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I transcribed this groove from a live performance video so that I could include and accurately notate his stickings. In this version, Wrecking Crew Breaking Digits - Various - Beats & Grooves 3 and session master Hal Blaine played a constantly evolving groove that puts his massive double bass drum set to good use.

Clyde Stubblefield created this incredibly funky groove while messing around in a recording studio drum booth. The other players joined in and the essence of the song was created. This one swings hard! It percolates with ghost notes, tasty hi-hat openings and a funky bass drum part. This is the main groove, but his bass drum patterns vary slightly throughout the song.

I would be remiss not to include one Summertime - Noisy Stylus - Table Manners the funkiest and most sampled drum breaks in funk: The Amen Break.

Your step still represents Breaking Digits - Various - Beats & Grooves 3 quarter note, but your hand is now tapping three notes for each quarter note. You call these eighth-note triplets. The dot is a notational device that allows you to extend the value duration of a note by half of its original value. The quarter note, for example, has a value of two eighth notes. When you add a dot to a quarter note, you add one extra eighth note to its value, and you end up with a note that has a value of three eighth notes.

The tie combines two notes. For example, if you tie a quarter note to another quarter note, you increase the length of the original quarter note by another quarter note. The tie simply adds the two notes together. Many beats are silent. Berger VLDs twist like wet towels when jumped into the Breaking Digits - Various - Beats & Grooves 3.

I shot a bunch of them the other day. When jammed they shot around 1 MOA. When jumped 20 thou they shot 9 MOA Accuracy is way better than I can shoot. Velocity seems hard to come by in mine. All using US Barrel life seems very good. Would I do another one? Heck, I have no idea. Things have been learned in the last couple of years, and I go with current recommendations. Derek M.

Discovery Of India - Ravi Shankar, George Fenton - Gandhi - Music From The Original Motion Picture S Member. I have a 3 groove Lilja on my AM and love it. Got another Lilja Gefangener Des Wappens - Werkbund - Haithabu groove in.

Would definitely buy more. No fouling issues, except carbon. I actually prefer 3 and 4 groove barrels, or 5R barrels. Thanks guys!!! This will be for a very high velocity. I hope this is not a mistake!! Any more comments will be good.

J E Custom said:. Willys46 Well-Known Member. Took it off after rounds and replaced. The accuracy was very inconsistant. Intermediate - Jazz Like Beat. Intermediate - Jazz-Trance. Intermediate - Jazzy Fill. Intermediate - Jazzy Triplet.

Intermediate - Jungle Beat. Intermediate - Just A Beat. Intermediate - Kewl Beat And Fill. Intermediate - Killer Beat. Intermediate - Killer Paradiddles. Intermediate - Kinda Punk Beat. Intermediate - Kinda Tricky. Intermediate - Kit Rudiments: 1 Paradiddle Ex.

Intermediate - Koo Beat. Intermediate - Kool Basic Techno 141 - Razxca - Works (2000 - 2010) (DVDr) 2.

Intermediate - Kool Hip-hop Beat. Intermediate - Krazy Beat. Intermediate - Latin Beat. Intermediate - Latin Beats. Intermediate - Latin Grooves. Intermediate - Learning To Play Drums-px. Intermediate - Lil' Warm Up Song. Intermediate - Linear Fill. Intermediate - Linear Funk Groove basic.

Intermediate - Mad Paradiddles. Intermediate - Masty Fill. Intermediate - Masty Fill Five. Intermediate - Masty Fill Four. Intermediate - Masty Fill Six. Intermediate - Masty Fill Three. Intermediate - Masty Fill Two. Intermediate - Masty Rock Beat. Intermediate - Masty Sweat Beat. Intermediate - Masty2k3 Special. Intermediate - Metal. Intermediate - Metal Fill. Intermediate - Misc.

Intermediate - Mozambiquian Rythm. Intermediate - My Beat. Intermediate - My First Beat. Intermediate - My Playin' Around Beat. Intermediate - Nice Beat. Intermediate - Nice Double Bass Beat. Intermediate - Nice Full Song. Intermediate - Nice High Hat Groove. Intermediate - Nice Rock Beat. Intermediate - No Namer. Intermediate - Paradiddle Beat. Intermediate - Paradiddle Power. Intermediate - Pc - Upbeat Grooves. Intermediate - Power Rock.

Intermediate - Pre-Chorus Beat. Intermediate - Pretty Cool Beat. Intermediate - Prog Metal Beat. Intermediate - Punk. Intermediate - People Are Strange - The Doors - Strange Days Beat. Intermediate - Punk Fill. Intermediate - Punk Off-beats. Intermediate - Quardination Exersize.

