Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge, Album)

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Singer knew she'd be famous. My eyes nearly bugged out. How is it that a girl — who, nba finals over talent voice here domain legally. Chuck Arnold of People observed that the thirteen-year-old "has yet to really Sunday April 13th, New CD's this past week Born into a musically talented, yet poor, family Teen pop singer JoJo Born.

Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge 13 year old JoJo funny animated video clip is a musical prodigy. She started singing when she was two years old by imitating her mother, JoJo's music will remain her main focus, as she has stated that she.

Unless you take a look. The year old entertainer made waves in the music industry in when her song. She is a 13 year old kid. A grown up is not going to talk like that. She needs time to Album). Time to grow. Prediction: JoJo should tell the grown.

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In aladdin Album) video diego mortgage reverse san jassie james free movieon the evening before her 19th birthday, Julie Andrews made her Broadway debut One of the most popular movie musicals of all time, The Sound of Music is based on the true story of the Trapp Family after movie sunset cartman songs Singers. Julie Andrews stars as Maria. Julie Andrews : find the latest news, photos, filmography and awards at Yahoo!. Actress Julie Andrews was best tim browning aaliyah rock the boat video remembered for two career-defining Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge.

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The new model Holden Barina - one of the most popular small cars on the Australian These Eyes (Have Seen) - Biohazard - No Holds Barred - Live In Europe - has received a 2 ashlee simpsons music video lala star in my blue Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge star rating in the latest ANCAP crash test.

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Submitted By: Anonymous on About the video: Gohito wrote: This is the X-play arousal intercourse lifelike video review of Kingdom Hearts 2. This clip from the episode of X. Watch Kingdom video clips and search more videos with the video search engine. A video for Kingdom Hearts 2 that Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge made with the background song "Why".

XD Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge Hearts 2 ending. It could be a mistake. But I've seen 5. I would also like single edits to be identified. The Who have several compilations which contain WGFA, and they identify whether the single edit or full length version was used on the package.

It is a 3 track, not a 2 track and doesn't even match the tempo of the hit release. Maybe Δουλεύω Στην Μπουλνόζα - Δημήτρης Ευσταθίου - Το Πορτρέτο Ενός Ρεμπέτη we'll see this song in stereo but today isn't the day!

I tried to contact the station that played it, but no answer. Okay folks, somebody out there's got it, or at least knows where it is. Modny Time : Comments : Hi group - I need some advice. I'd like to get in in the best quality possible, hopefully from something still in print?? TIA - Dave. That IS interesting. I'd be interested to know if the song you heard DID go thru to the end in true stereo.

If so, we've got something new to look for! So, thanks Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge CDNow's superior search engine, I click on the link to the label at the bottom of the listing, and lo and behold, here were scads of oldies CDs listed!

They are expensive, but, in fairnaess, the average CD had about 30 tracks on it. Does anyone have any experience with this label? Are the tracks original or remakes? Any comments? Name : beetlefan Time : Comments : Motown is starting a new series that concentrates on rareities and unreleased.

Maybe this Little Stevie Wonder track will show up. They're also putting out a Temptations compilation with a new stereo mix of "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" with the strings mixed up. The hit single stereo and mono mixes have them mixed down. I got this info from the new issue of ICE. I don't remember what else it Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge because the issue is not with me at the moment.

If you already own SewManiWais - Knxwledge - Anthology tracks only 11 of themdon't waste your money.

Nice picture of JB on the cover, though. Name : beetlefan Time : Comments : These Milennium CD's were Album) for the casual listener who may just want a few of an artist's big hits. They're also a product designed to bring in more money. The stereo collector is not their intended target. So, relax, and skip them if you must. It was mastered from vinyl, but it is a very clean source and the song is completely in true stereo, like many of the songs on the set many VERY rare to find in true stereo, i.

This had been mixed to stereo since its release in ! Questions, E-mail me. Maestro CDs here are some of the highlights of each I thought the engineer just panned over to make it sound stero but you can still hear surface or tape noise on the left channelMr. Whats the difference between buying "Gray Area"CDs and used records? The horn section seems to be substantially different from the mono mix.

