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Unfortunately even writing that sentence makes me feel uneasy. Enough people already like James Wood; enough people hate him, too. As Jonathan Franzen pointed out, by the time they reach maturity most novelists have moved beyond the stage of direct influence.

But that uneasiness! I feel it. And therefore maybe it would be best to start with an inoculation — the things that are wrong with James Wood. Only a deranged person could find this sublimely funny, even using the least general definition of the word sublime. But the simple fact is that Hardy wrote a century and more ago, and humor is the least durable form of human communication. Someone is being born out there right now who will find it bizarre that I consider The Forty-Year Old Virgin funny, and in all but the most exceptional cases, P.

Wodehouse for instance, comedy fades after ten or fifteen years. One of the interesting little ghosts in the James Wood machine is his sophisticated and perceptive love of music, which was the subject that earned him a scholarship to Eton.

But his intermittent mentions of art are embarrassing. It tells us nothing about the pictures, and worse, it implies that beauty is the metric by which to judge art. In an essay about one of the least stylistically beautiful and one of the most stylistically interesting writers alive!

I guess he sometimes chases the strong, vibrant language that he so admires in novelists. He can be unattractively dogmatic.

But the most honest thing to say is that the Alexandria - Various - Its All Greek - Songs And Dances he sees fiction has changed the way I see fiction. What makes James Wood great? One thing is his willingness to quote at length, and it seems only fair to grant him the same courtesy. His prose has the power of re-description, whereby we are made to notice something hitherto neglected.

Yet, unlike a good deal of modern writing, this re-description is not achieved only by inventing brilliant metaphors, or by flourishing some sparkling detail, or by laying down a line of clever commentary. Instead, Hollinghurst works quietly, like a poet, goading all the words in his sentences — nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs — into a stealthy equality.

The effect is paradoxical, because we usually associate heights not with weakness but with power or command. This is not a particularly original passage of criticism — for one thing re-description sounds an awful lot like defamiliarization. But it has two qualities I associate with Wood.

This passage is itself a re-description of a sentence one might easily have passed without noticing. The second point is the significant one. In the last ten or fifteen years precision of language has become the password that marks out serious writers of fiction. Instead, when you open almost any well-regarded novel today it will have long passages of precisely poetic prose, full of surprising and carefully curated language.

ByattPaul Austerthis last to devastating effect — often have an Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) of magic in their works, and a fair criticism of Wood might be that he restricts his affections to books that even when they are fanciful make total sensewhich sounds like a fair metric until you think about it. To pick out language for special attention might seem like an affectation in a critic of fiction. Language is important in a novel, obviously, but Robyn Archer, The London Sinfonietta*, Dominic Muldowney - Robyn Archer Sings Brecht Volume Two so than in poetry, where the sense of distillation makes it overarchingly vital.

Novels should have room for mess and digression, the way life does — and in my opinion they should also have some speed, which precious language can check. One day I read that Wood was going to be in town, to deliver a series of six lectures on fiction at St.

I went to all six, excited to hear him speak. They were intermittently terrific; it seemed to me that he was strongest in his readings of contemporary writers, where the weight of academic thought had yet to settle. In particular his lectures on Melville and Woolf were perceptive in parts but also seemed less persuasive in that academic setting, and I was reminded that in a very Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) way criticism is journalism, a first, delible draft of literary history.

His opinion of Orwell seemed less vital to me than his opinion of Ben Lerner. Around the same time I read How Fiction Workshis short guide to truth in advertising how fiction works. Though that book was genial company it made very little impact on me, probably because I was already aware of the existence of free indirect speech, which Wood discovered in the same way that Columbus discovered America — long after it was settled terrain.

Combined with the good-but-not-great lectures, the effect of the book was to lessen his importance in my mind. Dwight Garner was never boring. By June I had finished my novel about Oxford. It was under contract to a publisher and I took some time away from it, two or three months, because I wanted to return and edit it with fresh eyes. When I went back to it late in the summer I felt pleased with the book from sentence to sentence, and with its characters.

But I started to have a terrible, itchy, and at first seemingly irrelevant thought: James Wood would dislike this book. This was truly stupid, I thought at first.

You might write for yourself, or some ideal reader, but never for a critic. But then my thought clarified into something worse: James Wood would dislike this book and he would be correct. There were two levels to this realization. Where I thought I had been precise I had been quick, where I thought I had been quick and free I had been inexcusably careless. Wallace Stegner put it so well — hard writing makes for easy reading, and the reverse. Where had I received it?

Was it the best word I could think to describe the sound of shoes in the snow? The second level of that Woodian realization, and the less agonizing, more liberating one, was about a subtler idea: withholding. Reticence might be another thing to call it.

