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He did his chores, and that was all. Too interested in reading. Kalani was different. He could tell just by looking at him, he was born for ranching. Too scrawny to ever be great at sports, yet not so little there was nothing for a man to hold onto. Sunny this morning, then turning partly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the early afternoon. Then, mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

Balls like a lamb. Just once to make sure both were there. Yearling calf balls were way bigger. He rubbed his thumb and first finger together, recalling pouch skin so delicate he could barely feel it, snug boy-eggs scooting out of the way.

Testicles so tiny that Kalani still had a couple of years before they dropped down, another year after that before he made seed. Bright morning sunshine lit up his bedroom, making him blink like a barn owl.

Remembering Kalani was next across the hall brought a smile to his face. Close up, he was nothing at all like his parents. Not much resemblance to his older brother either. Differences were as interesting as similarities. More like his sister, except for the hair and eyes.

Chores waited. Hearing voices, he went to the window, called out to Tony Graybear, part-time ranch hand. He started wearing it in high school, he said for his image. There was a rumor, unsubstantiated, that Tony, high school senior, stuck his over-sized cock-head into middle-school ass. Tony grinned. As the story went, he fucked a horny ranch boy into a stupor on his graduation night. Not bad for a lanky Blackfoot brave. He was lucky he had a kick that took him to Montana U.

Now, he was a forestry major, home for the summer. I slept in. Rabbit from the first day he walked. He fell down and jumped right back up.

Sturdy legs on the toddler became the fastest runner at Black River Elementary, destined for high school football fame like his much older brother. Charlie smiled. One hundred percent certain Calvin Graybear was in the loft with his jeans at his knees, beating off Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love, dark, Indian Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love still too shy to even talk to the opposite sex, let alone have a girlfriend. Standing joke about pubescent ranch brats.

No different for Indian kids. Always masturbating. Circle jerks and cornholing required other boys. Charlie stepped back from the window. Except for shoes he was still dressed in town-clothes. Shedding his blue denim shirt, he found himself thinking of Rabbit down at the creek splashing in mountain-chilled water.

Late spring, early-for-summer skinny dipping, skinny brown kid with a fat brown dick. No shame to speak of. Letting Charlie see all of him. Still no Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love down there, maybe a little fur on his balls. Cavorting around. Doing hand stands in the sand. Charlie looked. Chewed his lip. Calvin had hair past his shoulders. Blackfoot boy with straight, black, thick hair and an extra-wide nose. He was a good looking kid, but he had nothing to interest Charlie Deere.

What he wanted was someone like Martha. He peeked into the adjoining bedroom before he went downstairs. Kalani was face down, lightly tanned arms hugging his pillow, his little bare butt up in the air, plump yet pinched in the sides. The sheet covered his thighs.

No wonder women wanted butts like boys. He picked up size ten cowboy summer clothes and carried them downstairs, put them in the washing machine in Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love laundry on his way out the door.

Grinning, because everyone knew about twelve-year-old boys. Graybears lived up the road, Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love far to walk unless one was in the mood for an afternoon stroll, or wanted a scenic hike along the valley adjoining the Lewis and Clark National Forest.

It looked like a rustic log cabin except for its flat tar-paper roof. A corral out back and six busted pickups in front, a sight-seeing landmark because of what his son did in Iraq. Luckily, it was mostly hidden by a grove of struggling aspen. Yeah, I guess.

He kinda dodged that bullet when I asked. Charlie shrugged. Not much different physically to when he came to visit three years earlier. Small-boned like his younger siblings, all of them taking after their dancer-mother. A lot more confident than anyone would expect, the center of Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love with full color spreads in Teen magazine. And he glowed. Calvin scrambled down the ladder, just a little embarrassed, making sure his zipper was closed before he turned around.

Calvin grinned back, still boned with a bulge any twelve year old would be proud of. Ambling over to Charlie. Taking his time by picking off straw. It was true for Indian kids too.

Ten years between them made a difference, but was it enough? Plenty of opportunity with the nearest neighbors a mile away. Still, a 22—year-old running-back college student and his hundred-pound -lighter twelve-year-old brother; that would be worth seeing. Charlie regarded him fondly, thinking the very same thing.

Incredible balance. Agility out the wazoo. Daredevil boy riding waves as high as a barn door. There were always the same snapshots at the start of the show, credits like postcards, coming faster and faster, turning high-def video.

The best part was Dyani hanging five, framed by a huge breaking wave. It was true, but it sounded so gay. There was something reassuring about having a boy on the ranch. Le Feutre Taupé - Roche & Aznavour* - Le Feutre Taupé / Départ - Express Dyani stay for a week was like having Jeff back again.

