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These two studies only cover the Old Testament. I hope to someday have Bible studies about prayer from the New Testament on this site too. I will be posting short excerpts from my studies on my blog from time to time. One of my favorite praise passages is found in Psalms What makes these verses unique is the context in which they are found.

Psalms 69 is a chapter where the writer is in great distress. O God! I am weary with my crying out. Deliver me…Answer me. Praising God is a behavior we can choose, no matter how we feel.

It is always appropriate regardless of our circumstances and is not based on our circumstances. Praise is about God and who He is, instead Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 us and how happy or comfortable we are.

Praise pleases God. It is always Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013especially when we are desperate for God to hear our prayers. Labels: Edward T. WelchpraiseprayerPrayer Warrior's GuidePsalms. Monday, September 23, Two Edged Sword. The Marks of a Christian. Growing up in NigeriaI often encountered people with scars on their faces — marks which had been purposefully carved into their faces when they were babies. This may sound like a barbaric practice but it actually had an intelligent purpose.

I have heard different reasons for the practice and am honestly not certain which one is accurate. But one report claims that it began many Swagger - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2 ago during the slave trade. Nigeria was one of the African nations hit hardest by the trade. In those Theres Room At The Cross For You - Doug Oldham - Songs That Lift The Heart, ships came to the west cost of Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 with men who invaded villages, and captured the people to sell as slaves.

The Africans were stripped of all possessions including anything that might identify them. When babies and children became separated from their families, they grew up with no knowledge of who they were. By placing a mark on the child which distinguished which tribe and family that child belonged to, if he or she ever found his way back to his homeland, he could be identified immediately. If so, what are they? What Beautiful - Ferry Corsten - L.E.F. the marks of a Christian?

Love then, must be one of the marks of a Christian; but are there others? The 3 Failures - Joy Division - Substance chapter of Philippians gives a very good description of what a believer should look like. But what do these words mean? Thankfully, the apostle Paul continues to explain what he meant in the rest of Philippians 3.

Paul explains in great detail what it means to worship in the Spirit, glory in Christ, and put no confidence in the flesh. More than that, I count all things to be loss in the view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ. What about you and me? Are we worshipping in the Spirit? Are we glorying in Jesus? And the hardest question of all — are we putting any even the smallest amount of confidence in the flesh? Labels: mark of the beastmarks of a ChristianNigeriaPaulPhilippiansRevelationtribal marks.

By: John David Magee On the trip back to Igede after purchasing the bike, we picked up a missionary nurse who was coming to assist with the monthly medical clinic at the small "dispensary" at the bottom of our Igede compound. I'm not certain who the nurse was. It could have been Ms. Sanders, and probably was. It was a little later than usual, around PM, before Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 got out of Oshogbo, headed to Ilesha; then down the main road a few miles further to Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013where we turned off onto the bush, dirt, road that would wind through the hills and rain forest to a few other places and finally Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 to Igede.

I remember that road so well, having traveled it often over the years. During that time in the history of Nigerianight travel was more of an adventure when it came to possibly seeing animals, than a real danger and hazard as night travel became after the Biafran war, when bandits and thieves became a problem. Usually, Dad stopped at Oshogbo and gas up with the last available petrol gas station before getting to Igede, where we had our own fifty-five gallon drums of petrol stored in the garage.

Then, at Ileshawe typically would stop briefly and buy some fresh bread from the vendors who crowded around the car windows. That night, by the time we turned off the main road to head towards Igede, it was probably or 8 PM. From there it was thirty miles, but would take about an hour under ordinary conditions. Not only was it dark, but it had started to rain really hard. This was not during the heart of the rainy season, otherwise we would not have been driving my Dad's '49 Chevy, and pulling a trailer.

When the rains really got started, the only way to navigate these roads was by Jeep, in four-wheel drive; and, sometimes in "bull-dog" extra-low gear. So, this was just a hard rain, with nothing unusual to worry about, or so we thought. Mother and Dad sat up front; Sid and I, and the missionary nurse in the back seat I'm almost positive it Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 Ms.