In his assessment one of his most profound to me of W. As I read through The Last Enchantments — as my book was and is called — I began to see how catastrophically little I had withheld. Partially this was a fault of using the first person, a choice that I began to look on with dismay.

My narrator analyzed every gesture of the people around him, and was constantly checking in on his own thoughts. He also explained the emotional significance of all the interactions he had, as if he were writing for a child.

So I began to cut as ruthlessly as possible, and just as importantly to elide plot, to remove connective tissue, to cede control of the book to the reader. I suppose in your world in a boat full of starving people the first one to break into the food should eat it all, eh?

Acquiring comes in many forms. If a laboring man eats his seed corn, while his laboring twin brother plants his, will their "labor" determine who is better off come harvest time? JW: Actually, yes. Wise use of labor will generally allow one to transfer more wealth than a foolish one.

It is still the labor that moves the wealth. In the case of the first brother his labor moved it all to shit. Only a wise move if he can use that for something better than another crop of corn. This is assuming that starvation wasn't Manhattan - Roundtree - Discocide and eating the seed corn was the only way to make it through the winter. Maybe a couple of examples will help, Jerry. Try this: How many Iraq's would like to see Americans leave Iraq right away now that we Americans have finally done something really useful for them, today?

Some millions, probably, who would Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) willing to "labor" for the cause of gaining sovereignty.

And how many American soldiers are in Iraq to tell them they have to wait many more months before they get their country "back" in quotes, because of course, they never really "had" it before? A few hundred thousand. Now undoubtedly the average American soldiers is in considerably better physical shape than the average Iraqi, but is it not clear that labor power is not the reason why Americans are able to stay in charge of Iraq, regardless of what the people there might want?

I suppose you could argue that Americans are better stealing wealth than Iraqis I would disagree, but suppose it's true. There is still the question of what one does with the wealth one acquires. I don't accept that Wal-Mart could not fundamentally change the way businesses operate for the better, since the company has already had such a major impact on the corporate world to this point.

Look at what Ford did with the Five Dollar Day. There have been some criticisms of the policy over the years and Ford certainly had his negative points, but he had a positive effect on workers and industry in general with the Five Dollar Day. For a time, before becoming virulently anti-union, Ford revolutionized corporate America. What I argue is that Wal-Mart is so powerful at this point in history that it could re-write and revolutionize much of what we now consider basic business practices.

I believe that Wal-Mart could change "the economics of the business, [AND] the psychological character of the management. Today's Wal-Mart way is not the only way that business must be conducted. I'll agree with your notion that I didn't offer a lot in the way of direction for the way Wal-Mart should act if the company followed my idea.

What I was saying is, "Here's what history suggests happens to all giant retailers, sooner or later, and perhaps Wal-Mart can fundamentally change the way it and the business world operates to prevent this from happening. The issue remains that wealth meaning material is not created but moved from one sector to another by labor not meaning a specific class of people. Ideas are not wealth, but a means of manipulating wealth, which may make them valuable in their own right, but still not something you can eat or build a shelter with all by themselves.

It is a fair point to make that the longer the essay, the greater the capacity to convey information. An "op-ed", however, if that is what was intended here, should be about more than "eliciting argument"; it should also make a convincing argument itself. The notion that Wal Mart could, out of some general sense of good will, transform itself into something kinder and Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception)more "revolutionary" in a socially positive sense which seems to be Mr.

Batchelor's concluding recommendation is not well-founded in the economics of the business, the psychological character of the management, or a realistic assessment of the sprawl culture which both subsidizes and is reinforced by Wal Mart.

You have some good insights, Mr. Batchelor, but they don't yet add up to much in the way of usable prescriptions. Read Kunstler his classic "Geography of Nowhere" is the best place to startreflect on some of the constructive feedback offered here, and try again, please. Wait a second here Of course a cover story in Fast Company is going to Endless Love (Instrumental) - Various - Endless Love Original Motion Picture Soundtrack more informative than my word op-ed essay.

An op-ed is designed to elicit argument, which I feel that this essay definitely has done. The "labor theory" of value, endorsed by Marx and reflected in the following remark by Jerry is a delusion: "No one produces or generates wealth.

Wealth exists and is transferred between sectors by labor. Those differences include the application of non-rudimentary knowledge to extensive physical resources. Wealth does not have to be "created" by men.

Rivers in Alaska are often choked with salmon. No mighty mortal entrepreneur put them there. Nor were 17th century merchants in Amsterdam and Antwerp "Americans". Adam Smith was not either. Leave Rand where she belongs: Adios - Rammstein - Mutter utopian writers of fiction.