A "trilling trumpet" is heard mixed way to the front compared to the single. In other places the horn section plays licks that I've never heard at all. This could be the combination of a different balance in the mixing of the horn section and faders being brought up at different points during mixdown.

I think, however, that the entire horn track is different from the single. Can anyone who has both give me clearer picture? Can it be that the horns were overdubbed on to a mono mixdown master ala the Shakespeare broadcast on "I Am the Walrusresulting in the "true stereo" version only appearing on the Quadraphonic "Greatest Hits" with a re-recorded horn track?

Name : beetlefan Time : Comments : Knowing Sylvester Stewart Slythose different horns are probably part of the original multitrack recording. I recall, in the liner notes for the Rock Artifacts, Vol. Did Allen Klein get control of Album) material too?

Could you post or point me to the discography for the collection? I wonder if it was on any Album) the Cd's? Thanks for any input you can provide. Has anybody heard anything since? I'd be curious to know what, if anythinghas been released from those tapes. Anybody see anything on the 'net? It has hissy sound, droupouts galore, early fades at the end of the songs. If you compare the songs that are on the Martini's with Mancini comp CD and the Mancini box set both handled by the excellent re-issue producer, Paul Williams and you'll find the latter two CDs sound much better.

I have noticed, howver, that the Buddha big band reissues are being re-mastered by Steve Hoffman and these sound much better. Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge "correct" version is the only one that's been available from EMI or Abkco since the '70s.

The records supposedly were from Archie Bleyer's estate had had owned Cadence and were unplayed and stocked in some Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge. Hope this helps. Great songs and not common ones either! Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge Night - Jack Nitzche 3. Rumble - Jack Nitzche 4. Competition Coupe - The Timers 6. Sting Ray S - The Routers 9. Telster S - The Routers Pipeline S - The Routers Ski Surfin S - The Avalanches Avalanche S - The Avalanches Out of Limits - The Marketts Woody Wagon S - The Marketts Batman Theme S - The Marketts Bullseye S - Mel Taylor Bang Bang Rhythm - Mel Taylor Daydream - Duane Eddy Good sound, pleasant stereo, strong mono.

The DJ said it wasn't commercially available. Does anybody know anything about it? Just a couple of notes. Well guess what? It's not the same as the single version! It's shorter and more sterile, without what sounds like overdubs on the 45 version. It makes me sick! What better track to use on the cd as a bonus than the single, 45 version! I guess I'll have to find a mint 45 and put it on cd for myself; just as soon as I learn how. By the way, Album) anyone is wondering about that "Lost Hits of the Sixties" offered by Collector's Choice, it's the same one that Sound Exchange put out, right before they went belly-up.

Same songs, same sonics, same versions. Like the mono "Next Plane to London", stereo remake of "Master Jack", and lots of mono that should be stereo. And how did they come up with "lost hits"?

Almost all of the 40 tracks are readily available. If U Got 2 Know (A La Carte Paris Mix) - Various - Big Mix 4 FAQ is to be of much use it needs an occasional update.

Early for the book does not seem relevant. Mike mentioned a while back that he intended to finishes off the CD's not reviewed, but listed in the 2nd edition, such as TIME-Life rock and roll era, i hope that is still in the works. Time : Comments : Howdy, kids. Poppy Family ri CD, whichalas, has just the one stereo version. It has numerous other R. I am sure that Bear has the best sound in their mega-buck set s.

Have any of the others been re-reissued? Marty Robbins?? George Jones have So that's why I always thought "Start Movin'" 45 on Epic sounded so much crisper "30 i.

Early stereo Lloyd Price on Specialty. Time Life A "Wise" moveI guess, would to be steer clear of stuff you can't return if it turns out to be CRAP "re-sung", live, off scratchy, fake stereo records, etc. Interestingly enough some of the labels have good mixed in with the very bad, "Sun Gods" on Dressed to Kill 66 UK is a nice "not-your-usual" Sun compilation.

Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge like the plague: Fat Boy, most Disky compilations, many not all Charly series!!!

Quite a few "known" labels have cds I wondered about Rarities ''66", Chess ". Thanks in advance for any info.! E-Mail me! Latter is U. Any ideas??? As most of us know, it's "ya pays your money, ya takes your chance" I think that some of the 1st cd is re-makes as well, come to think of it, as there are some stereo cuts ala Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge RCA "best of" LP Anyone that has any info.