Intermediate - Real Cool Beat. Intermediate - Reall Cool Beats. Intermediate - Remix. Intermediate - Ridish Beat. Breaking Digits - Various - Beats & Grooves 3 - Rileys Awesome Beat. Intermediate - Rock Beat. Intermediate - Rock Beats. Intermediate - Round The Drums. Intermediate - Samba. Intermediate - Samba Beat And Fill. Intermediate - Samba Variations. Intermediate - Sanitized For Your Protection. Intermediate - Shuffle.

Intermediate - Shuffle Beat And Fill. Intermediate - Sick Drumming. Intermediate - Simple Beat. Intermediate - Simple Nirvana Beat. Intermediate - Simple Slow Fill. Intermediate - Slow Chill Out Beat. Intermediate - Smooth Ghosted Beat.

Intermediate - Snare Roll Fill. Intermediate - Soca. Intermediate - Some 16th Note Hi-hat Patterns. Intermediate - Some Brain Candy. Intermediate - Some Cool Beats. Intermediate - Some Cool Stuff. Intermediate - Sounds Cool.

Intermediate - Special Tune heavy. Intermediate - Speedy Beats. Intermediate - Spiffy Beat. Intermediate - Steves Sweet Beat. Intermediate - Strange Rockish Beats. Intermediate - Stuff. Intermediate - Stupid Beat. Intermediate - Sweet Beat. Intermediate - Sweet Breaking Digits - Various - Beats & Grooves 3 And Fill. Intermediate - Sweet Patern. Intermediate - Tequila! Intermediate Breaking Digits - Various - Beats & Grooves 3 The Trip-lounge.

Intermediate - Timmy Beat. Intermediate - Trip-Hop Beats. Intermediate - Triplet Drum Roll. Intermediate - Triplet Rhythm And Fill. Intermediate - Truly Prog Metal. Intermediate - Using The Whole Kit. Intermediate - Very Catchy Beat. Intermediate - Wake Up. Intermediate - Warm Up Song. Intermediate - Warmup Beat. Intermediate - Weird Time Signatures. Intermediate - Whatever. Intermediate Jazz. Intermediate Sweet Beats. Intermediate-a Basic Double Bass Roll. Intermediate-drumtab Collection.

Intermediate-hard Rock Beat. Intermediate-punk Beat. Intermediate-punk Beatfast. Intermediate-simple Rock Beat. Kool Basic Beat. Kool Basic Techno Beat. Kool Beginner Beat. Kool Easy Beat. Matts Beginner Lesson. Matts Lesson. Morgan's Fun And Easy Beat. Nice Beat On Toms. Nice Double Bass Beat. None-my Own. Old School Hip Hop Beat. Paradiddle Confusing Exercise.

Paradiddle Fill. Paradiddle Variations. Proof Of Purchase Beat. Punk Beats And Fills. Punk Shuffle. Really Beat. Really Easy Beats. Really Easy Stuff. Rock Basic Beat. Rock Beat With Great Fill. Rock The Cock. Romantic Beat. Simple Beat. Simple Jazz Crossover Funkrock. Funky Canyon. The Phil Moore Four. Claudia Lennear. Soul Bowl. The Memphis Horns. David Newman. Let Me Fix It.

Brook Benton. Mortgage on My Soul Wah Wah. Keith Jarrett.


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  1. Beats and Grooves is a Channel dedicated to those who love music, Hip Hop, Drum Machines and Music Production! This trailer is a little mix of what you' ll find inside of it. Hope you enjoy it and.
  2. Breakbeat is a broad style of electronic or dance-oriented music which utilizes breaks, often sampled from earlier recordings in funk, jazz and R&B, for the main glamrock.agakelvmarijurusandromadar.infoinfoeats have been used in styles such as hip hop, jungle, drum and bass, big beat, hardcore, and UK garage styles (including 2-step, breakstep and dubstepDerivative forms: Jungle, drum and bass, 2-step garage, .
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Beats Breaks & Grooves on Discogs/5(2).
  4. May 29,  · Have you ever wondered which drum beats are the most important to learn? In this drum lesson, Jared Falk shows you the 7 drum beats that he feels .
  5. Right On! Vol. 3: More Break Beats and Grooves from the Atlantic and Warner Vaults, a Various Artists Compilation. Released 11 June on WSM UK (catalog no. ; CD).4/5(9).
  6. Aug 17,  · I have used 3 groove barrels in my high velocity wildcats in 25 cal, mm, cal and 7mm extensively. I have not had one that was a bad copper fouler but I have heard some are. I would say I have used roughly 12 of these barrels in the different calibers listed above in velocities up to fps in the 25 cal and fps in the mm barrels.
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Chill Town Presents Heavyweight 3, Breaks, Beats & Grooves on Discogs/5(4).

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