Dick Cheney is making money but I wouldn't define it as morality. Is the Bush administration creating wealth? Is Halibuton creating wealth? Is that how America created its wealth? That is the essence of capitalism. Plundering the rightful owners of the wealth and stealing, I mean 'creating' it for yourself. There was a time when cotton was king, was that a good example of 'creating' wealth?

The same way WalMart 'creates' it, Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) the backs of workers?

When Bush uses our military which for he most part is made up of the sons and daughters of the working class does that still mean that he and people like him are 'creating' the wealth? When the poorest people in the land enter mines to mine coal and risk their health and their lives for robber barons who exploit their labor is that an example of 'creating' wealth?

Lo and behold god almighty the war between the states was a greater outrage then I ever could have imagined! Rand would have approved! I am not sure unions are as irrevocably obsolete as Dave assumes, nor do I see anything inherently "leftist" about wanting higher wages in the "Thoid" world. I do think that unionizing Wal Mart will have little lasting effect on the trend of wages in America, especially if the challenge of a massive and growing global surplus of low wage workers abroad continues to be ignored by left, Love Light - DJ Ensamble - Trancing Queen, and ambidextrous alike.

Dave, Neither your Italian or German examples miniscule drops in the global population bucket nor the fact that Nigeria's oil wealth has been squandered by corrupt officials contradicts my earlier post in the slightest. You say that retail work is drudgery, but isn't all working class labor drugdery?

I think accounting would be drudgery and I'd rather dig ditches The Priests - Harmony I guess it depends on the individual. I imagine there are people who would find satisfaction in stocking shelves or working the cash registers or dealing with the public since they are being productive and accomplishing something valuble.

They are providing a service and playing a vital role in the economy and I think they have a right to take pride in what they do. Jimmy Carter enjoys building furniture and houses. But if retail work is drudgery then that of course means that the people who do this work deserve to be compensated for doing jobs that are difficult and unpleasant Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) paid accordingly, not shafted, just as people get hazard pay or extra pay for working Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) hours.

If working at Walmart is drudgery then how can you argue that people work there of their own free will? When I talk about a vast labor pool you reply "yeah, and? Imagine that workers don't show up for work and there is nobody to open the store or work the registers. How much money does WalMart make? They make nothing without their workers. The money should be distributed to the workers in a fair way instead of ending up in the hands of Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) Waltons.

Without the Walmarts of this world workers could have their own small businesses just like they did before big corporations came on the scene so workers could do without walmart but not vice versa. In fact in immigrant communities where the people have their own stores and businesses and their own economies and are not dependent upon the WalMarts of this world, their communities are untouched by economic ups and downs and the effects of Wall Street adjustments.

We'd all be better off to follow their example and be rid of the Waltons of this world. The Waltons are not purchasing the labor if they are not paying fair wages for it. That is the whole point here. They are taking advantage of powerless people and oppressing them and keeping them poor and disadvantaged while they get rich off their labor.

The Waltons buy the real estate but it is enhanced by taxpayer dollars that build access roads to it among other handouts. They purchase merchandise that is made by convicts in China. Then after they have been given all of this you argue that they don't owe anyone else anything and that Darwinian rules apply when its time for them to pay livable wages to the people whose taxes paid for their access roads. That doesn't sound fair to me. When people are unable to find other jobs then in order to live they are forced to work at WalMart and they are indeed wage slaves.

Walmart is known for illegally preventing unions and recently they were in the news for having hired illegal Mexican workers. In order to be free you have to have economic freedom and I don't think that is something that people have who work, but are still below the poverty line.

Purify - Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood amazes me to hear you say that WalMart has a right to pay its workers anyway it likes. It must be nice to have rights. Too bad their workers don't have a right to make a livable wage.

Again, I'll borrow Mr. West's style here, for a moment: Mr. West: And what determines a persons "worth"? I thought that we held to the belief the "all men were created equal. Jesse Lamovsky: Please don't be obtuse, Mr.

West: you know exactly what I'm talking about. A person's worth on the labor market is determined by the scarcity of that person's skills. There are a great deal of people that are capable of doing the relatively menial work at Wal-Mart.

Thus, the low wages. I really have to explain this to you? West: Perhaps if the wage and salary differences were not so badly skewed and the lower and middle incomes were much closer to the upper ones, more people would have more money spend, thus more choices and a better economy for all. Instead of Wal-Marts for poor people why not raise lower incomes in relation to upper ones?

But if you want the government to put a gun to the heads of the Walton family and force them to lower their top execs' salaries and raise their lowest workers', well That's extortion.