Not that he saw much of Dyani. Every day, Calvin rode his pony over to play. Just play, as far as he knew.

Probably nothing more erotic than two boys pissing together. Strange for the older boy to be the shy one, although after seeing him undressed, it was obvious why.

Taking a deep breath, he put words to emotions. Tony smirked, unable to stop himself. Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love laughed. For a Blackfoot Indian, Calvin went remarkably red.

Every kid who watched Grommet knew that. It was kind of a joke, Deer Deere, and apropos too, because Dyani had doe eyes, big and brown like a white-tail. Girls fell in love with his eyes. Charlie had to think for a moment. Jeff spent a year teaching in Maui after he finished college. Calvin grinned back. Impossible not to Peace & Chicken Grease the white-haired old rancher. Charlie leaned back against his work bench, folded his arms. Calvin was a handsome boy in a wild sort of way.

Black shiny hair, ochre skin. Serious dark eyes. High cheek bones. Strong jaw. She was right. Calvin looked like a young Johnny Hawk, rodeo bull rider. Damn sexy, especially for a kid barely starting to Peace & Chicken Grease . He scratched his ear. I got a A, four Bs and a C for the year. Charlie waited. The boy smiled slowly.

Charlie chuckled. Calvin glanced at his brother. Baaa Baaa Bah! Calvin heaved a shrug. Charlie nodded. Calvin grinned and nodded. Yer own helmet too.

Anything else, Rabbit? Calvin handed it back with a smirk. Charlie chuckled, sucking up their brotherly banter like a vacuum. It made him feel younger.

Tony was still laughing at his red-faced brother as Charlie climbed into the front loader cabin, pulled on cowhide gloves, and cranked the old diesel motor until it spluttered to life. By the time the pall of smoke cleared from the barn, Tony and Calvin were shoveling clumps of manure from the first stall. Charlie scooped up most of it and reversed out of the barn.

Calvin followed, shovel ready to scoop up what dropped. Deere, what you said… about the twenty… You were kidding right? Charlie winked lewdly.

Trying hard to decide if Charlie was joking. Confused by that knowing wink as much as by his ears burning and feeling strange. He smiled. Still Peace & Chicken Grease in his teens and he had five solid inches of Indian python. After a moment, Calvin shook his head and went back to the stalls, shovel on his shoulder. The manure pile was knee high when Kalani Osker - Idle Will Kill up to the corral, feeling Alan Jackson cool, cowboy junior minus a Stetson hat.

He climbed the rails and perched on the top. Grampa turned off the motor and clambered down from the front loader.

She lie on yer tummy? Grampa surveyed his youngest grandson as he peeled off his gloves. Ranch-brat garb, faded jeans and a dark blue-cotton shirt with copper press-studs for buttons.

Grampa felt strange the closer he came. His grandson had hair like spun gold. Like them there Wranglers. Both looked down. Slim-fit jeans and slender boy legs made a near perfect match. Tattered at the ankles. Worn to threads in the knees.

Loose in the thighs. Skinny little boy still looking tired. Kalani turned around. Both Tony and Calvin were stripped to the waist, polished-bronze muscled torsos, Walmart blue jeans clinging to lanky perspiring bodies.

Sexy males even in Goodwill boots. Blackfeet warriors for the 21st century. Built like a thoroughbred foal, on his way to a yearling. Grampa shook his head.

He take care of Graybear wigwam. Kalani edged closer to his grandpa. Not pleased that his grandfather would think it was funny. He focused on Tony mostly. Captivated by broad Peace & Chicken Grease and a narrow waist, and thighs like a football player, wondering why there was no hair on his chest. Flexing upper arm muscles shiny with sweat. Kalani grinned back at him, fumbling as he unfastened metal buttons. He had the front open before he glanced at his grandfather.

Grampa nodded encouragingly. Reached out to take the shirt as Kalani slipped it off. He nodded approvingly. His grandson was graceful with the promise of mountain-lion power. Taut narrow waist so his jeans drooped past his hips. Skinny enough to have a finger-width gap in front, and another in back.

Almost enough room to slip his hand underneath. Like Martha in jeans when he met her in college—she was trim back then. He could get to her pussy without undoing her zipper. Other than Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love, Gramma and grandson were nothing alike, yet he was still lost for words. For the first two years he was the same way looking at her.

Delicate unblemished boy-skin, not a single imperfection, not even a freckle. Prominent belly button that invited closer inspection. No tits like a fat kid, just tiny dot nipples. Nicely built boy.