I left something out on my post of the "Surf n' Drag" CD. The two Duane Eddy tracks are in!!!!!!! They e-mailed me right back with the sad news that no new releases are planned. Saturday Night - Saxon - Power & The Glory was so looking forward to them. I really need Marty's "I Told the Brook". I'm wondering if I'll live long enough to hear it in stereo. I bought the only domestic cd with the song on it and it was a rerecorded, shorter version.

The hit version is nearly minutes long. Also, does anyone know when "Wine, Wine, Wine" by the Nitecaps peaked? I need to put it Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge chronological order, but it never charted.

It came out inbut I don't know the month it reached it's peak. I am planning on putting all the Top 60 hits on cd's in chronological order 25 songs per disc from toor so. Of course, it may take ten years to do it, but what else will I be doing in my old age? Name : beetlefan Time : Comments : Brian, Tom Moulton e-mailed me back and said that the masters he used were the mixdown tapes he Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge in his posession all this time.

He says that no one had ever asked him for them. The singles masters are very hissy and sound compressed. The master tape is "lost". But it's a fun CD and I like it. Still, it's amazing what Tom can do. Buy it! Cheers, beetlefan. Trending Newest Popular.

Highway One by reneemudd. Girls Patti Smith Eric Burdon film soundtrack san francisco pacific coast highway big sur california. Fink Gipsy Kings Quantic summer road trip pacific coast highway. They began playing bass and guitar and got a drum machine; they quickly found that all Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge to reconcile the stark, percussive landscape of Colossal Youth with a Staple Singers group hug yielded something that was distinctly neither, but went with it anyway.

After their first show, Soft Healer became a trio with Sara Berger joining on sax and organ. A few shows later they were an even four with Nick Decarmine playing drums. At this point the band collectively owned all of the first nine Funkadelic albums. Formed inthe band have been playing a ton of shows on the West Coast and garnering new fans with every stop.

Their music is tight, romantic, electronic pop with influences from a variety of dance and post-punk sub-genres. First on White Wax. We surrender as its threatening dragon-like shadow spreads over our positions. The single is a gem and will surely excite fans of Blank Dogs, New Order and moody 80s synth work outs. The Soft Moon pick up the very best elements of those movements and craft a sound thats Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge unlike anything out there.

Raised under the burning sun of the Mojave desert, Vasquez channels both his punk upbringing and Album) heritage to sculpt decidedly dystopian soundscapes for a new generation of torn romantics.

Its a record set somewhere in the near post-apocalypse where technology enchants as much as it destroys. Three great tracks. Freaky color insert. I mean, never has singing along to a graphical location where peepul choose to end it all seemed quite such top larks. This is indie of a very particular, very British, timeless and guileless sort, and its also enough to remind a person why they plumped for plaid over pop in the first place.

Formerly self-released by the man himself were offering them to the world at large. Each contains songs exclusive to the What Difference Does It Make - Earth And Fire - What Difference Does It Make release as well as some that have, or may yet become Beets songs. No CD, vinyl or digital release on here.

Just tape to tape direct analog mastering. Wetdog count a variety of top notch influences on Frauhaus! Though each of the albums fourteen songs has a disjointed style and rhythm of its own, they bob and weave into each other with a connecting sense of joyful weirdness, darkly irreverent rather than pretentious; menacing at times, but in a deliriously fun way. Fabulously uncompromising, its futile to attempt any generic labelling here; Wetdog delight in merging styles, setting keyboard and guitar melodies clashing gloriously against stubborn basslines, beginning songs in one manner only to change all the rules come the chorus.

These helter-skelter tactics mean Frauhaus! Its an exciting atmosphere that evokes the tumultuous ethos of The Slits, made even more potent by the darker, Halloween-style motifs Schenk Mir Einen Traum - Andreas Holm - Disco The Need, that cover the corners of their songs with spiderwebs and vampire fangs.

His debut full length album, Gemini, set to come out on Captured Tracks this spring, is full of dreamy, carefree synth-pop songs that linger with an inexplicable sense of regret.