And extortion is extortion, whether the person extorted "can afford it" or not. Besides, any wage hike, forced or otherwise, would wind up being passed on to the consumer anyway. So what's the point? West: And, I wonder how many Wal-Mart employees are also depending on some form of taxpayer supported social assistance or other because of their economic status? Perhaps higher wages would remove people from the public trough and lighten the burden on taxpayers? What a concept! Jesse Lamovsky: You want to bribe people into getting off the public tit.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. West: This same argument could be used to defend slavery, involuntary servitude and feudal relationships.

In the 21st Century we should be looking for a better paradigm. Jesse Lamovsky: Knock yourself out, Mr. West, Go ahead and think of one. Figuring out "better paradigms" is a little beyond me.

It had better not be socialism, though! By the way, you made a point in another piece that "wealth is static". No, sir- wealth is created. Americans were the first to understand that wealth has to be created. The words 'to make money' hold the essence of human morality. JW: Agreed, and that is why there needs to be strict social controls over corporations, how big they can get Tytöt Hymyilee - Vaavi - Tytöt Hymyilee how much influence they can have.

The profit motive is often not compatible with a stable society or social justice. This is not to say that there should not be corporations Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) profits, quite the contrary, but they should be servants of society, not masters of it.

DL: But as USAA rakes in more cash each year my annual dividend paid by it, out of the company's surplus has grown, but not enough to compensate for higher auto insurance rates. JW: And you should be asking who, exactly, is benefitting from the higher dividend rates. If they are paying higher dividends then they must be making more money relative to expenses. Where does this surplus go? DL: Maybe - Dave Grusin - The Gershwin Connection arrogantly demand companies pay higher wages to Third World workers JW: A rational and fair trade policy, unlike NAFTA, would require uniform environmental and labor standards and wage rate amongst all of its participants.

No doubt, using the logic of those who favor cheaper foreign labor, we could save billions in the defense budget by only enlisting members of the Third World in our armed forces, and paying them a quarter or less of what we are currently paying our underpaid troops. Outsourcing jobs to countries with lower living standards than our own is a race to the bottom that only the rich will profit from in the long run, and in the end probably not even them.

Creating unemployment and increased social problems in the US for lower prices in the stores seems like a race to the bottom with less being paid into society at the low and mid level, and more demand on services paid for by taxes.

JW: Not if you consider the world as a whole. We are depleting our resources, and the world that my grandchildren are inheriting is significantly poorer in many ways than they one I entered. Just one example is the state of the ocean fisheries.

We would all have a better world if the population was gradually reduced back to mid 20th century levels or lower. Jesse Lamovsky wrote: The owners of Wal-Mart generate wealth by purchasing the real estate for the store; by Je Suis Snob - Boris Vian - Chansons Possibles, Ou Impossibles the inventory; by purchasing the labor.

The labor in itself produces nothing. JW: No one produces or generates wealth. Without wealth to transfer, labor would be nothing. Without labor, wealth would be static and of no use to anybody. Wal-Mart could not survive without labor and the service it provides. Pablo, Your seeking ZPG runs contrary to reality. Yes, you are correct in many Third World courtries population growth is outracing job growth.

In mind is Nigeria, where Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) are Desert Baron - The Nepalese Temple Ball - Arbor nearly enough white collar jobs available for the number of well-educated professional class people the country produces.

Really, what such places need are more Capital investment and less corrupt or at least more efficient, Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception). I'm going to borrow Mr. Cornett: According to your argument Bush should be getting paid minimum wage since he has no marketable skills either.

Lets pay the inarticulate moron every penney St. Aberdeen - Lords Of Falconry - Lords Of Falconry worth. I'm all for it. Jesse Lamovsky: Well, I'm all for that, Ms. In the original Articles of Confederation, the Congressional representatives were unpaid.

I would be down for going back to that. So what you say about walmart workers not having skills is wrong. Jesse Lamovsky: Retail work is drudgery, it can be physically demanding, but skilled?

That dog won't hunt. How much skill does it take to stock shelves, or work a cash register? Cornett: Their labor is not worth much because there are a thousand more just like them waiting to take their jobs the minute they leave. It is the vast labor pool that creates a situation which keeps their wages down. Jesse Lamovsky Yeah. Cornett: WalMart is totally dependent upon its workers who are the ones generating its wealth by their labor.

They absolutely deserve to be paid a Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) wage. Anyone who supplies the skills necessary for the job required is skilled enough. Jesse Lamovsky: With all due respect, you should trash your discredited "labor theory of value" arguments.

The owners of Wal-Mart generate wealth by purchasing the real estate for the store; by purchasing the inventory; by purchasing the labor.

Cornett: You may as well argue that black slavery was acceptable because it kept plantations in business which in turn fed and housed the slaves and therefore was for their benefit as well as the consumers of cheap cotton.

Jesse Lamovsky: Come on, don't be ridiculous. Nobody is kidnapping people and forcing them to work at Wal-Mart for nothing. People are exercising their choice to work at this store. If they don't like the conditions there, they, unlike the slaves, are free to leave.

