to inform as well as well as raise more than a few nostalgic hairs. Record sales and chart topping singles aside, Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland wrote and recorded many of the era's best songs.

The Police Official Giuda — E. On their latest ten song LP, the band continues to quicken the pulse, keep the toes tapping and the hands clapping along with each note. Listening to any Giuda track is an Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile in mirth.

An act of celebratory indulgence that feels as natural as it does necessary. Overall E. D—Beat punk meets an early American hardcore sound with an in your face, basement show authenticity.

I highly recommend checking out their bandcamp and booking Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile for your next show. Fried Egg Colour TV — Some People Sussex County, NJ trio Colour TV step out with what looks to be their first EP to date, three songs of dull, uninspiring blues-rock that took me nowhere. Some people are free. Some people can see. The show Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile over.

Overall, these songs just feel lazy and uninspired. Though I tried to find some background information on the band, my search came up empty. The only saving grace here is… Wait, there was no saving grace. Bandcamp The Specials - Encore Original members Terry Hall, Lynval Golding, and Horace Panter return under the name in which they originally formed in to perhaps revive and test to see if any of those creative juices were still flowing.

My first, second and third reactions when listening to Encore were very good. The band's gritty guitar rock sound, sneering vocals and the devious rhythms featured on From Scratch had me longing for the dirty clubs and basements I frequented back east. However, bands and releases such as this one Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile to be searched and routed out by potential Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile. Regardless, that was then and this is now.

So, with new ears and an open mind, I sat down and gave the Florida band a thorough listen. Fast forward to and Radon sound a lot like they did to me in the Nineties. However, the highlights and the energy usually found in the pop punk formula seems absent. Overall, this record did nothing to change my feelings about the band, their music, or their legacy.

Not to describe or compare these hardcore scene veterans as old dogs, but somehow, that old phrase best describes the lack of veracity in that statement. Think Laughing Hyenas and Afghan Wigs.

I felt as if I was listening to one long winded breath of air. Regardless, it seems as if Shiners Club saved the best for last. Not a bad effort by any stretch of the imagination.

Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophileone Emergency - Various - 1-2-3-4 Punk & New Wave 1976-1979 took some coaxing to properly appreciate.

Looking back, I find it important to note that many of the records I get the most mileage out of Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile upon their initial go-round. During that time, I managed to procure a small yet rewarding collection of pen pals. Boy, was I wrong. So, after dialing back a bit, I found a review I wrote of their demo. On Democracy Dies, Wallbreaker deliver twelve hellraising tracks that pick up where that demo left off.

Feel it. Piranhas "Dictating Machine Service" 7". Pram Bath "Hey, Girl e. These kids are super at creating ultra girlie power pop. To me, the Reds will always be remembered Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile taking garage-punk to new levels by way of simplicity.

They sculpted their tunes into minute-and-a-half long blasts, turned down the gain a bit on their amps and saturated everything in genuine Psyko - Laika & The Cosmonauts - Laika Sex Machine. It worked like a charm too.

Songs like "You Never Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile and "Dead End Town" pit melody against Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile to produce unforgettable hooks, and upon my fifteenth or sixteenth listen to this album in the last three days, every tune still grabs me.

Or I still grab them. The Reds are one of the few modern day groups who mattered. The Registrators. Splish Splash! JD The Registrators. It may be a totally token comparison for a band now comprised of all younger girls, but this is totally reminiscent of pre "American Teenage Butt Rock Machine" era Donnas, with a little bit of the mid nineties Lookout sound thrown in for kicks.

So, is there any difference between Sandiest and the Jam? Every song on this album has been exquisitely crafted into a catchy and complex pop tune. So if you like any early Jam records and want to hear a Japanese group do everything flawlessly, except the lyrics of course, then you should hear Sandiest.

This, their full-length follow up to Furhers of the New Wave seems to be closer to the premiere Smogtown release in my opiniontheir Beach City Butchers 10".

On Domestic Smogtown exhibit even more cynical approach to the life that surrounds them. They tell it like Cocktails At Five - Various - Life Of Leisure is.

The truth is a valuable and rare thing these days. Smogtown acts as the antithesis to the vision and appearance of life as portrayed by The Beach Boys. Smogtown are here. Furhers was a good record, I would even consider it a great one, but it lacked in something that I and other music enthusiast blamed on production- blamed on production because it was easy, but no offense Mr.

Peters because really, deep down, those same enthusiast knew that Smogtown were much, much better It was almost as if Smogtown seemed to take a step back and re-group. In that 7" there was some liner notes alluding to a great Smogtown resurgence of sorts Then along came Domesticviolenceland. So, like the switch-blade new wave is back. The New Beach Alliance does not falter!!!! This is a fucking great release! Smogtown keep the punk-rock with the dash flame alive.

If only Penelope Spherris would do a REAL legitimate sequel to Suburbia: 20 years after where we would find out what happened to the original cast lives and how they dealt with "growing up" and how some of them would interact with their children who would listen to bands like Smogtown Gear up!!!! SAB Disaster Records. The Spits The Spits Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile the Ramones Ramones The Spits. Very boring no-frills punk rock from Virginia that sounds probably closest to L.

This shit better serves as a cure for sleep deprivation if you ask me, than shit the kids are going to want to mosh to these days. Get a clue! This is exactly the type of band that a friend of mine recently described to me as "non-adjective punk.

