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Plot: Dramatization of the alleged abduction of Travis Walton in The First Man Into Space Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation Director: Robert Day.

Cast: Marshall Thompson. Plot: A test pilot is mutated by cosmic rays into a blood-thirsty monster. First Men in the Moon Plot: Adaptation of an H.

Wells novel. Creatures menace turn-of-the-century lunar explorers who arrive in a Victorian spaceship. First Spaceship on Venus Director: Kurt Maetzig. Cast: Yoko Tani. Plot: German science fiction adventure with an international crew of astronauts landing on Venus. Plot: Earth, air, fire, water together create the most important element; life.

A hero must save the world from evil with the help of the fifth element-- a supreme alien being. Not Rated 97 minutes. Flight of the Navigator Director: Randal Kleiser.

Plot: A youngster who can communicate with machines helps a UFO find its way home. Flight to Mars Director: Lesley Selander. Plot: Scientists and newsmen crash on Mars and discover a race of humans living beneath the planet's surface. The Flying Saucer Director: Mikel Conrad. Forbidden Planet Director: Fred M.

Plot: The most highly regarded sci-fi film of the s. A futuristic space mission lands on the planet Altair-4 and finds a doctor and his daughter, who are all that remain from a previous colonization attempt, Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation an unseen force that does not welcome them.

From the Earth to the Moon Director: Byron Haskin. Plot: Based on Jules Verne's story of a turn-of-the-century trip to the moon that is sabotaged. G Galaxina Director: William Sachs. Plot: Low-budget space spoof. Galaxy of Terror Director: B. Plot: The Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation of a spaceship sent to rescue a crash survivor must face one horror after another on a desolate planet. The Gifted Director: Audrey King Lewis. Plot: A southern family with supernatural powers that they inherited from their West African ancestors is joined by the only surviving member of the tribe as they fight a desperate alien force.

The Green Slime Director: Kinji Fukasaku. Plot: A bit of alien green slime makes its way onto a space station and multiplies itself into slimy monsters. The Groundstar Conspiracy Director: Lamont Johnson.

Plot: A government agent is sent to uncover the security leak that led to the destruction of a secret space laboratory, and a man with amnesia is his only lead. H Hangar Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation Director: James L.

Plot: An alien spaceship is accidentally disabled by a U. The Hidden Frozen Screams - Sodom - Sodom : 1995-2001 Director: Jack Sholder. Plot: A police detective and an FBI agent pursue what may be an alien intruder when a bizarre series of crimes occur in Los Angeles. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Director: Alan Bell. Follows the adventures of Arthur Dent, an ordinary citizen who narrowly escapes the Earth's destruction by aliens who are annoyed that the planet is blocking the intergalactic highway they want to build.

Horror of the Blood Monsters Director: Al Adamson. Plot: Astronauts land on a planet and find it inhabited by monsters. Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star Director: Peter Hunt. Plot: Youngsters from another planet come to Wyoming to see if Earth is really like the TV commercials they've been monitoring, and a teenager shows them around. I I Come in Peace Director: Craig R.

Plot: An alien comes to take over the Earth, to use human beings as convenient drug factories for his kind, and a cop must stop him. I Married a Monster from Outer Space Director: Gene Fowler Jr. Plot: A young woman discovers that her new husband belongs to a race of alien beings with plans to repopulate their planet by having children with Earth women. Director: Marius Penczner. Cast: James Raspberry, Larry Raspberry. Plot: Satire about alien invaders seeking a top-secret cola formula who pollute the world's soft drink industry in the process.

Ice Pirates Director: Stewart Raffill. Plot: Set in outer space in the far future, when the universe has run out of water. The Incredible Melting Man Plot: During a dangerous space mission, an astronaut contracts an illness that causes his flesh to melt upon his return to Earth. Independence Day Director: Roland Emmerich. Plot: An alien armada arrives on Earth and kills billions of people, but Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation the 4th of July, the earthlings fight back.

Infra-Man Director: Hua-Shan. Plot: An astronaut is transformed by radiation into a bionic superhero who protects the world from monsters sent from inner Earth. Intruders Director: Dan Curtis. Made for TV. Plot: Two sisters undergo hyponotic regression and convince a psychiatrist that they have been repeatedly abducted by aliens, since childhood.

Invader Director: Philip J. Cast: Hans Bachman, A. Plot: A reporter sent to cover a strange massacre of soldiers realizes that the soldiers have been taken over by aliens.