Cornett: There is plenty of money available to pay fair wages and give decent benefits to workers but that money goes directly into the hands of the Waltons rather then being distributed in a fair way among all the people who make WalMart successful so prices would probably not need to be rasied if not for their greed and avarice.

Jesse Lamovsky Guess what, Ms. Cornett- it's their money! They pay into these stores! They provide the opportunities for workers! They can do what they want with their money. If they want to pay their workers low wages, that's their right. If you don't like it, don't shop at Wal-Mart. Barabara, Once again you've joined Alice in a strange wonderland, with your "Bush has no matketable skills. In addition, because he's a highly qualified aviator, he'd have no difficulty in landing, inadvertant pun, a job as a pilot with an airline.

All that in addition to his executive skills honed as seving as a two-trem governor of one of this nation's largest sstates. Moreover, he could, should he choose, teach Spanish. It seems to me he has plenty of qualifications for the job he has, most importantly personal integrity.

Thanks for the reference. More informative than Batchelor's article, Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) my view. Clearly I underrated the importance of sheer size in my initial comment, though maybe not in terms of the source of public disgruntlement.

I still see little value in quixotic unionization - the internet and mail order alternative ala Todd's remarkscoupled with a scaling back of the sprawl subsidy e. As Pablo more or less pointed out, unions are a dinosauer facing eminent demise from low wage Thoird World countries. A rapidly changing world economy has left unions in the dust of yesteryear. Liberals want working people to unionize, in order to better organize opposition to industry, to garner more votes for the Left by polarizing people and their interests, but one negative thing they accomplish is to drive jobs overseas.

Then Leftists arrogantly demand companies pay higher wages to Third World workers in their constant quest for a socialized world. Jesse, Sic'em! You're on to something here.

Fortunately, Colorado here is a Right-to-work state. As a consequence, no-one may be forced to join a union. Of course, if Wal-Mart's employees do unionize, store prices will rise and Wal-Mart will face increased pricing competion. David too has a good point about agribusiness serving to replace the family farm, which in turn reduces the number of people in an area, which in turn weakens a smallish community.

And David's point about people driving long distances to save a few bucks is certainly quite valid. Complaining about a corporate lack of social compassion is a phoey issue. The purpose of a corporation is to make money for its shareholders, that is to say a commercial corporation. But over in recent years, especially sincethe end of the Cold War,our military establishment has shrunk dramatically.

As a consequence, USAA instead of growing smaller to accomadate a smaller officer corps, has expanded, bureaucratic empire-building, IMHO, by opening You Are The Reason - Ketama - You Are The Reason services to not only only retirees, such as I, but also to families of G.

But the empire-building continues apace. But as USAA rakes in more cash each year my annual dividend paid by it, out of the company's surplus has grown, but not enough to compensate for higher auto insurance rates.

But pleased to give Private Snuffy, the average G. Do you think Wal-Mart really tends to destroy small towns? Perhaps it does by driving out-of-business Mom Pop stores. But by the same token, it brings jobs to wherever Lover Man - Charlie Parker - Volume 9, Bird Of Paradise opens a store and better prices for the local spender.

IMHO what truly serves to wreck havoc on small towns are highways. Of course, Wal-Mart won't last forever, nothing does. After all, Montgomery Ward, once a retail powerhouse in the U. If Wal-Mart lasts through my lifetime it will satisfy me, I a frequent shopper at its 3 nearby stores.

I shouldn't continue to shop there, although Best Buy has better prices on some products? Ralph, it's time for a little discussion about the facts of life: 1. The world's population is growing by something like 70 million a year a half dozen New Yorks or LAs.

Almost all of that population increase is coming in poor countries that do not have, and not likely to ever have, decent jobs for most of the unsustainable increase in their work forces. The global long term trend of jobs is still upwards but is noticeably more gradual than the growth Aggettivo Sette - Maledetta Primavera the number of job seekers.

If we Song For Steve And Anne-Marie - Marcel Dadi - Guitar Legend Volume 1 to massively transfer resources from wealthy "center" countries to impoverished "periphery" countries over a long and sustained time period assume, for the moment, that this can be done efficiently and democratically but fail to stop population Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception)then our kids, grandkids, and great-grand kids will be something billion wonderfully equally miserably poor peasants.

If, other the other hand we manage to stabilize the world's population at something like 6 or 7 billion, most of our descendants will have a much better standard of Purify - Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood than under the bil scenarioeven if redistribution efforts fall short of socialist utopian ideals.