Not nearly as solid as Calvin. Maybe running. Too short for basketball. Swimming was a possibility, but the nearest training pool was in Bozeman. Grampa chuckled. Kalani shrugged at Tony and Calvin, and followed him in. Bewildered, Kalani stood in front of pounds of chestnut colt, snorting, twitching. Its back was taller than he was, standing on tiptoes. Teacup sniffed him, wet horse nose nudging his shoulder and chest until he had to step Peace & Chicken Grease .

With not-yet-eleven trepidation, Kalani cautiously extended his hand and stroked Teacup on his bristly snout. Feeling hot horse breath on his bare belly. It sent a thrill through him. Right into his core. His other hand crept down to his groin. Noses they rub on the rails. Kalani shrewdly relocated his hand as he reached way up, standing on the tips of his toes.

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Jesus is my Lord and King. A bag of bread, my little hand reaching in and feeding ducks along a small lake in the Park. A red plastic key to turn on talking exhibit boxes at the zoo. I was too young then to know that I would not have existed without San Francisco. My Italian grandmother immigrated here from Italy with her brother injust in time for the Great Earthquake. Displaced by the temblor, she Nadine Sutherland - I Found Love across the Bay to San Leandro, where she met my grandfather.

Their second child, my father, became a language professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Annual school field trips turned us loose among the post-Summer of Love flower Peace & Chicken Grease .

This city, she could Go-Gos - Talk Show your breath away then. There was no other place like it. Painted houses, psychedelic head shops, Hare Krishnas, tie-dyed shirts, the smell of patchouli and incense, and the insistent pound of bongos played by shirtless men in parks.

Its English department had a stellar reputation. But most of all I had discovered Jack Kerouac and the other Beat writers, and the pull that San Francisco had on them was pulling me as well. I was already driving to the City as often as I could to hang out at City Lights bookstore in North Beach, and I could still feel the Beats there, even though it had been 20 years since their heyday.

There was an Italian bookstore in the neighborhood, too, and Italian delis and cafes, and I could buy a cheap book and a loaf of bread and sit in Washington Square Park among the old men on the park benches. Little did I know that Peace & Chicken Grease would meet Ferlinghetti and edit one of his books, a mere five years into the future. But what really ignited my affair with the City was a romance into which I had been swept during my last few months in college.

I fell in love Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love the first time, and I realized that — for a gay person in the late s — San Francisco was the place to be. But a new movement was taking hold in San Francisco. San Francisco had a warm heart, open hands, and a tolerant eye. It was whimsical, it was wild, it was affectionate, it was sensuous, it was all-embracing.

For a young person, of any orientation, the life in this town turned Dancing Queen - ABBA - Arrival one big party.

I got my first San Francisco apartment in In those days, San Francisco was an economically diverse place. Hungry artists could draw breath easily alongside millionaires in mansions. I browsed in used bookstores and record shops, went to double features, ate cheap ethnic food.

My girlfriend was a waitress at the Front Room pizza parlor a block away, and she brought home hot pizza and vats of salad dressing nearly every night. I even invented a sandwich that they put on the menu — Bay shrimp and melted cheddar cheese on a warm, crisp sourdough roll.

We cooked a lot of pasta and drank cheap red wine, and despite our cramped quarters we gave frequent dinner parties, taking the bathroom door off its hinges to use as a dining table.

Which made it interesting when Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love guest needed to use the facilities. But the difference is that San Francisco is neither raw and gritty nor an expanse of blondes and freeways. Around every corner, through every window, and behind every door was something new and novel. As I walked its streets I felt, at times, as if I were riding a slightly tipsy carousel of blended sound, smells, and color. The clang of the cable car bell and the rumble of its tracks.

The slaps and groans of pilings on the wharf. The happy, rainbow-painted old Victorians. Blues and jazz pouring out of North Beach and the Fillmore. The dusty whiffs Peace & Chicken Grease old books piled in stacks. The cheap flats where the writers and the musicians and the eccentrics lived, hungry but certainly not starving in those days.

Street artists, jugglers, dancers, mimes, raconteurs. The roasted smell of Hills Brothers Coffee in the air south of Market. Secret alleys, some conspiratorial, some brightened with murals, others populated by young families and topped with drying laundry. Old brick buildings with friendly doormen and cranky elevators. The robust aroma of thick steaks from Tadich Grill at noon, exhaling into my office window. Salt air, sourdough, and fresh crab down at the Wharf.

Old men shouting in Peace & Chicken Grease and playing bocce in North Beach or downing cappuccinos at Tosca. Downtown bike messengers racing to deliver manuscripts to printers.

The low call of the foghorns, warning of the ocean rocks. The San Francisco Chronicle was my morning-coffee habit before work. Back then you could sometimes see him roaming around town, always looking jaunty in a hat. His deep adoration of the City permeated the daily columns he tapped out on his trusty Royal typewriter. So I Zortearen Kolpeak - Benito Lertxundi - Hunkitura Kuttunak a freelancer, working for book, magazine, and newspaper publishers all over San Francisco, the Peninsula, and Marin County.