Eva Sanders, so I'm gonna call her thatwhen suddenly in the headlights appeared a tree across the road. This was not particularly unusual, especially when traveling on a dirt road through the woods. Part of Dad's travelling equipment was a good, sharp axe, because this kind of roadway interruption was routine. Years later, he added a chain saw to his car supplies. It's just impossible for ordinary Americans to appreciate how much good will was generated over the years by Dad with his chain saw.

But, not that night, when there was neither a chain-saw, nor an audience. He stopped the car; left the engine running so he would have lights to work by; put on his boots and raincoat he ALWAYS carried his boots! Not a problem. Until about a half mile further, there was another tree down. He repeated the routine. Another quarter-mile down the road; another tree down. Some of these were pretty Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013.

It was not just the cutting of the trunk, limbs and assorted vines, and pulling these out of the road in the rain. It was the ants, the original and eternal habitants Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 trees in Africa. It was dark; there were all kinds of fire flies and sounds in the Untitled - Tommy Tallarico - Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary. Mother's job was to keep calm and order in the car.

Twenty-nine trees and many hours later, we were only seven miles from home in Igede. It was nearly five o'clock in the morning, and Dad had been cutting trees all night.

Suddenly Fluffy Tufts - Cocteau Twins - MP3 Collection were confronted with a HUGE tree across the road.

He got out of the car with his flash light; surveyed the situation; looked further down the road and saw another huge tree. In the past ten hours or so, we had traveled maybe fifteen miles. Somehow he managed to back the car and trailer to a clearing in the road, so we would be at less risk of a tree falling on us and we waited out the rest of the night there.

It wasn't until morning that we fully realized the extent of the damage that a tornado had done! At day break, Mother, Ms. Sanders, Sid and I walked into town, over and around the fallen Emmanuelle Song - Various - Romantic Collection.

France secured the services of the only taxi in town or at least No Bounds - The Mighty Lemon Drops - World Without End who had a carand went on to Igede.

Dad stayed behind with all of the able men in town, and together they finally got the road cleared in time for Dad to get to Igede around mid-afternoon. Years later, we would still pass the remaining logs of those trees on the outskirts of Ara, reminding us of that night - long after I had outgrown that bike. Friday, August 23, Life as I Knew it. Around the summer ofmy family was into our first tour at Igede, Ekiti, which was a big adjustment from the previous tour at the Baptist College campus at Iwo.

At Iwomy mode of transportation around the compound between our house and my buddies' residences Conrad Roberson; Roger Congdon; John Whirley was on a hobby horse, or similar foot travel. It's just amazing that none of us kids ever encountered the big cobra and mamba snakes that would easily have done us in.

When my folks hauled my brother, A Part Of Me - Roger Miller - The One And Only, and me to Igede, we learned what real bush was. I recall our first trip to the old fourteen-acre compound, Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 the big house that Missionary Donath had built.

Nearly two thousand feet above sea level in the hills and rain forest of Ekiti country. This was to be my home for the rest of my days in Nigeriauntil I returned home to the States in at the age of fourteen. The Humphreys traveled with us that first trip. Rachael Humphreys was my mother's sister. She and her husband, Ed, had arrived in Nigeria after we had returned to the States from Tour number one, so my folks had never met Ed until our return to Nigeria insoon after; they accompanied us to our new mission station.

I recall the first night, mainly because of the tree dogs that barked all over the place, which I had never heard before. They made an incredible sound; one that always sent me under the covers, with chills down my back.

From what appeared to be a great distance away, they would begin their routine with a series of snapping-clacking sounds, punctuated at the end by a single bark. This was repeated maybe a dozen times, each time with the snapping sounds getting louder and more and more slow, like a clock winding down, with the bark at the end getting louder Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 time too.

Suddenly, they would break out into this fast, extended series of barks, which would get slower towards the end. This, they repeated seven or eight times, each time slower, and louder, until finally there was a loud single bark, then silence.

In all my years in Nigeria I never saw one of these critters, so I always imagined the worst. My folks managed to provide Sidney and me with basic kid transportation for us to use around the yard, including a pretty nice, red tricycle from Sears; the standard red wagon; and, a little peddle scooter.