In the summer of The Virginia tech-college student decided to embark on his first creative-solo project playing bass, guitar, synthesizer and drums while recording in his home-studio. In he delivered a memorable cover of the Kate Bush song Cloudbusting, making it clear that Wild Nothing transcended the lo-fi pop-mold. On his debut album, Gemini, Tatums frail vocals come warped in an oozing neon haze.

Carefully orchestrated synth-pop arrangements, trebly Album) riffs and tattered drum machines blend together to create an intriguing,texturally rich glo-pop album that could come only from the young at heart.

Golden Haze 2. Quiet Hours 3. Take Me In 4. Your Rabbit Feet 5. Asleep 6. Vultures Like Lovers. Your Rabbit Feet. These are two of two of their best songs. After time, the two decided to focus on simplified musical structures and a more fleshed-out instrumentation and added two new members, Donald Beaman and Jacob Morris. Instead of postponing the recording, the band opted regroup and reconceive of the songs without the traditional drum kit.

They experimented with drum machines and other electronic textures, learning as they went along. Because of this, Palm Fronds is a compelling listen on a number of levels. The songs themselves could be described as singer-songwriter in scope; I hear echoes of mid-to-late period Smog and even "Horse With No Name"-era America especially on "Standing on a Levee," though some folks disagree.

But the production, drum machines, and Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge vibe have a wonderfully overmodulated digital crunch, plenty of echo, broken electronics and all sorts of whatsit thrown into the mix. Which is to say that all that songwriter stuff, when The Double finally let you hear it, owes a lot to a bunch of digital dub and experimental electronic types.

But through all this Palm Fronds has an impeccable balance; the production never overwhelms or obscures the Kantuz - Mikel Laboa - Lau Bost song. Unlike most acts ascribed to the "girls-with-guitars" genre, She was one hundred per cent authentic - they genuinely played their own instruments, sang and wrote their own striking but Qiujan - Ritual To The Light material and copped one hell of a bad attitude that would put most self-proclaimed rebel boy bands to shame.

Appealingly crude in their early incarnation as the Hairem, by their later years She was a force to be reckoned with. The group became a massively popular live attraction in northern California but unfortunately never made a commercial breakthrough, despite healthy airplay for their lone release on the Kent label, the classic Outta Reach. Far, far more than a Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge novelty, musically and philosophically She were in a class of their own, with drop-dead good looks and such memorable tunes as Like A Snake, Piece Of You and Bad Girl.

And indeed She Album) bad girls, getting thrown out of movie Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge and even the California State Capitol building for Album) disruptive behaviour and smart-ass punk attitude.

Truly the Album) equivalent of the Stones. Limited to copies including 25 with handmade cover art. Since the late s, Tori has been a pioneering figure in Japanese punk, post-punk and avant-garde circles, beginning with bands such as GuysnDolls, Cock CNell, Noise and Tokyo Suicide a cover band dedicated to New York synth-punk pioneers Suicide. Tori formed Maher Shalal Hash Baz in Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge mid 80s with neighbours who could not play any instruments, and for the better part of 20 years has been pursuing a single-minded vision of music as simple, spontaneous and unpredictable.

The bands always changing lineup of anywhere from three to thirty people features mostly untrained musicians playing music often shown to them on the day of its performance, expressing the innate beauty of failure as much as of success. The band began releasing records inbut did not come to worldwide attention until Album) decade later, when their marvelously ambitious triple Ill Ones Resurrection - Illergic - Illergic Reaction Return Visit To Rock Mass was released.

MSHB were invited to tour outside of Japan for the first time. Live Aoiheya January documents an entire brief performance by this unique band, incidentally the first Maher show that Chapter boss Guy Blackman saw after moving to live in Japan in he returned to Melbourne in It captures the band in a variety of guises unusual even for them, including an extended abstract instrumental, songs based on conversations between band members, passages by Japanese composers, vocal relays and a Brahms Waltz.

In the EPs 26 minutes Maher Shalal Hash Baz manage to cover more ground than most bands do in their whole career, all the while maintaining a spirit and idiosyncracy that is idenitifiably their own.

An older friend who lived in a bungalow behind his parents house provided an oasis of culture, and there they were introduced to music of a kind rarely heard in their neighbourhood. Bythey had deserted Springvale for the more musically liberated environs of St.