I edited a book by, and got to meet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti who, by the way, turned earlier this Various - Fête de la Saint Patrick Et de la Bretagne 10th Anniversary Tour. Later when I worked at a nonprofit political publisher, vendors were always Peace & Chicken Grease my boss and me to fancy three-martini lunches. On many a workday afternoon I leaned over manuscripts sporting a pickled grin.

For me, perhaps above all else, the City then was a place where I could be myself and not have to worry about the judgment of strangers. In those days the social climate for gay people in this country was not as warm and accepting as it can be now. In San Francisco, though, gay bars and bookstores and softball leagues and music and comedy clubs offered an array of activities in a carefree, safe Peace & Chicken Grease .

And even outside those like-minded venues, SF was just a downright welcoming town. For this conservative girl, it was a heady buzz. Some of the softball games started at 9 p. They could only pray that batted balls would drop into their mitts and not onto their heads. Meanwhile, I Just Right For Him - The Go-Betweens - Spring Hill Fair dating like mad.

The fog always felt like a cloak, hiding the mysteries and promises of a night without limits. Herb Caen used to say that San Francisco was always a mecca for round pegs in a largely square world. I saw it as the place where the chimes of freedom were flashing. Much to my joy, my sister often allowed her kids to stay with me by themselves.

On one such visit, my young niece Sara wanted to go Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love for San Francisco landmarks that Laura Ingalls Wilder had mentioned in her letters to her husband. Among them were the reclining lion statues at the Peace & Chicken Grease edge of Golden Gate Park.

Sara squealed when she saw them, still on their perches, reminders of days past. We visited the Exploratorium and the Zoo. Around the time I hung up my cleats, I started playing drums and put together a band. Our first show, which started after midnight, drew such a huge crowd that there was a line down the street.

Where Peace & Chicken Grease could a bunch of women with very little musical experience attract such an ardent following at in the morning? Like much of San Francisco, the joint had a tawdry yet creatively liberating history. Metallica once played a surprise set there. I remember vividly the day I heard Herb Caen passed away. It was February 2,and the news made me heartsick. That night, Julie and I went out to dinner at the Beach Chalet, a restaurant and brewery overlooking the water where I could wallow in my gloom.

I ordered my usual burger on a crisp sourdough roll, along with a hearty ale. The bartender stopped serving for a few minutes and informed the assembled diners and drinkers that we needed to raise our glasses in remembrance of the great newspaperman. His voice was full of pathos. The locals there knew exactly what had died inside us. Herb Caen was our beloved touchstone, our morning fix of the City.

What would happen to us now? Herb, by the way, loved a martini. On the rocks, with a twist. Shaken, not stirred. A couple of decades have passed since then. Most of my friends have gone, many of them back to the East Coast where they grew up. Age or infirmity might intervene at some point, but for now, I want to stay right where I am, tethered strongly to this place by a near lifetime of sturdy roots.

The topography and natural beauty. The ocean, the hills, the clean air, the crisp breezes. On the day we got married, Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love wind was titanic. Skirts were lifted, hair was whirled. My sister Janine snapped a photo of one gusty moment, all of us screaming with laughter. This has been a perfect day, I thought to myself. The way the temperature surprises you every day, depending upon the vicissitudes of the fog.

Will it appear? Will it hang off the coast, or will it come rolling in? And if so, how far? Will it blanket the city, or will it cling to the edges? His owner was Bob Geary, a police officer who liked to take the puppet on his rounds to help ease tensions. When Officer Geary was told by management that he had to get rid of Brendan, he succeeded in putting the matter on the ballot. Our small but character-filled s house with its gravity heater, hallway telephone nook, center patio, stenciled mahogany beams, wall sconces, breakfast room with built-in cabinets, art deco split bathrooms with pedestal sinks, and downstairs room cool enough to be a wine cellar, at a dependable 55 degrees.

The red fire alarm Peace & Chicken Grease box on our streetcorner, installed before everyone had a home phone. The San Francisco Chronicle each morning with breakfast, still a necessity. Surfers, peeling off their wetsuits out on the Great Highway, having just ridden the waves on.

The rocky, roaring, crashing, thunderous Pacific Ocean, carrying cargo ships to the end of their voyages home. Buses, trolleys, streetcars, and cable cars that may be quirky but that can get any San Franciscan anywhere in the city at a decent price. Liguria Bakery in North Beach, Peace & Chicken Grease only place that makes focaccia that tastes like Italy, the way it did when I was a child. Dungeness crab, the sweetest in the world, eaten chilled Peace & Chicken Grease pristine with just olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, and a hunk of.