The Strokes did take the shortcuts. They have become an overnight success. The reader might ask how? And do it on your own terms? So let it be established to the reader that the Strokes are Joe Morello - Joe Morello around the world.

It has to do with rhythm. It also has to do with melody. And, I might add dear Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophileit has to do with timing. And they combine that rhythm with a harmonious melody that is quite catchy and, if I may be so candid as to say, just captivating. The timing has to do with how the band reacts to one another. When certain members chime in at the right time. A guitar solo here, a cymbal crash there, stressing the right amount of power Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile a certain lyric, the Strokes are one of the steadiest groups I have ever heard.

And if the reader is a regular here at blankgeneration. Comments Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile been made about how they sound like the Velvet Underground, Pixies, and the Buzzcocks. Let me say to the esteemed reader of blankgeneration. The Strokes sound like the Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophileperiod. I must tell the reader of this review that this saddens me, but the sadness is infinitesimal.

I am sad because the Strokes, while still playing "New York City Cops" Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile their live shows, do not believe in the song enough to brave the wrath of the public and keep the song on the domestic album. To those readers who have not heard the song and are Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile what all the commotion is about, well let Sante Fe - Ottmar Liebert - Великие Гитаристы Мира explain.

As I said to the reader in the paragraph above, my sadness over the loss of "New York City Cops" is minuscule. The Strokes are an amazing band.

I know. As an avid reader of blankgeneration. Fuck no! Fuck you! Rock critics for the obvious reasons have called the Strokes the "next Velvet Underground. Musically, a good argument can be Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile that the Velvet Underground probably makes up a good portion of the blueprint for the Strokes sound. However, as our wise editor Joe noted last week in his review of Is This Itthe Strokes overall sound is theirs. They do not sound like any one band.

For one thing, the Strokes rhythm section might be tighter than all three of those bands combined. Furthermore, the Strokes take elements from these bands and quite a few others and give it a futuristic spin.

This Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile music that is ahead of Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile time. I was skeptical just like the rest of you. When I went to see the band some three weeks ago, the club was packed with a bunch of Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile local rock journalists quipping remarks like, "I bet these guys fucking suck," in anger from their guest-list spots being bumped down a few spaces, not to mention all of the trend hopping, leather clad indie rockers that packed the club two-hundred over its usual capacity in the company of their emo girlfriends.

I even contemplated a few times during the evening whether or not it was worth all the effort involved on my part to weasel my way into a sold-out show. Then the Strokes took the stage and erased all of that with just a few chords into the first song. I was floored. Musically, the Strokes were like an explosion of sonic, droning waves of guitars and drum rhythm. As I noted earlier, their rhythm section is as tight as they come. There is no defined lead guitarist in the Strokes; both guitarists are second to none and are among the fastest, un-palm muted guitar strummers I have ever seen or heard.

Nearly every background chord seems to have an intoxicating, deliberately fast-strummed drone to it similar to that of the Piranhas, minus the snarl. Crisp and precise to the point of drum-machine-like perfection, yet bombastic and subtly explosive at moments when the rhythm section really needs to turn on the afterburners. He carries the fucking rhythm section at times. Everything just seems to work well musically with this band. Not a wasted bass line, guitar chord or drum beat is audible in listening to their songs.

While I believe that there is a certain bit of live energy is missing from the album as with virtually any great live bandevery single observation I made above applies to Is This It.

Is This It might be as intentionally ironic as album titles go these days, but at the Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile of these 11 songs, there is no question left in my mind- This most-definitely is it. Sweatmaster "Hold It! Aside from the fact that it sounds like something a few of my fat-ass friends could use? Sweatmaster is very rock. Very rock. Very roll. Very Rock.

Very Roll. All I could say was "Wow. This is good. This is awesome," until my sister said, "Dan. Shut Up. You said that three times. I am going to admit to being super-critical about the artwork, though.

At least find somebody that knows the importance of kerning! MB Records P. BoxReno, NV This record has done it to me. Now everybody knows that Japanese punk is usually a cut above the rest, but nothing could have prepared me for Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile great this is.

These guys mix awesome trashed out punk rock with absolutely stunning power pop. Limited edition of Various Artists Lion Anthology Motown 5. Liberty 5. Ajax Shake It - Jelly Roll Morton - The Originator Of Jazz-Stomp-Swing 1.

Bi-Fi 2. Osmose 9. Silver ink on blue shirt. Red, white and gray ink on Fucked Off - Smogtown - Audiophile shirt. Metal Enterprises 4. Lightbeat Ltd to for their UK tour. Alternative Tentacles 9. Various Artists Beer City 4.


Very Emotional - The Farm - Spartacus Live (VHS), Man Taking Names - Various - Washboards...Kazoos...Banjos - The History Of Skiffle, Take Me (Tutta La Gente Del Mondo) - Fran Jeffries - Take Me / Honey And Wine, SewManiWais - Knxwledge - Anthology, Gwen McCrae - For Your Love / Your Love, No Money Down - John Hammond* - The Best Of John Hammond, Part Two - Pink Floyd - Ummagumma, Lets Start II Dance Again - Various - Mexico Night Birds I, Andrew Cash - Revelations / Back When EP (File), Travelling The Wastelands - Dynatron - Aeternus, Pronto Mamma - Nino DAngelo - Nino DAngelo Volume 2°, Frozen Screams - Sodom - Sodom : 1995-2001, Dentro De Mi - Cerebros Exprimidos - Las Maquetas 1985-1988, Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard - CEst Bien Trop Tard

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