In order to turn in the news story, he must fight for survival. The Invaders Director: Paul Shapiro. Plot: A pilot discovers a plan to destroy the Earth's ecology so that humanoid aliens can colonize it. He and a beautiful scientist race to convince the government of the global threat. Invaders From Mars Director: William Cameron Menzies. Plot: A boy sees a flying saucer land Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation a nearby field, but no one will believe him.

Invaders from Mars Director: Tobe Hooper. Plot: A remake of the film, where a boy battles Martians who have taken over his parents and threaten to destroy the world. Invasion of the Animal People Director: Virgil Vogel, Jerry Warren. Plot: Extraterrestrial visitors assume the form of animals. Invasion of the Bee Girls Director: Denis Sanders. Plot: Strange female invaders affect the male population of a small California town.

Wacky spoof -- not for kids. Invasion of the Body Snatchers Director: Don Siegel. Plot: Disturbingly frightening film about humans being taken over by cold, emotionless pods from outer space.

Director: Phil Kaufman. Plot: Semi-sequel to the film. This one is set in San Francisco, where the "seeds" from outer space are duplicating and destroying the Bay Area residents at an alarming rate. Invasion Earth-The Aliens are Here Director: George Maitland. Plot: While two ten-year-old boys sit through a monster movie marathon, preparations are being made to destroy the Earth. When an alien projectionist takes over the audience, the boys must rid the town of the real monsters.

Invasion of the Neptune Men Cast: Sonny Chiba. Plot: A superhero streaks through outer space conquering invaders from other planets. Invasion of the Saucermen Director: Edward L. Plot: A teenaged couple sees a flying saucer land in a nearby field, but no one believes them. Invasion UFO Plot: Based on the short-lived television series about an alien invasion.

It Came From Outer Space Director: Jack Arnold. Plot: Ray Bradbury story about aliens crash-landing and taking over human bodies so that they can repair their ship unnoticed. It Conquered the World Director: Roger Corman. Plot: B-movie about aliens who follow a failed satellite back to Earth. A scientist helps them hide in a cavern, but discovers their intentions are evil.

If you want to discover more of the unique world of Spanish progressive rock and the Rock Andaluz, this box set is highly recommended! While the Vox Dei album would become an undisputed classic of the Latin 70s rock scene, apparently not everyone was happy with its outcome. While the original was a double album just shy of an hour's run, the new version would trim the fat and keep things at a single vinyl album's run of just shy of 45 minutes and create more ambitious renditions of the same exact run of tracks.

Sparing no expenses, this new recording amassed over hours in the studio and took nine months with the most modern equipment of the era that utilized eight channels. Ironically none of the members of Vox Dei were invited to participate in this newer rendition despite the album serving as a faithful re-recording of that band's efforts. LA BIBLIA is as magnanimous and monumental as its subject matter suggests which took the Spanish language narrative and dressed it up with epic compositional flair that fused True Faith - New Order - Transmission (DVD) developed Western classical music with the heavier edges of hard rock and symphonic prog.

The music is so perfectly constructed that it practically narrates the emotional responses despite any language barriers experienced by non-Spanish speakers, a luxury of readapting a prior work instead of inventing one from scratch. Technically speaking, this sonic interpretation of the scriptures utilized a quadraphonic system that utilized live and studio settings as well as the early 70s love affair with the synthesizer in ways made popular by the likes of Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman.

Billy Bond has stated that the intent of remaking this classic is the fact that the original sounded so rushed and was recorded in a mere three to four weeks which was hardly enough to animate such a soundtrack of an epic topic such as the Bible.

He also explained that while certain parts were right on target, the mid-section felt pompous and out of balance. The whole affair was tantamount to launching a three ring circus Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation so many musicians laying down countless tracks as to create a larger sum of the parts. While the album was lauded by critics, the commercial success was disappointing as the ambitiousness of the album coincided with the military dictatorship years of the 70s.

While the initial fruits of their labor may have been brushed aside during its time, the album has retained a sense of timelessness and is a less haughty affair than many similarly natured concept musicals that tackle the seemingly inexpressible Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation like the entire works of such a Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation historical tome. This second recording of LA BIBLIA recorded by the plethora of artists and managed by Billy Bond and Gustavo Beytelman is quite the triumphant expression that captures the spirit of not only the Argentine rock scene of the early 70s but also successfully conveys the message of the theme.

It's a grand expression of not only the exquisitely delivered classical compositional constructs but also exudes healthy doses of harder edged rock in the vein of contemporary bands like Led Zeppelin complete with heavy guitar riffs and stellar soloing.