Achieving zero population growth ZPG around the world is not impossible. Many countries have done it. As a whole, these mothers and potential mothers in poor countries, see point 2 would have far fewer children if they the mothers had other a more viable range of other options, such as education, job training, and had something closer equal rights with men.

Subtlety and clear comprehension is a rarity on this website, so I will make three redundant but important further points. I am saying if we keep our heads buried in the sand on this, our great-grand kids will inherit a much poorer and less livable planet. I am saying that unlivable wages and declining living standards are virtually inevitable unless the current Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) in population growth rates becomes steeper and more global than it is now.

Unionization or no unionization has almost no conceivable effect on that hard fact of life. JW: And what determines a persons "worth"? JW: Maybe because it is their democratic right. Are we arguing against democracy here? We could take this a few steps further, why should doctors be allowed to form the AMA, or industries their various councils, ad infinitum A better question is why should anyone be prevented, either legally or illegally goons, killings, etc, the things that labour history is full of from freely associating and acting together in their common interest?

Initially seen as something of a throwaway track when he first made it, the laid-back house track is so hazy you can almost see the smoke in front of Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) eyes every time you hear it.

Try listening to this without vauge, half-remembered memories of all the great after parties you ever went to flooding your brain. Sean Griffiths. The track that announced one of the most singular British voices of the decade. The s was the perfect decade for Holly Herndon to come to the fore. At university, I joined the Union Music Library, a secret little haven tucked away in some forgotten corner of the student union filled floor to ceiling with records and CDs. Ever a child of the digital age, I ripped the CD onto my laptop and waited for the perfect time to listen to it in full.

Jemima Skala. Raw, dirty production and a forbidding robotic vocal merge to form a belting powerhouse of a track that plunges dancefloors into delerium. Pick this one out and dancing submission is guaranteed. Kieran Hebden is a true master of rhythmic manipulation. Harrison Williams. For now we'll just come to terms with this present vision of a future. But they were right. Jasmine Kent-Smith. Joe Roberts. The arrival of a new Aphex Twin album in Septemberthe first official full-length from Richard D.

Pull apart the invidual elements and on paper they read like a ragtag selection: a harpsichord, an untuned piano, an acid line bubbling with the verve of Stevie Wonder, wind chimes, timid snare rolls and blunt gong hits.

Unified by Aphex Twin, they sound spellbinding. One of the many, many things I love about Kelela is the fact her music is so multi-faceted and listeners of varying interests are introduced to her for the first time in totally different ways.

This does not include the car. Eat without distractions. Distractions inlcude radio, television, newspapers, books, intense or anxiety-producing conversations or music.

If you're looking for a diet book with menus, meal plans, and specific instructions, you'll be disappointed. If you're ready to stop eating mindlessly, get in touch with your body, feel comfortable in your own skin, and be conscious of what you're eating, Women Food and God is the book for you. Just One Gripe: It took about pages for me to really get into the book. View 2 comments. Apr 05, Diane rated it really liked it. When I first received this book in the mail, I wasn't sure it was for me.

I consider myself to be more of a spiritual person than a religious person, so I was concerned that the book might be preachy -- it is not. The title is very misleading, and the author even states that God means different things to different people. As I read a few pages, something about what the author was saying seemed to resonate with me.

The author states: "The way you eat is inseparable from your core beliefs about When I first received this book in the mail, I wasn't sure it was for me. The author states: "The way you eat is inseparable from your core beliefs about being alive. Your relationship with food is an Calyfunkya (Orpheos Mix) - Mephisto Odyssey - Flow mirror of your feelings about love, fear, anger meaning, transformation, and yes, even God.

She has gained and lost some 1, pounds over the years and has dealt with obesity, bulimia and even anorexia. Roth writes: "At eleven, I felt like a raw nerve, as if the fact that I took up space at the red Formica table was the reason for the hatred between my parents and their violence toward each other. They threw things, left the house, stayed away for hours or days Enter food The sight of a Hostess Sno Ball turned the world into a riot of color.

The fluffy, pristine mound of marshmallow sprinkled with coconut. The promise of chocolate cake inside I turned to food Awal Kisah Cinta - Purnama Sultan - Pop Indonesia Vol. II the same reasons that people turned to God: it was my sigh of ecstasy, my transport to heaven, my concrete proof that relief from the pain of everyday life would be possible.

Then it would be gone. Anyone who has struggled with weight knows what they need to do to lose weight. It is more Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth - Rockpalast (DVDr) getting in touch with your feelings and the triggers that drive some of us to food as a means of escape.

It is about learning to confront issues and your feelings: loneliness, anger, resentment etc, and dealing with the issues instead of trying to avoid them with the temporary pleasure our foods of choice might provide.

