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Ex-congressman's crime ripples through his family. Jeff Bezos's phone hack: A threat to U. Answer Save. Snow Leo Lv 6. Gary Lv 6. We have never been visited by aliens so no one knows what life on other worlds might smell like. Don Pettit, science officer aboard the ISS, wrote: "Each time, when I repressed the airlock, opened the hatch and welcomed two tired workers inside, a peculiar odor tickled my olfactory senses.

Besides the chances of no other life in the universe is probably this: 1 in infinity. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Sour Smell Dream 4 Smell My Picture Guitar Picnic The Rubber Robber Total Time In the s, the band started taking their odd sarcasm and humor more seriously, and they seen some rather unique albums come from their collective eyeballs.

Between anda trilogy of albums proved the band wasn't just a bunch of oddballs that really didn't know how to play anything, but could actually create some innovative music, still keep their warped sense of humor, and continue to keep themselves strangely relevant to what was going on at the time.

The bands sounded like they were trying hard to make impressive music, even if the concepts were still off in some strange places that no other band would dare follow. The Residents also had a history of releasing everything, and that is why their collection of collections of rarities and "fan albums" is so immense. They were know to release completely useless music, even incidental music that was played during intermissions at their concerts.

So, this brings us to this featured collection of outtakes and what-nots from the same period as the trilogy of albums mentioned above, a delightful collection of oddness know collectively as "Smell My Picture", an ugly title with an equally ugly album cover, the Paradise By The Dashboardlight - Various - Pop Classics - The Long Versions close-up of someone's nostril.

Many point out this would never happen at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. I agree. In this video, RepCummings constituents explain how clean Calling All Aliens - The Residents - Smell My Picture State University is kept, while their neighborhood is used as a dumping ground. I was told if trash was not in marked green cans, the city refused to remove it. More abandoned row houses. Just something to add. I'm not so sure the "standard" smells come from aliens themselves. For those who have encounters you will know Calling All Aliens - The Residents - Smell My Picture get the smell when they aren't around.

Many years ago a friend was talking to me over the phone to complain about the odour. We both hit on an idea at the same moment then. Sounds weird, but it might be worth thinking about. Neurologist Steven Novella proposes that Grey aliens are a byproduct of the human imagination, with the Greys' most distinctive features representing everything that modern humans traditionally link with intelligence.

InFrederick V. Malmstrom, writing in Skeptic magazine, vol. Malmstrom reconstructs the face of a Grey through transformation of a mother's face based on our best understanding of early childhood sensation and perception. Malmstrom's study offers another alternative to the existence of Greys, the intense instinctive response many people experience when presented an image of a Grey, and the act of regression hypnosis and recovered-memory therapy in "recovering" memories of Noise Is The Message (I Am A Nightmare Walking) - Hardsequencer - Hardsequencer EP abduction Calling All Aliens - The Residents - Smell My Picturealong with their common themes.

According to biologist Jack Cohenthe typical image of a Grey, assuming that it would have evolved from a world with different environmental and ecological conditions from Earth, is too physiologically similar to a human to be credible as a representation Back In The U.S.A. - Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits Volume Two an alien.

Some ufologists explain such implausible coincidences as evidence that extraterrestrial beings may have had influence on the evolution of life on Earth in the distant past the theory of ancient astronauts Calling All Aliens - The Residents - Smell My Picturespecifically that extraterrestrials were involved in the evolution of primatesincluding humans. This idea may have first gained widespread exposure with the publication of Chariots of the Gods?

Since there is no conclusive evidence of any past extraterrestrial genetic manipulation in our own evolution, some ufologists such as John A. Calling All Aliens - The Residents - Smell My Picture and J. Allen Hynek claimed that Greys are native hominids to Earth either having left or living in hiding. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Greys represent part of a government-led disinformation or plausible deniability campaign, [ citation needed ] or that they are a product of government mind control experiments.

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  1. Grey aliens, also referred to as Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys, or Grays, are purported extraterrestrial beings. According to journalist C. D. B. Bryan, forty-three percent of all reported alien encounters in the United States describe Grey aliens. Such claims vary widely, but typically Greys are described as having small bodies with smooth grey-colored skin, enlarged hairless heads, and.
  2. Oct 14,  · On January 30th of , over local residents packed the Hamilton Firehouse as the Monmouth County Garbage Dump smelled worse than ever. State Senator Vin Gopal organized the town hall style meeting in order to force the Monmouth County Freeholders to put together a timeline and plan to minimize the smell of the county-owned dump.
  3. Jul 15,  · These include cinnamon, sulphur, ammonia, lemons, almonds and an ozone smell that is very strong. Other close encounter witnesses report foul stench odours. These smelly aliens are often reported to be ugly hairy creatures or monster looking type beings. The greys, from reports have been said to exude a non-discernable odour from their bodies.
  4. Calling All Aliens We want you to phone our home, and we've got plenty of money to make it happen. Picture a host of the world’s best scientists sitting in a room twiddling their thumbs waiting to hear back from something that just doesn’t want to talk to us. "If aliens exist, I suspect they know we’re here and just don’t want.
  5. The term "smell my picture" came from a description by one of The Residents of the process of making The Voice of Midnight. He suggested that making a movie with sound was very much like smelling photographs instead of looking at them. From that point on, when anyone had recordings he wished others to hear, he would say, "smell my picture.".
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Smell My Picture on Discogs/5(34).
  7. Jun 13,  · 10 Calling All Aliens This is the vey best The Residents album since the seventies!! I luv it dearly!! 10/ Published. Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM. 16 Smell My Picture /5(1).

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