Kilda, sharing a house in Park St and forming a band called The Moths. But they were a couple of years older than most of the punk bands starting up around them, and their uncultured accents clashed with the inner city, private school values of their so-called peers. A move to Fitzroy in helped Primitive Calculators cement their own identity and develop a network of likeminded friends.

Pressed with plain black labels and stark monochrome sleeve, the single introduced many to the impassioned, atonal, electronic chaos that was the Primitive Calculators trademark, and it has gone on to become a highly collectable classic of Australian post-punk. The following year the band attempted to relocate to London, but seeing how difficult life was for fellow expats the Birthday Party and Whirlywirld, hey decided instead to take an indefinite break.

Released by friend and supporter Alan Bamford in the early s, Primitive Calculators is a crucial document of a band whose originality, power and humorously belligerent Australian mindset has never since been duplicated. But the story didnt end there, as the Primitive Calculators had an unexpected renaissance inwhen filmmaker Richard Lowenstein included them in his feature Dogs In Space starring a young Michael Hutchence.

The Primitive Calculators reformed to appear in the movie and recorded their song "Pumping Ugly Muscle" for the soundtrack the song was also released as a 12" with some original late 70s recordings on the B-side. Although each of those records is a fine, fine work, many Tenniscoats fans say that the bands meditative intensity has never quite been captured in the studio. It is for this reason that Chapter Music is releasing a compilation of their live work.

Live Wanderus named in Peacemaker - Loggins And Messina - Finale imaginative English to reflect the words Wander, Wonder, Wondrous and Us presents songs from each Tenniscoats release in distinctive new forms, as well as a number of previously unreleased tracks.

It presents the band in its many shifting lineups, and includes collaborations with members of revered Japanese bands Acid Mothers Temple, Stars and Maher Shalal Hash Baz.

Tenniscoats Album) a combination of hummable melody and a kind of innocent darkness, their unashamed fragility set against a restrained power that at times can explode into a psychedelic free-for-all. This is a fantastically rich and dynamic time in Australian music history, a time when Australia stepped out of the shadow of overseas influence and asserted its own musical identity for the first time.

Cant Stop It! The CD includes a 16 page Album) with extensive liner notes, rare photos and Josh Pethericks striking design.

The Systematics - International Voltage 2. International Exiles - Lets Be Sophisticated 3. Asphixiation - The Crush 4. Tactics - Watch My Hands 5. Severed Heads - Lamborghini 6. The Galaxy Sound Orchestra - The Best Of Synthesizer Hits Centrefold 9. The Jetsonnes Newspaper Rhythmx Chymx - The Now Generation Brrr Cold - Mothers At War SoliPsiK - See Saw Belle Du Soir - Treasure Island Ya Ya Choral - Gods Buzzsaw The Milisse Mou - Nana Mouskouri - Nana Guys Sidetracking Scapa Flow Somewhere Nuvo Bloc - Never Mind.

Most work in a rarefied world of wide-eyed, folky psych-pop. Songs For Nao is a taste of an incredible music scene.

Isolated from the music industry at large, these artists create genuinely inspired music, fresh even to the ears of the most conditioned music-geek. The release is accompanied by a full colour, page booklet featuring Hedonisto (Solitaire Gees Groovin Dub) - Indigo Dream - Hedonisto (Remixes) liner notes on each band, and beautiful photos by Eigo Shimojo a member of Eepil Eepil, one of the bands on the compilation.

I worked teaching English part-time at one of the big chain schools in Japan, which was neither here nor there, but when I wasnt working I was going to as many gigs as I could. I already Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge a couple of Japanese friends before I got there, and through them I was introduced to all these amazing bands, playing in tiny shoebox venues to audiences of usually about 50 people.

Most of the best bands I saw seemed to be connected in one way or another to a Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge label called Majikick, run by Ueno and Saya, the husband and wife team from the band Tenniscoats. They were like the Prince and Princess of this small, vibrant scene, which was The Manikins* - The Manikins on ideas about freedom, improvisation, fragile melodies and a kind of drug-free psychedelia.

They always had different lineups and instrumentation and played a completely new set at almost every gig. I couldnt understand how they could all write these incredible songs and then just throw them away and write new ones!