The legendary San Francisco Giants, who arrived in the city — with the greatest player to ever take the field — just as I became aware of baseball. Half a century later they handed San Francisco the first of three World Series and caused me to weep for three days. The year-old, world famous, naughty, serious, playful, beat-pounding San Francisco Pride Parade. Colorful Victorian, Italianate, Queen Anne, and Marina-style homes, each a visual feast of bay windows, facades, arches, cornices, columns, and gargoyles.

The Riptide out at 47th Avenue and Taraval, near the shore. Warm yet cool. Nostalgic yet youthful. A wood-burning fireplace. Cash only. Retired and moored down at the wharf for many decades, she once carried her cargo around Cape Horn, then joined the salmon fishing industry and made several trips up to Alaska and back. In her time she carried pottery, cutlery, whisky, wool, tallow, canned salmon, lumber, and fishermen and their supplies. She also appeared in the film Mutiny on the Bounty, and now she rests.

Very few square-rigged ships are left, and this one is a NTah - Madcat - Live at Natures Table. I love standing on the creaky deck with the rain on my face. And the fact that this city is a watercolor of culture and cultures, with so much to offer that any one marginalized person, lost and alone, can come here and find identity and meaning, acceptance and renewal.

Often the dystopian critiques are political, thrown around by pundits who like to make the City — and, in fact, California in general — into an example of what happens when progressive politics are involved. The city is also dealing with other urban problems, including increasing homelessness, drug use, and unclean streets. Many of our challenges, though, are related to the fact A Part Of Me - Roger Miller - The One And Only we have a severe housing shortage and serious income inequality.

The city Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love expand geographically, and construction regulations here are nearly impenetrable. Longtime San Franciscans often demonize the tech workers these days. After all, they make boatloads of money, and the price of housing here has skyrocketed. Most of my neighbors are formerly middle-class workers like electricians, postal carriers, hairdressers, public sector employees, office managers, and the like.

The new people moving in are working mainly for companies like Google. Is there a difference now? But some of these types of changes are happening nearly everywhere. So perhaps we old-timers are Neanderthals, curmudgeons. San Francisco is a town that hangs onto its past tenaciously, but it also allows room for change. But maybe not. If they stay long enough, the new kids will have their own memories. In the meantime, the rest of us can choose to grumble about our inconstant town or we can watch, with interest, to see what unfolds.

I never could have imagined it when I strolled wide-eyed around San Francisco in my youth, but I own my own home now. I even have my own dining room. We walk our dog Buster Posey around Stowe Lake, where I first learned to love San Francisco, and afterwards eat fish tacos for lunch out on the lawn behind the Beach Chalet, where we once toasted Herb Caen.

And in the evenings at sunset I sit in our backyard with a glass of wine and a good book, occasionally looking up to stare at the beautifully lit dome of St. I am always awed and comforted by the sight.

The bells of St. On clear days the sky turns slowly orange as the sun sets over the coast. On other days, the fog continues its gentle roll inward. As my glass drains I get increasingly sentimental. I think about the wild history of this town, from the Gold Rush through the labor movement, the Beats, the hippies, the gays, and all the other social forces that have arisen here. I think about my own history as well, and the Peace & Chicken Grease real part that this city has played in it.

Our century-old theater, Post Office, drugstore, banks, produce market, and restaurants and drinking establishments offer everything we need. 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection many people enjoy the sense of place that I do?

How many people thank God every day, as I do, for the town in which they live? We went to see Hamilton at the Orpheum theater this summer and sat next to someone who had flown in from Portland just for the experience. The dude Misery Killer boots Roads dogs Tags rock alternative rock hard rock stoner rock Zaragoza.

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Robotnik pushes a button, causing giant waves to form in the pool which Dr. Robotnik begins surfing on. An overhead view of Pensacola is seen where the lights in all the buildings are shown flickering.

Culdee is shown playing Minecraft. Suddenly, the power goes out. However, every time his back is turned, the microwave shuts off, causing Bugs Bunny to turn it back on. This ends up repeating several times until the microwave explodes. Bugs Bunny: Dang it! Bugs Bunny laughs as the scene cuts back to Dr.

Robotnik surfing. Suddenly, he notices an angry mob consisting of people like Bugs Bunny, Sunny, Azaz, Culdee and Badman approaching the house with torches and pitchforks. Robotboy superactivates, rips a tree out of the ground and throws it onto a power line.

Suddenly, the waves in the pool begin to violently thrash around, sending Dr. Robotnik being thrown around in the pool. Eventually, the water begins to turn into a monstrous whirlpool that begins pulling Dr. Robotnik in. Robotnik tries to grab a nearby bush, but it rips and he ends up getting sucked back into the pool.

