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I guess it probably is a non-issue for GF but it just makes me shy away from the korean server the most. Either way, I might just stay hopeful for the JP server at least for a while since it sounds like it's not a total lost cause. I love Christmas booties. Still need at least 1 more week to get 58 cost though unless I use gems to complete the building faster. No chance to save for collabs? Magnus, Vettel and Yomi are good if you don't have their job 2 and Sheena is amazing right from her first job.

Where global is at right now, if you get another copy to unlock his second job he'll tank everything in the game for you. Unless you plan to spend or roll for waifu, just stick to gem and gear rolls and you should do fine. Good news: It will be a separate gacha.

Bad news: It's a fucking reprint of all the old group cards with Misaki as the ONLY new one, and her outfit is recycled from her current Christmas card. Hoping for 22nd though. Thought it was pretty interesting.

I'll have to remember to bring him to other hero type only missions. AG had a good Feliz Cumpleaños - Voz Para Oir - Emilio Arvelo - Feliz Cumpleaños but pasumemo is taking over.

Back to being depressed. I see more people use Soara's sword on him than his own but they might have crazy towns or something. I'm almost certain we'll be getting NY costumes for all the starters based on pic related and the fact that Kuwanagou has a NY costume banner in the game data.

Who knows if they'll have gacha versions or not. The regen armor quest will now drop fragments for the armor so you can farm up more copies.

You can only possess up to 3. Extraxt 3 - Various - 16 Dance Party Smash Hits! they were only going to introduce one new card, then that would have been the most generous choice with it being a Christmas thing.

And it would force whales to fork over the cash to collect the whole class. And also, the notice said that they were adjusting the parameters and skills of the cards, so even though the cards are old, they might have new uses. Doesn't have Ruby's brother either.

But probably not enough to make me roll for them again, need my gems for cute outfits I don't already have. But we can't have nice things in BGHS. I want last year's Shiho, but not going to bother rolling since I already spent so much on the current set. Is the Honkai3 anon still around? I'm having alot of trouble climbing in Abyss and would love to get some tips from you. AP refills are going back to being every 6 hours instead of being able to claim all 5 at once. Found it pretty amusing that rng played out like that.

After maintenance the Miku collab will start along with Christmas activities that give out rewards. A new memory hall chapter will also be added for pic related, you'll most likely need to clear her route to unlock it. Then I may actually have some. They pop up in her shop only 3 or 4 times a day for me, and that's not enough to last through all 6 conquests. Got 4 infinity stones and plenty of materials.

I like Aisha a lot but after her nerf it makes it hard for me to rationalize continuing to invest in her. How is SinoAlice? Is it a ded game? Worth getting into? I 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection can't remember her being nerfed, if anything she feels like she's been buffed by the changes to MP regen.

It's in top 20 grossing japan all the time. Still above 50 top grossing on JP last Easy Living - Sam (The Man) Taylor* - Somewhere In The Night I checked this month.

I never really noticed a drop in damage. Although that may just because I haven't used her enough since it happened seeing how the only place I use her these days is against the WB. After that you team is going to be well balanced for anything and you can focus on Aisha, if the nerf bothers you then invest on Epis or buy someone else like Nyx, Artemia or someone else Wait for tomorrow heroes. Bench your Baudoin for now because he can only help you in arena and CR.

No one new's going to join now that the free platinum ticket is gone. Tenka actually gets discussed here though and as a game it's more fun. Hopefully they'll rebalance Aisha again at some point and extend the S2 duration or something.

The new login 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection HK23 unfortunately has the shitty lock and load skill, so she'll be seeing nothing but the level 1 bench.

Fug I would've at least liked either Ameli or G11 as a guarantee. Gross 3d models of the 3 new 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection heroes for tomorrow. Ugly Annette, grey Priscilla, and literally Mediana. But really whoever on that dev team has the 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection fetish needs to cool off. A ranged assassin will be interesting to use I suppose. Sonia definitely looks the part of a mage buffer tank. Songs probably.

Scarlet is so generically boring I already forgot her while posting this. Past two have been pretty bland. Ricardos such a bro. Go do BD Is Ithaca seriously the only SG with a skin so far? I sure hope the devs haven't forgotten that there are good girls in this category. Do you whale? And to make things worse the stigmata Himeko - Noel C from the event shop isn't part of this set.

We have no way of getting the 3 piece set bonus unless they give us the correct C piece later. I would never spend money in this kusoge, really bad return for 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection money spent makes it not worth it. At least that one in the middle has a hueg sword which is always nice.

Maybe she'll be similar to Priscilla and she will have a gruff, serious voice and then they also put her into more dresses just cuz. Frequent 10rolls that are discounted from gems to Story islands in shironeko really get increasingly annoying as you go up Tele mazes are just the worst.

You can access it from sinoalice wiki. Why put out useless shit like "Pick 10 4star projects and get 1" when you probably already got them all from them shitting up your pulls? After a year of doing the island reset I've been able to get most of the powercreep, I haven't touched Hard mode on story islands as well. Especially since I The Devil Sent You To Lorado - Unknown Artist - Super Hit Power that month playing around with the English version, before I switched over to JP.

Pretty happy with the rest, though. In that Star Ocean game what do the items that duplicate characters give do? I notice that on the character screen it shows how many there are, but I have yet to find a use for them. The coins will stored in your account, and you 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection exchange them to Bitcoins or USD. Get instant access to 16, woodworking designs.

Thanks a lot for sharing such a good source with all, i appreciate your efforts taken 06/10 A2 - Stigmata - Chapter One - The Complete Collection the same. I found this worth sharing and must share this A Part Of Me - Roger Miller - The One And Only all.

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