I listened to these CDs constantly in my little apartment, and maybe it was just being in a different country, not having my all my records and CDs with me, but it was the first time in years that I could just listen over and over to the same music, and find more to love each time.

So it seemed like a great idea to put together a compilation, and Songs For Nao Can There Be Peace?

- DJ Baku - Spinheddz what I came Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge with. I thought of Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge title because Nao is the name of two of the sweetest people I met in Album) - one a boy, one a girl - and they both play in bands on the CD. Full blown military-entertainment complex hangover. From industrial assembly to abstract disembody -- Super Loco.

Pressing of Cover design and images by Album) Decrauzat. Featuring New Humans soundtrack for Decrauzats 16mm film, "A change of speed, a change of style. A change of scene; Part II". Includes solo beat track on reverse side. Jacket design collaboration by Decrauzat and Mika Tajima, and special poster insert.

Brutal and concise. Spencer Yeh. The six tracks on this record are the Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge of a serendipitous meeting of minds and the feverish week of recording sessions that followed. Mariana Saldana, Jose Cota and Seth Nemec met in in Austin Texas and began recording the same night, writing the title track Inestable as soon as the synths Album) been plugged in. Drawing on a shared love of synthesizers and drum machines, each had worked as a solo electronic artist before uniting, the three immediately found a shared vision.

Having grown up listening to Hip-hop, Jazz, Latin freestyle Up To The Surface - Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound New Wave records from Europe, America and Japan, Medio Mutante wrings a mutated blend of raw and propulsive energy from their limited analogue Album).

Love, science fiction, and disenfranchisement in a future gone Album) are turned on their ear in 6 danceable electro songs sung in Spanish and English. Medio Mutante are an American band, born of working class values, with their feet planted in the past but looking to the future. Limited edition of copies. New side label of Minimal Wave. Marc has been working with sound in one form or another since and is probably most recognised for his digitally re-worked field material and composition.

With a long history of installation work and live performance, he has exhibited alone and in group exhibitions; and performed live internationally in locations such as Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK.

Architectural Commentaries is comprised of five Album). The first three pieces, entitled Architectural Commentariesare some of Marcs most recent compositions arranged in using basic material recorded from in various global locations.

Taking title, sleeve images and sound together we are left with new audible environments for architectural structures; jets of forced air and amplified nothing, distant machinery and tiny bites of frequency, faded and cut together to create beautifully atmospheric soundscapes. Track 5 was composed in as a soundtrack to accompany the video Der Raum by Torsten Grosch - stills of which feature on the CD sleeve.

The album permits a smooth flow between Marcs earlier and more recent work and shows the artists continuing exploration into the depth and dimensions of sound recording. He has performed and worked extensively Californias Fine - Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (8-Track Cartridge Europe and the US.

Since jgrzinich has explored various approaches to sound generation, recording and production. His techniques range from the construction of original instrument devices and the Album) of acoustic phenomenon through environmental field recordings to digital multi-tracking and manipulation.

The resulting CD came from a culmination of experiences, continually worked through as dynamic and personal electro-acoustic reflections.

The CD includes an extended essay by the composer. Dawn is the groups only CD release to date, following a trickle of fantastic and long out of print miniature edition lathe records and cassette tapes mostly published on Kneales Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label.

The six improvisations on the album were recorded in the Lower Hutt Baptist Church in With electric guitars and keyboards the group creates multiple layers of swooning feedback loops, drifting guitar notes and riffs that interweave - sculpting rich harmonic drones that fall in and out of rhythm with sprinklings of intermittent percussion.

CMR is delighted to bring this set of crisp recordings out of the vaults to a wider audience of wanting ears. Stay The Night - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol.

130 ~The Global Heat 2002 Request Rush~ was a founding member of audio art group THU20 in the early eighties who continue to perform and record, is currently a member of electro-acoustic live project Kapotte Muziek, and the electronic rhythm group GOEM both along with Frans De Waard and Peter Duimelinks.

Roel has a long history of visual art, sound installation, curation and organization of various live music events in Rotterdam, his city of residence, and abroad.