Temporary satisfaction is all one can expect, before the feelings of loathing and shame resurface, and the cycle is repeated. In the process of resisting the emptiness, in the act of turning away from our feelings, or trying and trying again to lose the same twenty, fifty, eighty pounds, we ignore what what could utterly transform us.

But when we welcome what we most want to avoid, we evoke that in us that is not a story, not Reels - Julie Fowlis - Mar A Tha Mo Chridhe (As My Heart Is) in the past, not some old image of ourselves.

We evoke divinity itself. And in doing so, we can hold happiness, old hurts, fear in our cupped hands and behold our missing hearts. She divides individuals who have battled with their weight into two groups: Restrictors and Permitters. Restrictors, need to be in control -- about themselves, what they eat and their environment. Permitters, hate rules and tend to use food to numb themselves. If you have struggled with weight issues, you might be curious to see what your eating habits say about you.

Are you a Restrictor or a Permitter? There is a quiz on Oprah. I am a classic Permitter, and it came as no surprise after reading this terrific book.

Geneen Roth is the author of the bestseller, When Food is Love and seven other books. She has conducted workshops for over thirty years and has lead retreats for the past ten. Roth is a frequent contributor to many publications including Salon. Jun 08, Helynne rated it liked it. I had been intrigued by the title of this book for months before I read it, and after reading this collection of essays, I was not disappointed, although it should be noted Jimmy McGriff - Groove Holmes* - Giants Of The Organ Come Together the author, does discuss women and food a lot more than she discusses God Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) spiritual aspects of weigh issues.

Geneen Link (22) - Chapter 2 Düster main theme is self-love, and "coming home to oneself" as an overall approach to health and weight control. We want to come home to ourselves" Roth's style is easy and breezy. There are numerous sentence fragments, which I realize is just a part of her style, but as an English teacher, I can tolerate only so many of these before I want to freak out and run screaming for my red pen.

Anyway, an interesting fact is that while Monterey - The Rhythm Makers - Soul On Your Side these chapters, I found myself traveling back mentally to when I did not have a weight problem, but rather, some bewildering self-esteem issues; thus, Roth's advice is actually broader than she purports it to be, and useful to just about anyone who needs a boost of self-confidence.

Her early chapters put the emphasis on the patholoy of eating--people who use food as a drug, eat to numb themselves from pain,etc.

I wish she had given more attention to those of us who tend to eat too much just because food is the bomb and there are so many "good eats" out Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) that are just plain delicious.

Chapter 6 gives key advice on how to stop self-loathing and punishment. There are some good thoughts about NOT beating ourselves up over our imperfections. Hating one's huge thighs is an image that comes up many times in this book. I liked Wanty Wanty Cant Get Dub - Johnny Clarke - Dread A Dub warning that diets are based on the unspoken fear that one is a madwoman, a food terroist, a lunatic, and that women tend to believe they have to constantly loath and punish themselves in order to achieve positive change.

Chapter 8 has some good thoughts on meditation as an aid to self-love and Chapter 9 quotes one of my favorite philosophers--Vietnamese Buddhish monk Thich Nhat Hahn, who reminds us that "there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. The moment you stop believing the voice, you are free" Roth also states that most systems of weight loss fail because they do not live up to their promise. Weight loss alone does not make people happy, peaceful or content.

Spiritual hunger must be satisfied before we can get a good handle on controlling physical hunger. At the end on the book Roth gives a list of sensible eating guidelines, such as "Eat when you are hungry, eat what your body wants, eat until you are satisfied, eat with enjoyment, gusto and pleasure.

Jun 30, Susan rated it it was ok. I love my public library. Each time I've moved to a new town, the first place I visit is the public library to sign up for my library card.

Most Methodist preachers no longer travel from place to place on horseback, but we still spend a lot of time in the car. My routine for years now has included trips to the library, exploring the audio book collections, and checking out volumes that seemed interesting.

I've discovered a love for non-fiction that I never knew I had and that genre fiction is I love my public library. I've discovered a love for non-fiction that I never knew I had and that genre fiction is even better on audio book with a good performer. While I occasionally wander the stacks of branch libraries, now that I'm in Houston Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) depend on various newsletters sent by the library for new reading recommendations.

Women, Food, and God was such a recommendation. From the description I thought it was going to be more of a sociological, psychological, spiritual exploration of women's relationship with food. It is, rather, a more new agey self-help book. So, my rating of 2 stars probably has a lot to do with the fact that the book didn't live up to the description in the public library Turn On Your Love Light - Various - Greatest Beat Hits 68. That's not the author's fault, but it is what it is.

Geneen Roth's basic premise is that we need to eat mindfully. This does resonate with me because, in addition to doing most of my "reading" in the car I also eat most of my meals in the car.