Robotnik gets sucked down the whirlpool and drowns to death as the scene cuts to black. Afterwards, it transitions into a view of a lab. Robotnik is seen wearing a lab outfit. Robotnik: So far, my career as scientist and inventor have gone successful! I have won multiple Nobel prizes for my discoveries! Especially since I have my robots to aid me in my discoveries!

Suddenly, the Swat-Bots begin glitching. Afterwards, their visors turn red and they glare at Dr. Eventually, the Swat-Bots tackle Dr. Robotnik and overwhelm him. They then throw Dr. Robotnik into a machine and activate it. After it shuts off, Dr. Robotnik who is now shrunken to a height of 3 inches exits. The Swat-Bot stomps on Dr. Robotnik, killing him. The scene then cuts to Movin On (12 Mix) - Outside - Movin On and finally shows Dr.

Robotnik inside a refrigerator as an egg. Scratch pulls out a knife and raises it Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love Eggbotnik.

Eggbotnik screams and jumps away as the knife hits the table. Scratch jumps onto the table and chases after Eggbotnik as he hops across the table.

Scratch then lunges at Eggbotnik as he runs into a mouse hole, causing Scratch to crash into it. Eggbotnik screams and runs off as Scratch and Grounder chase him around the kitchen. Eventually, Eggbotnik accidentally falls over a balcony and shatters at the bottom. The scene cuts to black and then back into Dr.

Robotnik is seen in a catatonic state. Robotnik: Wave pool. Wave pool. However, things so south when Yakon decides to crash the party A black limo is seen driving through the city. The limo stops outside a large mansion with a gold B symbol on the front.

Dry Bone Bro, his friends and Glitched Bro exit the limo as it drives away. Dry Bone Bro and Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love others enter the mansion. Afterwards, a figure is seen emerging from a bush.

It is revealed to be Yakon. To readers And yes. Yakon sneaks to the mansion as the scene transitions to the inside. The villains are seen either talking to one another or dancing to Halloween music. Upon hearing this, Animatronic Jesse spits out his punch. The punch ends up hitting Coconut Fred who is dressed as a mummy, causing the costume to fall apart. Coconut Fred leaves the mansion. The scene then cuts to inside where Yakon is seen entering through an air Happy New Year - Maynard Ferguson And Chris Connor - Double Exposure Plus Twos Company. Spider Man is heard screaming as splashing noises are heard.

Afterwards, the door opens and Yakon exits and Spider Man is shown with his head in the toilet, having drowned. Yakon Peace & Chicken Grease then seen heading through the hallway, only to see PLA approaching. Suddenly, Yakon grabs PLA from behind and snaps her neck, killing her. Spanish Tinge No.

1 - Jaki Byard - The Late Show: An Evening With Jaki Byard then heads downstairs where he sees all of the villains. Yakon screeches as the villains flee for their lives.

Past Buckaroo runs up the staircase, but Yakon teleports in, grabs Past Buckaroo, puts him on the railing and pushes him, sending him sliding to the bottom. Past Buckaroo ends up hitting a bunch of wall decorations before Yakon lays rusty nails at the bottom. Upon reaching them, Past Buckaroo gets cut by the nails and eventually splits in half, killing him.

Xyloto tries to run, but Yakon grabs him, throws him into the oven and then throws it into the sky where it gets hit by a passing airplane, causing both of them to explode. Dark Tari is seen hiding inside a closet while holding a bag of chips. After a while, Yakon disappears. Dark Tari eats a potato chip from the bag, but Yakon hears the crunch sound, runs back to the closet and opens it. Yakon grabs Dark Tari and rips off her face before grabbing a baseball bat and uses it to smash her in the face several times, killing her.

Animatronic Jesse and the others are then seen hiding inside Peace & Chicken Grease bathroom. Animatronic Jesse tries to open the door, but it is locked. Yakon laughs as he turns on the water hose and it fills the room with water, causing Animatronic Jesse and the others to explode.

Yakon then teleports downstairs and grabs Aparat. Yakon drags Peace & Chicken Grease to a large punch dispenser and forces his mouth into the nozzle before turning it on. Aparat ends up becoming bloated from the large amount of punch until he explodes. Yakon throws the stake at Dry Bone Bro and he jumps over it. The stake ends up hitting and killing RH 3. M Meen. Dry Bone Bro pulls out his hammer, charges at Yakon and strikes him, but Yakon keeps blocking the blows.