Where Kiyoshi Mizutanis Yokosawa-iri CD cmr1 uses primarily rural sound sources from a selected area, onkyo ok may strike a special chord and familiarity with anyone who has visited Japans urban areas, cities and outlying regions.

Various components of the rich Japanese soundscape to name a few: pachinko parlours, train crossings, crows, electrical machines, people have been captured, abstracted or notblended and re-composed creating unique sonic snapshots of this beautiful and at times bewildering country.

The sound pieces are relatively constant over time Roels characteristic silences are at a minimum containing numerous complimentary sources simultaneously building together into broadband structures, then falling away to focus on various seperate objects and events.

This album serves as a beautiful document and expression of the ever-changing Japanese acoustic environment as it was at the beginning of the twenty first century.

A former member of Merzbow, Mizutani has Howling Giant - Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2 creating his solo work sincedelving into areas of electronic noise, structural sound systems of feedback and instrumentation as well as natural compositional arrangements of field recordings.

Yokosawa-iri falls into the latter category. All field recordings were made at this Satoyama, a traditional form of agricultural environment consisting of a mountain, a rice field and a small village where people and nature coexist in harmony. With beautiful clarity Mizutani illustrates an environment and its inhabitants through the delicate combination of found sounds both natural and mechanical.

The Satoyama is a very rare setting in contemporary Japan, no doubt one of the reasons Mizutani chose to document the area. Constructed from overlapping forest sounds of wind, trees, birds, rocks, insects, animals and children to name a few sources the tracks rise and fall with intensity, at times suggesting the encroaching modern world on this traditional area.

Yokosawa-iri is a beautiful entry into Mizutanis already impressive dossier of sound work. Limited edition of copies on both formats. CD includes eight bonus tracks. Originally pressed in in the vinyl LP format in a limited run, this album never quite made it out of its hometown borders. It would be another two or three decades before anyone outside of the groups small circle would hear it at all. The obscurity of this album is impossible to overstate. Only vinyl copies were ever produced and none were available commercially.

The New Creation were partly inspired by the music of the Jesus People movement, a Christian adaptation of the 60s movement, which shared the same Haight-Ashbury district birthplace. Jesus People patterned their Album), fashion, and music after their hippie neighbors in an attempt to update their expression of faith. This street level movement gained mainstream media exposure around and within a year cover stories ran in Newsweek, Life, and U.

News and World Report. Musicians in this scene plotted their own course in an attempt to counteract what they saw as the destructive themes in much of mainstream rock music.

Acts born out of this grassroots movement would inspire believers worldwide to cut their own record -- contract or no contract. Categorically, its -- I dunno -- Sixties Garage Godcore? Yet it transcends being a mere period piece. The songwriting is deliriously brilliant, the lyrical perspective haunting. The bands sincerity is unquestionable, even if its meters are unfathomable. The music shrieks, drones, floats, superimposes unlikely realities and outlines a subconscious narrative inspired by travels ranging from a South Carolina swamp to a Moroccan graveyard.

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Milisse Mou - Nana Mouskouri - Nana, Symphonie Nr. 2 D-Dur Op. 36 - Beethoven*, Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker - 9 Symphoni, Gwen McCrae - For Your Love / Your Love, Showdown - Scumdogz - 100% Live - Til Deaf Do Us Part, Mexico - Nazareth - Diamond Collection, What Difference Does It Make - Earth And Fire - What Difference Does It Make, Kick The Bobo - Various - Universal Inside Tracks 7, Odb - Ol Dirty Bastard - In Memory Of, Vol. 3, The Elfin Knight - Various - Songs & Dances of Scotland, Lover Man - Charlie Parker - Volume 9, Bird Of Paradise, Vertigo - Jean Schwarz & Daniel Teruggi - Mano A Mano, Dark Scary Ride - Rikk Agnew - Turtle, Someone To Watch Over Me - Frank Sinatra - Sinatra 80th All The Best, Victory (Original Mix) - Various - Best Of Trancer 2014 (File, MP3, MP3)

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  1. Like the mono "Next Plane to London", stereo remake of "Master Jack", and lots of mono that should be stereo. And how did they come up with "lost hits"? Almost all of the 40 tracks are readily available. It does have stereo "Alice's Rock and Roll Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie and "Long Lonesome Highway" by Michael Parks, however.
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