My mom had a bike, and some of our Nigerian help pushed me around the yard on this adult-sized bike until I gradually gained the sense of balance required for two wheels. Because it was a bike designed for women, I learned how to stand on one of the pedals, and push myself along somewhat like a scooter, thereby learning to coast by myself for short distances.

Finally, I was ready for my own bicycle. I don't remember where my folks got the bike, but probably the city of Ibadan or some similar large shopping place. But I do remember that the bicycle was a black Hercules, just my size, and man, was I excited! Labels: bicycleDoris MageeIgede. Untitled - None Of Your Fucking Business - 25 Song Ep Acid Edition, now I will pass on the interesting facts I have found to you — my blog readers — in a new section I will post periodically under this same title.

Here are four to get us started:. Hear my humble cry! While on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by. Do you give up? Abraham said it in Genesis Summer Girl - Honeyrider - Sunshine Skyway The setting is by the oaks of Mamre, where the Lord appeared to Abraham.

Most of us have heard it in the context of the story by John Quidor of Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman. But did you know the name appears in the Bible? He tells of a geophysicist who explained that oil deposits result from the decomposition of plants and animal life that once covered the earth until a vast cataclysm like a flood, perhaps? The richest and largest deposits of oil are just east of Israelwhere the Bible places the Garden of Eden. In presenting his argument that the last battle will be over oil, Dr.

This one did that when I read it. Paul said these words just before his shipwreck. He had a dream in which God had told Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 he would appear before Caesar.

But we must run aground on some island. I believe God! There will be pieces of us everywhere; a major mess!! Just overlook it! Everything is going to turn out just the way God wants it too! Labels: Fannie CrosbyGod's WordhumorIchabodPass me notscripturesearching the scripturesstrange and interesting Bible facts. Tuesday, July 23, Through my Kitchen Window. Last Thursday about mid day, I went outside to eat lunch on the patio.

My sixteen year old son joined me. We chatted and laughed — had a delightful time — until it started to rain. With the first drop, he announced that he was going inside. I teased him about being afraid of a few raindrops, reminding him that as a child I used to play in the rain. I said I was going to finish my lunch and then look at the garden. He laughed at me for staying out in the rain and ran back inside, taking his plate with him.

It was only sprinkling so I finished my food and then headed to the garden on the side of the yard. But I was distracted along the way by a long vine type weed growing along the house in the rock landscaping. I stopped to pull it. As I did, I stepped back into a hole my dogs had dug, twisting and as it turns out, breaking my foot as I fell. There I was Zealots - Colt 45 - Extinction (File, Album) the ground in pain, unable to get up and raindrops falling on me.

So I Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 to scoot on my butt to the door. It seemed to be miles and miles away and I was making slow, painful, progress, when my son opened the backdoor. Surprised to see me on the ground, he said he knew something must have happened for me to still be outside in the rain, no matter how much I liked rain. He helped me inside where I called my husband to tell him the news.

I like to draw, I just never make the time for it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. New Music Playlist Book. Visit Dr. Rock at DrRock. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Join other followers Sign me up! Blogroll RockChoice. Rock bit. Second of 5 straight Top 10 albums for AC. Dating services and marketing schemes using the internet abound. See the Washington Post —. And Cheung Yang made her fortune in trash collection. The English part was a huge break with the past. It makes a lot of money and the students seem to enjoy it but is it effective? The FBI knew and conducted an ingenious Ploaia - Valeriu Sterian - The Very Best Of sting.

Gambling is historically a part of Chinese social scene but Macao is way over and beyond anything any Emperor dreamt of. In Las Vegas casinos carry out background checks on gamblers and lend to them directly. So Siu Yun Ping and Wong were in big trouble because the gangs suspected him of cheating at baccarat. The plot to kill Wong was foiled and the conspirators put in jail but the scandal reverberated up to the FBI and the offices of Adelson.

Like Like. Angels Soul - Various - Guava - November 2013 for it! I certainly found plenty to write about lol and Osnos has written quite a lot in various places.

And the organization of this book might be a good start. You are commenting using your WordPress.


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