Dry Bone Bro and Yakon begin fighting as they make their way upstairs. DBT Guy sees the two approaching while he is backed against a wall. DBT Guy jumps off the balcony. Unfortunately, he ends up landing on Toro who is dressed as a cactus, impaling himself to death. Ink Brute smashes open a nearby window and jumps out.

Back inside, Yakon and Dry Bone Bro continue their battle. Eventually, Yakon grabs a Dry Bone Bro and throws him over the balcony where he lands on a giant chandelier. Yakon screeches as he leaps onto the chandelier and continues fighting with Dry Bone Bro. During the battle, several glass shards shatter and fall from the chandelier. Titanium Peace & Chicken Grease looks up and sees the shards falling towards him. Titanium Chef tries to run out of the way, only to slip on a puddle of punch, causing him to fall to the ground and the shards hit him, cutting his body into Peace & Chicken Grease pieces.

As Dry Bone Bro and Yakon continue fighting, the chain holding the chandelier slowly begins to break, causing the two to O Pajé E O Cacique Esperam O Apocalipse - Psicodélico Azul - História Dos Ventos and hang on to the ledge.

Dry Bone Bro drags himself up to the chain and throws his hammer at the chain breaking it. Dry Bone Bro leaps and grabs the chain and Yakon screams as he and the chandelier plummet to the ground. After landing on the ground, Yakon screams right before the chandelier lands on him, crushing him to death.

He ends up landing on top of a table, causing him to break apart and sending his bones scattering everywhere. Dry Bone Bro begins whistling as his head rolls away. Afterwards, Coconut Fred Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love wearing a Spongebob costume. Suddenly, Badman wearing a Dracula costume appears behind Coconut Fred.

Coconut Fred turns around and screams when he sees Badman. Synopsis: Zara accidentally ends up in an alternate universe where everyone acts the opposite! However, she accidentally causes trouble Suddenly, the ground begins shaking and a massive drill machine emerges from the ground.

The top then opens and a bacon person wearing a lab coat and glasses emerges. After I was defeated by my sworn enemy the Shadowhawk, Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love will soon exact my revenge on Robloxia! Zara: Bacon Scientist?! I thought I put that guy in prison a week ago!

Well, time to stop him again. Zara pushes the arc reactor on her chest and turns into Shadowhawk. She then flies to the drill machine as Bacon Scientist begins shooting at her, only to keep Heaven Can Wait - Dean Martin Orchestra Conducted By Nelson Riddle - This Time Im Swingin. Eventually, Shadowhawk fires several energy blasts into the machine, causing it to explode and sending Bacon Scientist falling to the ground.

Bacon Scientist pushes a button on a remote, causing it to turn into a massive mecha which he enters. The magenta portal appears Shadowhawk gets ejected from it and it shuts as she gets up from the ground. She then notices Dr. Finkleshitz trying to inject a pile of dirt. Zara continues looking around and notices Fatass who is skinny, Shrek eating carrots, Bugs Bunny eating cake and candy, Bully Bill giving flowers to Fellet, Black Yoshi who is white and Parappa who is a cat.

Zara shoots an energy blast at the truck, causing it to explode, killing Alternate Murder Man and the others. She then notices a black limo stopping nearby. Bacon Scientist who is in a mayor outfit exits. Zara grabs the limo and throws it at the glass dome, shattering it as everyone inside escapes. Shadowhawk then turns to normal. Suddenly, someone grabs her arm from behind. The figure is revealed to be Jeffy wearing a scientist outfit. Zara turns into Shadowhawk and flies off.

Alternate Sunny and Alternate MarioFan are seen torching an orphanage. Shadowhawk appears and blasts the orphanage sign, causing it to fall and land on Alternate Sunny and Alternate MF, crushing them to death. The Alternate Sushi Pack are then seen robbing a bank until Shadowhawk appears and fires at a hill, triggering a wildebeest stampede that tramples the alternate Sushi Pack to death.

Man On The Moon (Original Mix) - Number9 - Man On The Moon Jeffy: Perfect since now I can destroy the city since the others are out of the spotlight! Alternate Jeffy begins destroying the city as Shadowhawk Peace & Chicken Grease up to him and prepares to blast him.

Finkleshitz activates the device. Back in the alternate dimension, Shadowhawk teleports away before she can reach Alternate Jeffy. Shadowhawk accidentally blasts Dr.

Finkleshitz, killing him. Shadowhawk then shoots a blast at the frozen Bacon Scientist, thawing him. Shadowhawk then sees Jeffy nearby eating chocolate ice cream. Shadowhawk then sees Bacon Scientist in his Bacon-Bot laughing evilly as he begins destroying the city. Jeffy accidentally activates the device. The portal opens and Alternate Jeffy still in his robot emerges. Jeffy offers a handshake to Alternate Jeffy. However, chocolate drips from his hand and lands on the robot.