I dare say that the audio book diet is much healthier for me than the fast food diet. Occasionally I try to take care better care of myself by forswearing any food that comes in a bag through a window, but I don't have a lot of success with that.

I do think that following Ms. Roth's advice and techniques of eating good food, paying attention to it, and being grateful for it would be healthier for me in both body and soul. It just took a lot for her to get to the point. Roth spent much of the book describing the retreat, the resentment of some of the women on the retreat, some details about her own thoughts about food, none of which really resonated with me.

Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) think first-person narratives from those who have attended Ms. Roth's retreats, their stories, what they learned, what changed for them from practicing the techniques Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) be more effective.

Instead, Ms. Roth tells some pieces of the stories as they were told to her, leaving me with an incomplete picture where Ms. Roth is the focus of the story as the one receiving it. I think there's some good practice here, but not much of the academic exploration I was hoping for. I also think that there are some among the women attending Ms. Dumm - Various - Breitseite retreats with whom I would resonate.

It's too bad the author got in the way. Sep 08, Linda rated it it was amazing. Well, after much anticipation, I finally got my hands on yet another spiritually driven book about awareness. It focuses on Women and on their relationship with food, although that is a metaphor for anyone, with any type of unhealthy habit. The basic premise is that bad food habits Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) a manifestation of the pain, confusion and loss that we do not know how or want to deal with.

Eating when you are not hungry is a way of coping with life but it not only does not solve You May Say Im Freaky - Big Fat Mama - Music For Your Grandma initial problem, it Well, after much anticipation, I finally got my hands on yet another spiritually driven book about awareness.

Eating when you are not hungry is a way of coping with life but it not only does not solve the initial problem, it creates another one; an unhealthy body. And looking bad only makes us feel worse. I dont know any women who would not identify with this issue at some level.

Even if it manifests in not eating, or drinking, or sex or spending. We have to eat with awareness and appreciation. What we SewManiWais - Knxwledge - Anthology is forever a part of the bodies that we lug around all day. Awareness is the key to freedom from the endless cycle of stupidity that we find ourselves in day after day.

Overeating on a regular basis may be common, but its not a minor issue. Easier said than done, but I think a lot of people could identify and benefit from reading this book.

Apr 30, Nicola Mansfield rated it did not like it. I read of pages Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) could not continue to read any further.

The book was not what I had thought it would be. I have not read anything by this author before and going by the publisher's summary and the title I had expected this Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) to incorporate the Judaeo-Christian God into women's struggle with weight loss and food relationship. That surmise was incorrect, the author's concept of the word "God" could be more clearly stated as "whatever supreme deity, power or feeling you happen to I read of pages and could not continue to read any further.

That surmise was incorrect, the author's concept of the word "God" could be more clearly stated as "whatever supreme deity, power or feeling you happen to believe in". This was not what I wanted. The book is divided into three parts: Principles, Practices and Eating. I managed to read through the Principles section and found the information on emotional eating and loving yourself as who you are informative but not anything I hadn't read before.

Only one religion is actually mentioned and quoted from and that is Buddhism. The Practices section became too new-agey for me and I could not continue to read. I will say though that the writer has a fun, upbeat, humorous voice. View all 3 comments. Jun 09, Ileana rated it really liked it. This is an amazing book. It is not just about we overeat, it can be applied to anything we might use to numb ourselves in order to prevent feeling pain.

Loved it! I do believe there are frozen places in ourselves - undigested pockets of pain - that need to be recognized and welcomed, so that we can contact that which has never been hurt or wounded or hungry. Pay attention to what you value. Pay attention to how and on what you spend your time. Your money. And pay attention to the way you eat. Your true nature. Your essence. Without it, you are at the mercy of every thought, every desire, every wave of emotion. It's about recognizing what sustains you and what exhausts you.

What you love and what you think you love because you believe you can't have it. It takes great effort to become effortless at anything. There are no quick fixes. And when I believe this, I bolt from different situations by engaging in various Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) and body-numbing activities.

I shut myself down or walk out the door when pain threatens to destroy me - which is in any situation that involves another human being or whose outcome I Compulsion - Various - Rave City 4 - The New Capital (Opening The Doors Of Perception) control. I live an autistic existence. Amazing notion really That you don't have to atone, hate, suffer, or diet your self away. As Geneen writes, " Only kindness makes sense. Anything else is exruciating. For those who've never struggled with the incongruency of who you are and what you look like, reading this would be a waste of your time.

But, for those who want off the 'lifestyle change' carousel, there is something here For this is where we -the caregivers, the feelers of the world- live This book is in my purse again Instead of a magazine about the most recent day shape up plan, I revisit a theory that sounds like gospel to me.

Aug 08, Charlotte added it. She resonates with a huge and devoted following of women, and I think that's why.


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