The production techniques are cleverly utilized to implement the perfect accompanying effects whether it be the backmasking, echo effects or other accoutrements. Like many an Argentine prog band Message In A Bottle - Dan Mylotte - Modern Meditations: Rock Goes Zen To The Rock Classics the 70s, this too has quite an air of the classic prog that was all the rage in Italy since Argentina was colonized by many Italians and even its dialect of Spanish has taken on Italian language characteristics.

So too has the musical delivery of this style of symphonic prog and luckily the efforts that went into this one have been rewarded by a sense of longevity as the decades plod on. This is a great work and despite sounding like a major cheeseball is quite tastefully carried out.

The 2-page introduction by Mark Powell is in itself an excellent summarization of the most radical artistic development of rock that took place within a few years.

The changes really started in the spring of The single was not seen as an adequate medium to express Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation artistic ideas, albums were ambitious and often conceptual in nature and tracks were up to twenty minutes long catering to the demands of an eager 'underground' audience.

Styles such as psychedelic rock, jazz-rock, space rock, folk rock and blues-rock all became classed as 'Progressive' or 'Underground'", Powell writes. The Factory - Various - ProgDay 2001 is perhaps the most fruitful year ever in the development of rock.

There were also various media supporting the new artists, and Powell gives a lot of credit to the legendary DJ John Peel. The page illustrated booklet introduces each artist in alphabetical order not the running order which is wise. I'd preferred the print to be slightly larger. The texts are well written and contain a Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation of information in an economic space roughly one page per artist.

Many of the artists aren't that well Fais Moi Le Couscous Chérie - Bob Azzam Et Son Orchestre - Les Papous - Abuglubu-Abugluba - Fais Moi by even an advanced listener, so the set is very worthy also as a reference source.

About the selection of artitsts; anyone with a good knowledge on early prog can easily name several important bands that are missing: Pink Floyd, The Nice, Family, The Moody Blues, Soft Machine.

First and foremost the set showcases the diversity of Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation. Well, my review turned out to be more like an overall introduction to this set, but understandably reviewing separate songs would be slightly unfocussed in this case. This is exactly the kind of a Fly - Various - Planet - The Distant Music Compilation of which one doesn't have to like each song, and it's extremely unlikely anyway. But despite having some tracks the average listener probably has already, this gives a wonderful and deeply educational slice of rock history.

Best of Bonkers. Bonkers Re-Booted. Bonkers: The Original Hardcore. Happy hardcorehardcore technogabber. Bonkers Bonkers 2: Now We're Totally Bonkers Hillbilly Heaven - Bob Wayne - Back To The Camper 3: A Journey into Madness Hixxy, SharkeyDougal.

Bonkers 4: The Tide Keeps Rolling In - Margaret Urlich - Safety In Numbers Frenzy React Music Limited.

Resist Music. Bonkers The Original Hardcore. Reminders, Vol. Ravebaby Superstar (Fabian Gray Mix) - Various - KlubCandyUSA Traian Chereches be chosen The Berlin Sessions Vol.

Thing For D Anthea Brouqade Nuts N' Stuff Vol. Drumma Society Vol. Abyss Diego Krause Constant Sound April 29, June 1, Archived from the original on 21 February Retrieved November 27, Music Television.

Archived from the original on April 1, Retrieved September 1, Archived from the original on November 3, Archived from the original on March 18, Universal Music Group. Consequence of Sound. November 23, Rolling Stone in Italian. Greatest Hits Icon. Dogs Eating Dogs. I Hope You're Happy ". Categories : Blink Punk rock group discographies Hillbilly Heaven - Bob Wayne - Back To The Camper of American artists Pop punk group discographies.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Blink in BPI : Silver [36].

WW: 1, US: 1, [37]. WW : 15, [13] US: 4, [40]. WW: 14, [45] US: 2, [46]. WW: 7, [48] US: 2, [49]. WW:US:[52]. WW:US: 77, [55]. BPI: Silver [36]. Non-album single. RIAA: Gold [9]. Non-album song. Short Music for Short People.


UnAltra Chance - Fabri Fibra - Bugiardo, Odrywanie Część II - Various - Nowa Siła, Error #9 - Mono - Under The Pipal Tree, Operator - Pan-Pot - The Other, Fornicating Fire [Ukrainian Remix] - Banished Souls Ov Forbidden Desire - United In Loneliness, Sweet And Low Down - George Gershwin - Spielt George Gershwin Und Jerome Kern, Very Emotional - The Farm - Spartacus Live (VHS), The Truck Driver And His Mate - Pet Shop Boys - Singles 1986 - 1999 : CD 4, Dumm - Various - Breitseite, Wake Up - Mad Season - Above (Minidisc)

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