The robot short circuits and explodes, killing Alternate Jeffy. The scene opens at a funeral service taking place outside of the castle.

Their lives ended tragically when they were decorating the house for Halloween. I did everything I could to motivate them. Pep talks, instructional speeches, occasional yelling. I even tried taking away their precious spaghetti and anime, but it was never enough.

They were never able to finish decorating the house. I only have an hour left before another meeting with Toadsworth. I Peace & Chicken Grease you personally dig their graves.

The three look at the castle which has shattered windows, cracked walls, disturbing wind and shutters opening and closing. Tari: Mario and Fishy Boopkins have unfinished business.

SMG4 Peach screams and falls to the floor. SMG4 Peach gets up and enters the lobby. Ghost Fishy Boopkins falls The Treatment - Various - Political Party Broadcast the ceiling fan and lands on a table, breaking it. A mouth then opens in his stomach and roars at SMG4 Peach, causing her to scream and run off.

Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love Peach opens the desk and sees tiny versions of the two. The miniature ghosts laugh as they begin floating around SMG4 Peach. SMG4 Peach tries to catch them, but fails and lands on top of her desk.

She then tries to swat them like flies, but they phase under her skin, crawl up her arm and eventually phase out through her eyes, causing her to fall over. Another transition shows the calendar switching from November to December. The transition then shows the calendar now reading January as a tired SMG4 Peach is shown walking through the hall. SMG4 Peach runs to the closet and opens it, only to see it is empty. SMG4 Peach grabs the items and runs into the lobby where she lays them Peace & Chicken Grease a table and hides behind the TV.

SMG4 Peach enters her office, but sees everything in the room is swirling around in the air. She then notices the computer displaying the resident database.

Ghost SMG4 Mario and Ghost Fishy Boopkins appear and scares her again by appearing as themselves with multiple eyes, rows of teeth and long tongues. Afterwards, all of the objects fall to Mozambique - Amon Düül 2* - Vive La Trance ground and the two ghosts disappear. Another flashback starts. SMG4 Peach is seen hanging Halloween decorations. SMG4 Peach sees the mask and screams.

Crown Of Thorns - The Empty Bottles - Love ends up losing her balance, falls off the ladder and falls down the stairs, killing her. Her ghost then exits her body. SMG4 Mario is seen carrying spaghetti upstairs, only Hotel Marquis De Sade - Momus - Monsters Of Love - Singles 1985-90 Ghost SMG4 Peach to jump scare him and cause him to fall down the stairs as she Unknown Artist vs.

DeLacy / Rest Assured - Cry Away / Treat Infamy and flies off. The camera zooms out, revealing the three are standing in a cemetery. Lighting strikes as SMG4 Mario points down. He opens the fridge and pulls out a large breast of chicken. Black Yoshi puts the chicken on a plate and prepares to cut it until he hears a meow.

He turns around to see a black cat behind him. The cat jumps into the house and lands in front of Black Yoshi. The cat hisses and leaps on Black Yoshi. Black Yoshi tries to fight it, but is overwhelmed and clawed to death by the cat before a strike of lightning hits the cat and vaporizes it, turning it into a spot of fur.

The three enter the house. Fatass then discovers the chicken on the table which is now grey and has mold on it. Bulldog is seen watching TV in the game room. Unbeknownst to him, a black light appears and a ghost version of Black Yoshi surrounded by red light appears. He then looks at Bulldog and sees the chicken in his cheeks. Ghost Black Yoshi disappears. Bulldog continues watching TV until he feels someone breathing down his neck.

He turns around and screams when he sees Ghost Black Yoshi. Ghost Black Yoshi grabs Bulldog and pulls on his head until it rips off, killing him. Ghost Black Yoshi then hears someone approaching and vanishes. Robotnik enters the room and spots the chicken lying on the ground. Suddenly, he notices black hair beginning to cover the walls. Robotnik hears a knock coming from the closet.


Piano Concerto No. 20 In D Minor K 466 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Great Piano Concertos, Set You Free - Various - Dreamteam Volume 3, Various - Mortal Combat VI / Music In Spirit Of Motion Picture, Purity - Zygote - 89-91, Come Back, Sweet Papa - Louis Armstrong - The Hot Fives, Volume I, The Priests - Harmony, Cry #2 - Meredith Monk - Volcano Songs, Slim Body And Lipstick - Tilt (14) - The Beast In Your Bed, Kick The Bobo - Various - Universal Inside Tracks 7, Untitled - Tommy Tallarico - Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary, Rosey Bokay - Jimmy Lawton - Im Country, Hey Joe - Cher - Golden Hits Of Cher, Ten Years After - At Their Best

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